Like an island! Watch the amazing moment a huge section of ground suddenly swells in Haryana, India


This is a new experience. This is amazing. The land is rising on its own. We have no idea what is happening,” says the men in the clip while filming a huge section of Earth swelling up from underwater, like during the birth of an island.

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Like an island formation: huge patch of ground rises up from underwater in India. Picture via Youtube video

An undated video of the ground suddenly rising in Haryana has gone viral on social media. The clip, which has now garnered over 4.3 million views, was shared on the Facebook page Jagat Vani.

In the clip, an large patch of underwater ground suddenly starts rising, leaving bystanders shocked. The person recording the video is heard asking people to stand back as the land continues to rise.

Here the same video on Youtube:

This is a new experience. This is amazing. The land is rising on its own. We have no idea what is happening,” the men in the clip can be heard saying as they show the vast area where the ground has risen.

Though it is not clear what triggered this strange geological phenomenon, netizens tried to come up with their own theories. While some said that the land rose due to the tectonic activity, others debated that it was due to methane trapped in the earth.

This thing happened due to tectonic activities. It’s very dangerous to stay here. Maybe some volcanic activity happened,” wrote a user.

Another commented, “Not really due to tectonic activity, but methane trapped in the earth gets released getting the wet layer to form a bubble, that is what seems to be happening here.

Here some more comments related to this weird phenomenon.

earth rising india video, earth rising india video july 2021, video shows earth rising from underwater in India
Why did the ground suddenly rise in India?

Tell me how the Earth is swelling like a balloon in the comments. Thank you! [IndiaTVNews, One India]

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  1. It’s called the wobble Pre pole shift many strange things worldwide and it may seem amazing but India will be fully down under water after the pole shift no survivors unless they make an ark like Noah the Madrid fault has already gone through phase one as you’ve all seen its unzipping coronial pipeline closure do bridge colapse surf side building colapse others in the region underwater pipeline rupture in the Gulf of Mexico Phase 2 is expected late this year to early 2022 and that’s just the start PREPARE BE READY AND REMEMBER WE ARE ETERNAL SP DONT TAKE NO SHIT UNITE AS ONE

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