These maps show you which US crops will be wiped out by the current devastating drought


With this article, I just want to highlight which crop productions will be most probably severly hit by the critically dry conditions currently affecting large parts of the US.

So let’s start with a map of the current drought condition in the US:

us drought, us drought map, us drought condition, which us states are in drought
Current map of the drought condition across the US. Map via

In comparison to last week, a robust Southwestern monsoon circulation delivered drought-easing rainfall, sparking localized flash flooding across large sections of the Four Corners States, as well as the southern Great Basin.

However, critically dry conditions persisted across northern California and the Northwest, where, in the driest areas, wildfires dotted the landscape, with containment of some blazes hampered by high temperatures, low humidity levels, erratic winds, and abundant fuels.

Farther east, another round of blistering heat across the northern Plains further stressed rangeland, pastures, and a variety of summer crops.

The central and southern Plains also experienced some hot weather, although agricultural impacts were tempered by mostly adequate soil moisture reserves.

Meanwhile, mostly dry weather covered the Midwest, continuing a trend that had developed in mid-July. Short-term dryness was not yet a concern in the previously well-watered lower Midwest. However, reproductive corn and soybeans in drier areas of the upper Midwest were subjected to increasing levels of stress, especially as temperatures began to rise.

Elsewhere, Southeastern rain—which maintained abundant moisture reserves for pastures and summer crops—primarily fell from the Mississippi Delta to the southern Atlantic Coast.

So now let see which crops or grains will be affected by this sometimes severe drought:

1. 86% of sunflower production is in drought-stricken area

crops vs drought us map, map of crops vs drought in the us, us drought affect crops in the US
Sunflower production areas vs drought in the US. via USDA

2. 99% of spring wheat production is in drought-stricken area

crops vs drought us map, map of crops vs drought in the us, us drought affect crops in the US
Spring wheat production areas vs drought in the US. via USDA

3. 99% of durum wheat production is in drought-stricken area

crops vs drought us map, map of crops vs drought in the us, us drought affect crops in the US
Durum wheat production areas vs drought in the US. via USDA

4. 84% of barley production is in drought-stricken area

crops vs drought us map, map of crops vs drought in the us, us drought affect crops in the US
Barley production areas vs drought in the US. via USDA

5. 86% of alfalfa production is in drought-stricken area

crops vs drought us map, map of crops vs drought in the us, us drought affect crops in the US
Alfalfa production areas vs drought in the US. via USDA

Even animal production may be heavily affected by the ongoing drought…

These will be the worst hit grains and crops (>50% lies within an area experiencing drought).

In comparison, some productions like cotton (4% of production in drought area), peanut (0% of production in drought area), sorghum (4% of production in drought area) and rice (20% of production in drought area) won’t be affected heavily.

Major crops like corn (36% of production in drought area), soybean (31% of production in drought area), winter wheat (30% of production in drought area) and hay (36% of production in drought area) mainly grow in areas that still have enough moisture in their soils. But still, about 1/3 of the US production could be wiped out by the current drought.

Drought vs animal farming

Most of the animal inventories are within areas experiencing moderate drought, with the exception of sheep farming as shown in the map below:

53% of the sheep inventory is in drought-stricken area

crops vs drought us map, map of crops vs drought in the us, us drought affect crops in the US
Sheep wheat production areas vs drought in the US. via USDA

In comparison, 32% of cattle 46% of hogs, and 48% of milk cows are grown in drought-sicken areas. That’s actually pretty high, no? Milk production could take a big hit… And what about a pork meat shortage next year? Time will tell… But get prepaed for the coming food industry collapse. [USDA]

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    Off topic:

    Still important to get the word out on this report. The lying media are telling everyone it is unvaccinated. This is a marxist tactic to demonize the enemy. Do not be deceived by the serpent seed. This is a direct attack on White Christian straight conservatives.
    Get your gear ready folks. Be willing to take care of tyrants. Stand proud and tall. Don’t take this crap. These satanic elitists are weak-kneed, puny cowards. They’re greatest fear is having everyone wake up, and unite aginst tyranny. We outnumber them. That’s why the vax timed released kill shot/vax is being pushed so hard.
    They can’t defeat and armed populace either. Even if only 20% of everyone that voted Conservative stood against them, they would be smashed, like a cockroach.

