46.6C (116F): Canada records its highest ever temperature as the country’s west and the US Pacific north-west frazzle in an unprecedented heatwave


Canada has recorded its highest ever temperature as the country’s west and the US Pacific north-west frazzle in an unprecedented heatwave. Lytton in British Columbia soared to 46.6°C (116°F) on Sunday, breaking an 84-year-old record.

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The new all-time Canadian heat record of 46.6°C (116°F) was set in Lytton, BC on June 27, 2021. Picture via Twitter

Lytton, which is about 150 miles (250km) north-east of Vancouver, surged past the previous Canadian record. That was set in two towns in Saskatchewan – Yellow Grass and Midale – back in July 1937 at a balmy 45°C (113°F).

Lytton was not alone. More than 40 other spots in British Columbia set new records.

The devastating heat dome

A “heat dome” of high pressure parked over the region has set new records in many other areas.

The US and Canada have both warned citizens of “dangerous” heat levels that could persist this week.

The high pressure zone is huge, from California right up to Canada’s Arctic territories and stretching inland through Idaho.

Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips told CTV: “I like to break a record, but this is like shattering and pulverising them. It’s warmer in parts of western Canada than in Dubai.

He said there was a chance of topping 47°C somewhere.

British Columbia’s power providers said there had been a surge in demand for electricity to keep air-conditioners running.

Environment Canada said Alberta, and parts of Saskatchewan, Yukon and the Northwest Territories, should also be on alert.

In its warning, it forecast a “prolonged, dangerous, and historic heatwave will persist through this week,” with temperatures 10°C-15°C above normal, at near 40°C in many places.

Unprecedented heat in US north-west

The Pacific north-west has also been breaking records, particularly in parts of Washington and Oregon states.

The US National Weather Service called the heatwave conditions “historic” and said they would persist through the week, “with numerous daily, monthly and even all-time records likely to be set.”

Seattle and Portland, often the target of jokes about rainy climates, could be among those setting their hottest temperatures on Monday. Both have already surpassed 40°C.

Oregon eased Covid attendance restrictions to open up swimming pools and air-conditioned areas like shopping centres. But Seattle in Washington had to close one pool because of “unsafe, dangerous pool deck temperatures.

Fruit growers have been rushing to pick crops, fearing the heat could shrivel cherries and other fruit. Pickers have been starting at dawn and stopping at lunchtime in the unbearable temperatures.

BJ Thurlby, president of the Northwest Cherry Growers, told the Seattle Times: “We are travelling in absolutely uncharted waters.

The US track and field Olympic qualifying trials had to be halted in Eugene, Oregon, on Sunday, as the crowd was told to leave the stadium for safety reasons.

Some areas along the coast could cool a little later in the week, but Boise, Idaho, could see a week of 40°C+ temperatures. The National Weather Service said parts of the state could suffer “one of the most extreme and prolonged heatwaves in the recorded history of the Inland Northwest.

The warnings for all were to stay hydrated, avoid strenuous activities, and check on vulnerable neighbours.

It’s certainly looking like a climate emergency. [BBC]

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  1. Forgive me here I do feel sorry for those not used to the temperatures .This isn’t weird either .Its just that we haven’t necessarily recorded this or experienced it before .Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened in the past before though .Hell what they are calling a heat wave isn’t much over our normal summer temps .Oh and is this accompanied by excessive humidity ?If so then its just like our summers .My suggestion to those who live there. Consider a purchase of an air conditioner similar to a generator .You hope to not need it but its a god send if you do.

    • Those smaller units that pipe out the window sill will work decent enough. My neighbor uses that set up. HISENSE brand.

      I put in a solar air conditioner this year. 12,000 BTU. Pretty good so far. I had previously used two 8,000 BTU window sill units in livingroom and master bedroom. They hog energy off solar batteries.

      The upside is the a/c runs off roof panels during days, and at night it reverts back to solar batteries in main power shack.

      During the day, I draw air from master bedroom using a set of fans. The old school fans, that say Made in America. Steel blades, a real motor, variable speed, and two with oscillation.

