Apocalyptic sandstorm turns day into night and sky BLOOD RED in Algeria (video and pictures)

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Apocalyptic sandstorm turns sky blood red in Algeria on May 23, 2021. Picture via Youtube video

This is just terrifying! Yesterday, an afternoon apocalyptic sandstorm engulfed the province of Naâma in Algeria, changing day into night and coloring the sky BLOOD RED. Even residents say the extreme weather phenomenon was unprecedented in the region…

Now look at this bloody sky…

Cars had to put their lights on as the wall of dust engulfed the city of Naâma, changing day into night…

I think actually some had to stop driving due to the disastrous weather conditions.

This was not a bad MARS sci-fi movie but a real and scary weather phenomenon on Earth…

A biblical sandstorm…

Weather Algeria warns of other sand storms in the coming hours and days. So be careful… [Dzair Daily]

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  1. When klantifa set Cali on fire, we could see blood red skies in the west 500 miles away.
    Makes for a nice sunset from a mountain perspective. Honestly, I felt more sorry for all the wild animals.

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