There’s no food or water anymore! Over a million animals killed amid China’s flooding emergency – Fears of African swine fever outbreak

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Millions of farm animals were killed in China during the latest apocalyptic flooding in Henan. Picture via Youtube video

As of 26 July, heavy rain and floods in Henan Province, China had affected 12.9 million people in 150 counties (cities, districts) and 1,558 towns.

As many as 24,474 houses have been severely damaged or destroyed and more that 1.31 million people have been evacuated to safer areas. A total of 69 people have lost their lives and 5 are still missing.

Damage was also caused to 972,000 hectares of farmland. More than 1 million animals have drowned alive… And the drinking water system has been contaminated… There is no food and no water anymore for millions of people…

Chinese farmer Cheng wades through knee-deep water, pulling dead pigs behind him one-by-one by a rope tied around their ankles as he lines up the bloated carcasses for disposal. More than 100 of Cheng’s pigs drowned in floods that paralyzed China’s central Henan province last week, and the outlook for those left alive is bleak.

I’m waiting for the water levels to go down to see what to do with the remaining pigs,” said the 47-year-old farmer from Wangfan village, about 90 kilometers (55 miles) north of provincial capital Zhengzhou.

They’ve been in the water for a few days now and can’t eat at all. I don’t think even one pig will be left.

Cheng’s farm is one of thousands in Henan, famous for agriculture, and pork production in particular. The province was struck by heavy rains last week that sparked the worst flash flooding in centuries, catching many by surprise.

In an instant, we now have no way of surviving. We have no other skills. We have no more money to raise pigs again,” Cheng, who has raised pigs all his life, told Reuters at his farm on Sunday.

This is as if the sky has fallen.

More than 1 million animals dead

Across the village, where most of the 3,000 other residents also raise pigs or chickens or grow grain, people were clearing debris left by the receding floodwaters.

Some carted out wheelbarrows and crates of lifeless chickens. Dead pigs lay bloated in the water, tied to trees to stop them floating away. Parts of the village smelled strongly of mud and rotting carcasses.

At least 200,000 chickens and up to 6,000 pigs were lost in the flood, half of the village’s herd, farmers told Reuters. Across Henan, rains have deluged 1,678 larger scale farms, killing more than a million animals.

Though Chinese pig production has become increasingly intensive in recent years, millions of small farmers still play a major role in producing the country’s favorite meat.

Even after a devastating epidemic of the deadly pig disease African swine fever swept the country during 2018 and 2019, many farmers returned to pig raising and expanded their herds to capitalize on high prices.

Cheng said he’s facing losses of about 30,000 yuan ($4,627.13), and worries he won’t receive any government compensation.

Fears of African swine fever outbreak

Livelihoods aside, the flooding also has many worried about fresh disease outbreaks.

Last summer, heavy rain and flooding across southern China was blamed for dozens of outbreaks of African swine fever, a disease that usually kills pigs though is not harmful to people.

The disease issue is a much more severe issue than the direct losses,” said Pan Chenjun, senior analyst at Rabobank.

The swine fever virus lives for about 10 days in pig feces and water, and can survive for up to 100 days in manure pits.

Whatever’s in the manure pits will be washed out and spread around,” said Wayne Johnson, a veterinarian and consultant at Beijing-based Enable Ag-Tech Consulting.

Last week, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued guidelines to local governments on how to prevent animal disease after flooding, including measures on disposal of carcasses and disinfection of farms.

For now though, Wangfan farmers are not even sure they’ll return to farming.

After doing this for so many years, in a flash, everything is gone,” said 53-year-old Zhang Guangsi, who lost about half his herd. “I don’t feel like raising pigs anymore.” [AG Web]

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  1. Thanks for China have quakes and floods. Now we can go make everything made in America. Quality of care in USA is getting to be like Bangladesh. We need a better healthcare for all.

    • Well, our colleges are infected with poison ideologies and degenerate professors. Therefore, the quality of doctors has suffered. Medicine is more business, than profession.

      Socialized medicine is not the answer. Doctors see too many patients a day. Ten minutes per visit. It sucks for the patient and the doctor. Quality of visit is compromised. This can lead to diagnostic mistakes.

      In addition, the patient waits forever to get medical procedures taken care of. So, disease progresses, while patient is waiting. Quality care is rare.

  2. 50 Cal—read in context as to my reply to Kate. It started out as to hope the Chinese can know Jesus. My response as to situation of the Chinese people. As to a PHYSICAL WAR—-you know—bang/bang bombs away—that was my reference to Russia. There weapons systems and capabilities. Yes China is a great threat internally to us and many think they come with a UN invasion or take over. Side note—Russia has disabled our ships in the past electronically so they were dead in the water unable to defend themselves !!!! If you are familiar with MonkeyWerx—he tracked Russian subs off our shore and they disappeared/went silent. Think also satellite HEW’s, most don’t realize they are there —-High Energy Weapons—-These storms etc. are having a lot of help !!!!!

    • In your first paragraph you bring up Christianity in redchina.

      If any Nation was Christian before their revolutions, it was Russia. They fought the bolsheviks and as a result, over 20,000,000 Christians died.

      Redchina never had 20,000,000 Christians slaughtered. The Mao red brigades were slaughtering plenty of people in redchina as well; however, nowhere near 20,000,000 Christians.

      Both nations are however being controlled by satanic elitists/banksters against the USA.

      I’ve worked with and been around plenty of Russians and Chinese Americans. These are people that would fight for America. Just as a point of clarification.

      It’s the redchinesey bastards I worry about right now.

    • Yes, I agree with your premise, that your hope the redchinesey become aquainted with Jesus, and Repent so they can be saved.

  3. I feel SO BAD for these people! These are poor peasant farmers who have NOTHING to do with their totalitarian overseers so please, have some sympathy for these people. Your vitriol against these people doesn’t hurt the CCP one bit, but it dehumanizes you! Remember, it could be YOU next time in the barrel.

  4. Horrible! All these things are written in the holy bible, the one the communist party wants to keep away from the Chinese people. I hope to God that somehow they get an opportunity to know Gods love and freedom like America once knew it before they too were swallowed up by communism.

    • The Chinese people are living Revelations. There are/were many if not lots of Christians !!! The govt has destroyed the churches and taken down crosses and said children can’t go to church if it still stands. In services if still available there is always a person from the govt. to make sure rules are followed. So to say they don’t know Jesus is a misnomer. Actually I learned more from a Chinese man—Watchman Nee—-in his books and writings. A modern day Paul if you will. All of these water disasters are aided by HARRP or some form of it. The earth quake in Alaska was China firing off a 1900 megawatt beam and detected by ADF. They know exactly what is going on. So much of the weather problems are man made or assisted !!!!!!! From the likes of HARRP and don’t think the Russians don’t have them too, just look at the underground $5 Billion installation destroyed at China Lake Ca.—–The Russians did it—-War with China is not the one to worry about—it is the Russians, they would eat our lunch—-

      • Redchineseys are much more a threat than Russia.

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      • Gates and S0r0S are buying the kung-flu testing industry, so they can continue where the PCR fraud tests left off.

  5. Redchineseys don’t give a crap. When the peons are starving, they can be manipulated easily. Death equals less burden on the state. People are disposable. More room in death camps for new slaves.

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