Extreme hailstorm in Beijing, China cancels celebration shows of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party


The Centennial of the Communist Party of China is approaching and it seems that some aren’t really happy about that event… Just five days before the main ceremony – July 1st – Beijing has been attacked by large hail and heavy rain… Fireworks shows canceled… God’s rehearsal?

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Apocalyptic hailstorm in Beijing disrupts celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Picture via Youtube video

As shown in a large number of online videos, preparation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ceremony which will take place in Beijing on July 1, 2021, were abruptly stopped by an apocalyptic hail storm on June 25, 2021.

The extreme weather event started 8:10 pm. Large hailstones fell violently, like bombs from the sky, in Beijing’s Changping, Yanqing and region.

“What happened to Beijing? My windows have been smashed by hail.”

Some netizens said that egg-sized hail fell suddenly in Changping, Beijing, destroying car windshields and house windows.

Some netizens noted: “This is God’s rehearsal program for the CCP celebration… It’s his practice session preparatory to the CCP’s hundred years of age!?

Some netizens also said: “These are signs for worst to come! Th is hail was so big I don’t know if there is any similar record in history. How many bad things have been done?

During the storm, a large-scale fireworks show was held at the Beijing National Stadium. Out of the 4 fireworks performances arranged, only the last one at 10pm took place. [NTDTV]

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  1. You can believe that China fully understands that this is weather warfare and that OUR H.A.A.R.P. system is responsible. I am afraid that payback will be hell.

    • Hopefully their missiles works as well as the crappy products they make. I would laugh so hard if they nuked themselves.

  2. China should be eradicated and effaced from the face of the earth for all the wicked things, conspiracies and crimes they are committing throughout the world. Earthquakes, dam breaches, nuclear disasters, climate destruction events are the prayers on the cursing lips and affected souls by the Chinese cruelty.

    • The big paradox:

      Lefties hate nazi. Yet nazi were socialists. Lefties love redchinesey money, yet redchineseys have killed more innocents than nazi.

  3. Isn’t it the middle of summer in Beijing right now?
    Why is it raining ice then?
    Gods rehearsal might be quite a good take on it.

  4. Lol… devils getting what they deserve. How about a nice earthquake at 3 gorges dam? China needs to be eradicated from the planet.

  5. GOD said Let there be Hail & there was 1 Hail of a Storm. Gotta punish those Yellow Skin Slant Eyed Soulless Snakehead Demons.

  6. Frozen water from space, but not comets. Discovery Vol. 19 No. 01 however, the satellites that were used to see it have been closed to nonGovernmental use! This frozen water is linked to Noah’s Flood. Locked Gates the Riddle Lord’s Secrets

  7. Nobody talks about the communist cannibal incidents during the time of Mao’s red brigades. Killing people, and eating them.

    Yeah, go celebrate 100 years of abominations!

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