How to Fix the Most Common Problems With Vape Mods

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How to fix most common vape mods problems.

If you have a vaping device that isn’t working correctly, you’ve come to the right place. This article is your quick all-purpose guide to fixing the three most common problems with vaping devices, including a leaking vape tank, error messages like “Check Atomizer” and a vape that tastes burned.

Vaping is supposed to be the perfect smoke-free alternative to cigarettes, but it certainly isn’t going to feel that way if your device isn’t working as it should. Well, it’s time to fix that and make vaping fun again. Scroll down until you find your problem, and this article will offer some simple solutions for fixing it.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the only thing better than a fixed vape mod is one that doesn’t break in the first place. The new generation of vape mods is headlined by devices like the Geekvape Aegis. These devices have features like IP67-certified dust and water resistance, and you can actually drop them without the batteries ejecting. If you’re hard on your vaping device, you should strongly consider buying a mod with that level of durability.

Without further ado, let’s get your vape mod fixed!

How to Fix a Leaking Vape Tank

The most common reason why a vape tank leaks is because it isn’t assembled correctly. A vape tank uses a complex arrangement of silicone o-rings and metal threads to keep the e-liquid where it’s supposed to be – and if anything is out of place, the e-liquid will begin to seep out of the airflow vents at the bottom of the tank.

  • Start by disassembling the tank completely. You should also unscrew the coil from the tank’s base. Check to confirm that none of the tank’s silicone o-rings are stretched, torn or out of place. If you find a problem, replace the faulty o-ring. A vape tank generally includes at least one set of replacement gaskets.
  • Reassemble the tank slowly, making sure that none of the threads are misaligned. The threads on a vape tank are thin enough that it’s not too difficult to force the parts together even if the threads are crossed. If you do that, though, your tank will almost certainly leak because air will enter the tank’s reservoir. If the components don’t twist together smoothly, the threads are probably crossed; reverse them and try again.

If your tank continues to leak after you’ve disassembled and reassembled it, try using a thicker e-liquid with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG). Many modern vape tanks are designed to work best with thick e-liquids. If you use an e-liquid that’s too high in propylene glycol (PG), you’ll probably experience leaks.

How to Fix a “Check Atomizer” or “Atomizer Short” Error

If your vape mod displays an error message such as “Check Atomizer” or “Atomizer Short,” it means one of three things.

  • Your vape mod has detected a short circuit and has shut down to prevent a critical battery fault.
  • Your vape mod is detecting that the resistance of the connected atomizer coil is too far outside the expected range.
  • Your vape mod isn’t able to get power to the atomizer coil at all. Something is wrong with the connection between the mod, the tank and the coil.

Follow these steps to fix the error.

  • Start by disconnecting the mod and the tank. Do you see a pool of e-liquid under the tank? Clean it with a cotton swab. Once the threading is completely clean and dry, reconnect the tank. Make sure it’s screwed in tightly.
  • If the error persists, remove the tank again and unscrew its base. Remove the atomizer coil from the tank’s base. Is there a pool of e-liquid under the coil? Dry it with a paper towel. Screw the coil back in, making sure that it’s connected very tightly. Reassemble the tank and reconnect the tank to your mod.
  • If you’re still unable to vape, the atomizer coil may have a manufacturing defect. Try installing a new coil.

How to Fix a Vape That Tastes Burned

If your vape tastes burned, you’re dealing with one of the most complex problems that can occur with a vaping device. That’s because a burned taste can indicate a problem with the heating surface of your tank’s atomizer coil or with the cotton wick wrapped around the heating surface.

The easiest way to identify why your vape tastes burned is by looking at the atomizer coil. If you look through the top of the coil, you’ll see the coil’s mesh or wire heating surface. If the heating surface is dark brown or black, you’re dealing with a problem that relates to e-liquid residue. We’ll explain that in greater detail shortly. If the heating surface is still white and shiny, the coil’s wick is burned.

Whether your problem relates to e-liquid residue or a burned wick, the only way to fix the problem is by replacing the coil. To prevent the problem from happening again in the future, though, you’ll need to change something about the way you vape.

  • The wick in a vape coil can burn easily because it’s made from cotton. Cotton is a very effective transporter of e-liquid, but the heat of your atomizer coil will burn the cotton if the wick is ever allowed to go dry. When you notice that the level of e-liquid in your tank is starting to get a bit low, refill the tank. Always vape at a moderate wattage; make sure that your vaping device is set to a power level somewhere within your atomizer coil’s suggested wattage range. Lastly, remember that your coil’s suggested wattage range is based on a puff length of about two seconds. If you prefer longer puffs, you may have to vape at a very low wattage to prevent the wick from burning.
  • If the heating surface of your coil is dark brown or black when you remove the coil from your tank, the reason why your vape tastes burned is because you’re using an e-liquid heavily sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose is a very popular e-liquid sweetener. While it does taste great, it also caramelizes when it’s heated and leaves a residue behind that slowly forms a coating on your coil. The coating can cause your coil to produce a burned flavor after just a day or two of use. If you’re okay with replacing your coil every couple of days, feel free to continue using sweetened e-liquid. With unsweetened vape juice, however, you’ll find that your coils last significantly longer.

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