    • we MUST fight, but be very careful indeed HOW you fight. Use of guns plays into deep state efforts to create another false flag against us.
      Let Trump’s team and the military take down the Deep State.
      Our job is to build a more just society from the bottom up. Support CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) and find out whether your local sheriff is a constitutional sheriff. Get to know your local county (and city/town) officials. Demand a full forensic election audit in your county. Not just President, but all the way down ballot ESPECIALLY local. Do your local officials belong there?

  2. We must Learn from Iran and drought and no water in Khuzestan, people all over Iran rioting and protesting for the no water in the houses, electricity is off for many hours and the weather is very hot in Iran . over 130 plus and instead they bring them tanks and troops from PLO to send them home. Also we need to understand new PR in Iran is going to be ruthless and will call Martial Law . 8.2 quake off the Alaska is warning to all and prepare if you dare not too? Also Global rest is going to pushed down on people. Do not Vaccinate if you can. Strange Sounds i made Mike Morales always using your articles. We are toasted globally what happens in Iran will come to California?

    • Those that get rain, flood . Those that do not burn and thirst. And the White horse of Apocalypse with the rider carrying the crown( corona – latin) and the bow( toxon – greek) goes forth to conquer ( lockstep). Which horses follow next?

  3. Drought Map is wrong. Northern NH has NO Drought problems whatsoever. In fact, we have had so much rain in June & July, every other day we get another “Flash Flood” warning from the National Weather Service. Temps for July have been way below normal as well (Low to Mid 70’s, when it should be mid 80’s to mid 90’s). A real cool, rainy summer here. So, if they have this wrong, how much else is wrong?

    • Similar situation in Arizona.
      The drought monitor is at least a month behind, due to the problem of data gathering and processing takes time to compile.
      They also don’t base it just on rain fall but on moisture retention in the ground. Which in a dry desert climate like ours, is nuts.

  4. I stock two refrigerators and all my cabinets. I rotate inventory every six months.

    Oats and rice are good food preps.
    Pasta +sauce
    I raise meat, but stock canned tuna, chicken.

    I have been eating as if the shtf for two years. You need to practice, and change how you eat. Surprisingly, my weight has stayed proper. It actually trains you to eat like an athlete. Small portions five times a day. 200-300 calories per meal.

    We can expect shortages again. This is how marxist break the will of the people. They use starvation tactics.

    Keep 100 lbs. of rice and 100lbs. of beans on hand to start your inventory off.

    Add cases or tuna or chicken every six months. Keep ramen noodles handy. Easy quick prep carbs.

    • We all may as well start growing our own food. Been doing it for decades. You will love the tatse so much better. Same thing on your meats and eggs.

      The crap you buy at market is basically poison. Unless at a Farmer’s market. Chances are better there. I’ve been eating my blackberries and peanut butter and honey on oats for breakfast lately since the season has been decent.
      Or I eat duck and goose eggs. Depends how I feel each morning.

      Got my first apple on a season two tree. Monsoon rains made it grow fast. I think it’s a honey crisp apple.

      • Avoid corn and wheat. There’s something that has changed in these grains. It seems like they tend to make people gain weight, and get prediabetic.

        I am not sure precisely what has changed, but my body stopped burning those carbs properly a while ago, so I quit them altogether.

        Try quitting corn and wheat for 90 days. See if your metabolism improves. I noticed my weight went right back to normal. I stick with rice and oats now. Usually 4oz. portions.

      • Got my first Bartlett pear going on a season four tree. That’s so awesome. Like a dessert from The Lord. I can’t wait till September, then it should be ripe. Chill it down in the icebox, and it will probably be delicious.


        Seems like corn has GMO, and probably wheat. I wonder if this is the reason I have trouble metabolizing these grains?

        Mike Adams knows a heck of alot about nutrition. Now Mexico is having an issue with corn. I know the mexican people usually eat corn tortillas in their dishes. I betcha the Mexican medical experts decided to ban U.S. corn imports for health reasons too?
        We used to grow corn in our gardens as a youth. I never had any issues back then. I was more active as a kid too. When I ate corn, (which I quit) I feel bloated and lethargic.
        I quit corn by making wraps out of potato skins, and put meat and veggies inside. Like a mini pocket sandwich. Tatses good. I use siracha sauce on it.

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