Mini-tsunamis hit Chiapas, Mexico and Corsica, France flooding and damaging homes and cars (videos and photos)

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Huge waves flood Chiapas, Mexico and Bonifacio, Corsica in unseasonal mysterious weather events. Picture via Youtube video

Unexpected large swells or mini-tsunamis hit the coast of Chiapas, Mexico and flooded the port of Bonifacio in Corsica within the last two days.

The water event surprised both residents and tourists and damaged several cars, buildings and restaurants.

Mar de Fondo in Mexico

The large waves, more than 2 meters higher than normal in some places, crashed on the beautiful beaches of Chiapas during the night from Thursday to Friday.

In some places, the waves reached up to three meters in height (a mini tsunami indeed) and swept away everything on the beaches. Although no major damage was reported, many houses were flooded.

Imagine being out fishing when suddenly you see a 3-meter-high wall of water approaching and engulfing your boat… A nightmare!

Officials say the wave phenomenon may last over the next days. Moreover, weather meteorologists forecast heavy rain and strong winds (10 to 15 knots with gusts of 20-25 knots and waves of 6 to 9 feet) along the coast.

Oceanographers explained that the Atlantic ocean is currently behaving very strangely… Could it be linked to the total lunar eclipse of Wednesday, May 26, 2021? [Diario Del Sur]

Port of Bonifacio flooded by mini-tsunami

This Monday, May 24, a meteorological phenomenon, called “equinox tide” by the Bonifaciens, flooded the quays of the city’s port, flooding homes and restaurants.

Customers of bars in the port of Bonifacio were taken by surprise, when the water suddenly flooded the quays, even infiltrating some businesses.

According to the director of the port, the strange meteorological phenomenon at play has no real cause, but always hits on solstices or equinoxes. So this year, it’s a bit too early… Don’t you think (next solstice is on June 21, 2021 and next equinox is on September 23)? So it is exceptional…

No vehicles are allowed on the port until Tuesday morning; pedestrians can get a gratis foot bath in their preferate restaurants and bars if they want. [France 3]

2 strange mini-tsunami events in Mexico and Corsica… And that totally unseasonal… Very weird, isn’t it?

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  1. These are anomalies, the end of the world will soon be. A global geological catastrophe, and super flares on the Sun, I expect between 2025 and 2060.

  2. Well, having lived near the ocean, this type of tidal anomaly happens. Once time I was fishing the jetty, and noticed incoming high tide was much higher than usual. In fact, after peak high tide, there was no near shore. The water had moved all the way to the parking lot.
    Always fish an incoming high tide. Stirs up the nutrients, and fish move in closer to casting range. Bass, halibut, and opal eye were my target fish. You get into corbina if you like too.

    • Well, the picture of the man in the hat by his sidewalk plants is going to be bummed out. Salt water will mess up his tree and shrubery he worked on. Looks ok now, but it won’t be for long. Probably should swamp that area in fresh water, and flush the salt water through the earth deeper. Flush, flush, flush.

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