      At first I didn’t think it would work, but I got an old metal Sears & Roebuck metal box fan for the (weak link spot) hallway. It has enough power on medium, and seems to draw the first fan’s air(drawing a/c cold air) down the hall perfectly. Saves battery power compared to the window sill unit. Then that gives me plenty of power to water the orchard and all my trees in the later hours when sun is going down (well booster pump is a 900 watt draw).

      Also, enough power to run my a/c all night without dipping my battery meter much. That way I water trees in early AM, and later afternoons.

      The last week of June through middle July is our hottest period on a short mountain season. Monsoons kick in, and we get some rain, which helps nitrogenate the soil for root growth and leaf growth. Cools root ball too.

      250 trees is a big job for one person. I usually lose 20-30 lbs. by September. Good exercise outdoors, the natural way. If I set up an irrigation system it would be easier, but that is not good exercise.

      *The trick to getting old is to keep moving. If you sit too much, then you are always stiff getting up, and aches and pains set in. All the old sports injuries, broken bones, and torn ligaments or dislocated joints will ache more if you are sedentary. Also you stay healthy working outdoors as sunlight boosts Vitamin D.

  2. This article is positive proof that the scientifically acknowledged fact that too much CO2 in the atmosphere is resulting in severe unstoppable climate change can no longer be ignored.

    All people of the world residing within the USA need to write their Congress persons immediately and demand that the US enter under the umbrella of the United Nations, whose worldly leadership ability and wisdom of the ages will be certain that everything in the US and the North American continent is brought into perfect alignment with that of Europe, Asia, SA and Africa, until all unnecessary excess CO2 emissions have been halted permanently.

    This could be achieved in just a few months time once the United Nations takes charge of the global system and climate change can be brought back under control until normalized, then maintained that way.

    If people residing in the US are required to pay taxes to support this effort, the UN should enforce this tax upon the US government and luckily we have a wise administration in charge who will realize this opportunity and take it.

    One day articles such as this will fade into history and looking back, the schools will teach how unscientific myths and beliefs stopped humankind from responding to this disaster of too much CO2 sooner.

    Looking back, in the future, there will be much in the history books of how good things finally came about once the science became the driver behind everything climate and medical and how planning and coordination through the United Nations resulted in the most fair and equal outcome for everyone in the world.

    Then a peaceful new future can begin.

    • No more Koolaid for you, Kevin.

      Besides, the UN is corrupt, and they and the Rockefeller cabal wish to see the world depopulated. Globull warming is a con job. Respectable scientists have come out and blown the lid off that scam.

  3. .50cal, look here how the word global is spelled (not globull) I assume you are not a scientist. Please respect the scientists who really know what they are talking about regarding global warming, do not push the narrative of the right, this is no HAARP, no solar minimum, this is global warming!

  4. Where are the heaters located? Post addresses.

    • University of Alaska Fairbanks HAARP is in Gakona. The SRII HAARP system is in Fairbanks. The military ones are scattered throughout the continent. In 1985 there were 40 of them (smaller antennas) all on military bases. There are many others worldwide, run by Japan, China, Russia, etc. The US systems could end this in a day – but we know why they’re not. Same reason as the CV19 hoax and deathjabs.

  5. Grand Solar Minimum.. The previous cycles have shown the Pacific Northwest turns into an oven… Hot on the west, cold on the east…

  6. People are quick to bring up global warming and end of the world; but let’s not forget that there is such thing as HAARP and geothermal warfare, geoengineering, etc. China just got blasted with an insane “hail storm” on their 100th year anniversary of communist party and meanwhile the pacific NW is getting bombarded with crazy heat and soon enough the “wildfires” that seem to be started by laser weapons.

    But you can continue with the same old narratives; ignore reality!

  7. Lol, BBC. it’s certainly looking like a climate emergency.

    Gotta keep peddling the globull warming narrative. Milk it. Beat a dead horse till it decomposes.

    It’s called a heat wave. It happens throughout history. Before man was on the planet. Before the industrial revolution.

    This is a normal happening. Yep. All the climate alarmists get a chub on days like this.


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