How Do Board Games Help Older People?

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Key benefits of board games for seniors. Picture: Unlimited Care Cottages

Many people think that playing board games is just entertainment. In fact, the situation is completely different. Scientific studies have proven that playing roulette games is an excellent intellectual workout that improves brain function, memory, and concentration. Many of the games featured are perfect for seniors! Let’s check some other great features of board games and online roulette in particular.

Board games can positively influence the development and functioning of the human mind. The researchers found that playing online roulette improved strategic thinking, quick decision making, situation analysis, logical thinking, as well as reflexes, receptivity, memory, and eye-hand coordination.

In the case of the elderly, this is a fantastic natural, completely non-overwhelming intellectual workout. In this review, we will share the most popular and useful board games for seniors.


Baccarat is one of the most popular card games for old people. Over the centuries-old history of its existence, several subspecies of Baccarat managed to form, differing in the number of cards in the game, the rules of buy-in, and some other details.

The threshold for entering Baccarat is very low even for a beginner player. No matter how the rules differ depending on the type of the game, they are always easy to remember and amenable to logic. The goal of the game is also always the same – to guess who will win by placing a bet on a draw, a player’s victory, or a dealer’s victory; each option is paid differently:

  • The player wins 1: 1;
  • The dealer wins 19:20;
  • Draw 8: 1 or 9: 1.


Roulette is one of the most common board games for the oldest people. Its popularity is based on fairly simple rules and the ability to quickly get the coveted prize. However, one successful session is not the ultimate goal of a real gambler. It is important to develop such game patterns in which success will accompany the player consistently.

  • The game session is very fast, which allows adults to get into a great mood in a short time;
  • Since the player has all the boxes at his disposal, he can quickly change the strategy of the game, vary the size and number of bets.


Blackjack is another game that deserves its place in this rating. Although the game comes with easy rules, it has a good influence on grannies. Blackjack stimulates the work of the brain, develops memory, and logical thinking in players. What is more, it is interesting to play and will hardly bore pensioners.


Nowadays, playing board games has become fashionable and prestigious not only among gambling pros but also among the older generation. The above games have a good impact on retirees and help older people.

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1 Comment

  1. Well, the board games I was thinking about ( father is a stroke survivor) would, in fact, be chess and scrabble.
    My pop still plays chess. He taught me in 3rd grade. You have to think a few moves ahead. Scrabble is good too, since many stroke patients have trouble regaining their language skills, unfortunately.

    I am getting older now. I don’t play board games out here in the hinterlands. Too busy raising animals, and working the orchard. Probably will play poker when I get too old do work outside doing what I do now.

    Gambling is fun, but I quit after I hit a 50k ticket. Used to see many older people gambling. I think they figured they better spend it before they die, rather than let the government steal it.

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