Atlas robots perform parkour in impressive but unsettling video

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Robots parkour video. Picture via Youtube video

Robot maker Boston Dynamics has released new video of its two-legged Atlas robot effortlessly completing a parkour obstacle course, offering a new display of its humanoid machines’ unsettling repertoire.

In the video, a pair of Atlas robots can be seen leaping over large gaps, vaulting beams, and even performing backflips. The robot can even be seen jumping over a board while using its arm to remain steady.

While the display seems like anything but “free” running – as the original developers of parkour had envisioned – the routine does seem like an impressive, if terrifying, display of effective coding that took months to perfect, according to the Hyundai-owned robotics firm.

It’s not the robot just magically deciding to do parkour, it’s kind of a choreographed routine, much like a skateboard video or a parkour video,” said Atlas control lead Benjamin Stephens.

Unlike its robotic dog Spot, which controversially hit New York City streets last year before being pulled, Atlas isn’t a production robot. Instead, it’s a research model meant to see how far the limits of robotics can be pushed.

In the past, Boston Dynamics has displayed the robot’s feats with videos of Atlas jogging and even busting out some cool dance moves.

Team lead Scott Kuindersma said that in about two decades, we can expect to coexist with robots that move “with grace, reliability, and work alongside humans to enrich our lives.

Until then, some of us will continue to reserve our right to feel a bit queasy about the prospect of people being chased down by these skilled free-running (and dancing) machines. [Boston Dynamics, The Mind Unleashed]


  1. Looks like the rise of Terminators. Now, if you don’t tow the party line, and suck up to Marxist perverted tyrants, they will send robots out on seek and destroy missions.

    At that point, Asimov would probably say they are violating the 1st law of robotics? I remember reading Robots of Dawn, Robots and Empire, Foundation trilogy. Robots were never intended to harm humans; however, with satanists and perverts at the helm, who knows what will happen.

    Psychohistory is another concept we should pay attention to, as the corrupt satanic one world order wants to follow the Georgia guidestones. Pay attention. It’s about to get nasty.

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