Is this going to stop the mouse plague? Australia braces for an Antarctic BLIZZARD that will bring the biggest snowfalls in YEARS


Millions of Australians across the east and south coast are set to shiver through the week as the largest snowfall in six years sweeps across five states. Is this going to stop the mouse plague in Australia?

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Australia braces for an Antarctic blizzard that will bring the biggest snowfalls in years, heavy rain and sub-zero temperatures across Australia. Picture: File

Snow flurries may be seen as far north as Queensland from Tuesday as a ‘major winter weather event‘ moves across the nation.

Damaging wind warnings have been issued for the coast of Victoria and South Australia, stretching from Falls Creek near the New South Wales border, to Port Lincoln, west of Adelaide.

Jonathan How from the Bureau of Meteorology said the regions will see flooding, heavy rain, and blizzards in alpine areas on Tuesday evening, with gusts of about 90km/h.

This is all being driven by a vigorous cold front which pushed up from the Southern Ocean on Monday, with strong winds giving way to rain, thunderstorms and small hail,‘ he said.

Patches of snow will be seen in Tasmania, Victoria and NSW, which could extend to parts of South Australia and southern Queensland.

The forecaster said the NSW Northern Tablelands usually sees a light dusting, but the area will be ‘well and truly visibly white’ this week.

The cold front will push east on Tuesday bringing heavy falls to northern NSW and south-east Queensland – at least one month’s worth of annual rainfall in just two days.

On Wednesday, a coastal low pressure system will shift over the southern Tasman Sea, driving strong winds and heavy rain to the coast of Victoria and alpine snow to the southern slopes.

As temperatures plummet, snow levels will fall to below 1000m to South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, the Grampians, the Victorian Alps and Tasmania on Tuesday,‘ Mr How said.

The NSW central and northern tablelands will be hit on Wednesday, which could bring snow flurries to Darling Downs, in Queensland’s western slopes.

From Wednesday, heavy rain will be seen from Gippsland to south-east NSW which could lead to flash flooding.

BoM senior meteorologists Sarah Scully said that the heaviest rainfall appears to be centered over eastern Victoria and coastal parts of southern NSW and adjacent inland areas.

Potential rainfall totals could be in excess of 100mm, with Wednesday and Thursday the wettest days,‘ Ms Scully said.

1 meter of snow

Meanwhile, forecasters have warned as much as 100cm of snow could fall in alpine regions of Victoria and New South Wales over the next 10 days.

Up to 30cm of snow could fall across the Central Tablelands of NSW and the Blue Mountains, with five to 15cm forecast in the Northern Tablelands.

Emergency information provider NSW Incident Alerts called the developing weather system this week ‘a major winter weather event’.

While eastern Australia’s weather is coming up from the south, Weastern Australia’s weather is coming down from the north.

As the east shivers, an unseasonal tropical low will bring rain and wind to WA’s west… And that means heavy rain and very strong winds too!

So be prepared against these weather anomalies! [BOM, Daily Mail]

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  1. Well, that should help with the micepocalypse. Freeze those varmints in their burrows.

    Get out the sled for the kids, and have snowball wars. Enjoy yourselves.

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