Sustainable and eco-friendly building products

Sustainable and eco-friendly building products
Sustainable and eco-friendly building products. Picture via Meteo Web

The world today is gracing at the pace of environment-friendliness and sustainability. Sustainability is an important factor in organizations today. Nowadays, customers have become quite environmentally conscious and it is important that the people are aware of the same. For instance, Staples has several eco-friendly items that are available at a discount of 25% on major eco-friendly products.

In this article, we will be discussing the sustainable and eco-friendly building products available for people to buy. In the initial stages, we will discuss the following items that can be used at your home.

  • Bamboo Utensils

You must have seen bamboo stalks while driving back home. Have you ever imagined eating off a bamboo utensil? A lot of people have started accepting reusable bamboo utensils as one of their favorite utensils. They kick off this list of environmentally friendly items. Plastic utensils are not only bad for the environment, but they’re also bad for your health and aren’t environmentally friendly at all. Reusable utensils are the first step towards more sustainable lives and travel. That’s why the To-Go Ware Reusable Bamboo Utensil piqued our interest! You can find an 8-piece Bamboo utensil dinner set at Staples for $15 under a special discount.

  • Reusable Bread box

If you are Transport your bread home in style and save wasteful packaging. The Onya Reusable Bread Bag is needed to complement single-use paper or plastic bread bags, plastic toggles, and ties. It is manufactured from up to 10x biodegradable materials drink bottles. It’s also ideal for the home baker. Due to the unique double liner and airtight roll and lock closure, bread placed in one of our bread bags may survive up to three months in a frost-free refrigerator and will not withstand freezer burn. The reusable bread box is available for as low as $6.50 at Target.

  • Reusable Coffee Cups and Lids

Fixed usage coffee cups, combined with their lids, generate a significant quantity of garbage. One can help eliminate a significant amount of single-use plastic trash by utilizing reusable, ecologically friendly paper cups and drink bottles. Onya’s Reusable Coffee Cups are constructed of 100 percent food-grade silicone and are designed to look like coffee cups from your neighborhood café. They’re also constructed to barista standards, so they’ll fit snugly in your favorite coffee shop’s machine. These Reusable coffee cups and lids are available for $15 a pop at your nearest Hobby Lobby shop.

In the further section, we will be discussing building materials that are built using recycled materials.

  • Floor Panels and Flooring Made from Recycled Cork

Have you ever considered how many wine corks we consume and whether there is a better place for them than the landfill? Yes, there is. Companies like Jelinek Cork Group are repurposing old wine stoppers (natural cork only) into a variety of goods. Cork ReHarvest is a program that collects and distributes post-consumer corks from a variety of drop-off sites to firms. Take a look at their beautiful mosaic cork flooring or acoustical wall and ceiling panels. Wine enthusiasts all across the world can actually use their remaining bottle corks to some good use. Interested people can always visit the official website of Cork ReHarvest.

  • Newspaperwood

Users might already recycle daily newspapers, but instead of being crushed into paper for a second time, it might be turned into “wood.” That may seem counterintuitive — paper becoming wood rather than the other way around. But, in reality, it accomplishes the paper and wood process and makes perfect sense. NewspaperWood’s Dutch designers and creators discovered that compressing newspaper and glue into numerous thin layers produces a natural wood texture suitable for a variety of household uses. It is important that NewspaperWood designers are requested as they work totally on-demand.

  • Tiles Made from Recycled Glass

Tiles are rising higher in building construction materials. Yes, Fireclay Tile can create the most gorgeous glass tile for your kitchen or bathroom, all while keeping sustainability in mind. They create their glass tiles by hand in California, using 100% recycled glass from the window and solar industries. Many of their color selections have a sea glass-like appearance and are made using a VOC-free pigmenting technique. If you use this technique suggested by us, you would agree with us that any solar industry trash and old windows couldn’t have looked any better without these additions.

  • Building Blocks Made from Recycled Plastic

Here’s an inventive solution: compressing all of the plastic that has clogged our oceans, parks, and towns into building blocks. ByFusion is creating RePlast, a revolutionary building material that will help clean up our plastic-filled environment while also providing a low-cost modular technology that can be utilized for a variety of construction projects. The modules are made using a carbon-neutral, non-toxic manufacturing technique, and they are believed to emit 95 percent fewer greenhouse gases than concrete blocks. It has been dubbed to be one of the most significant discoveries in the recyclable building blocks forte.

  • Recycled Glass Countertops

IceStone is one of the numerous firms that create beautiful recycled glass countertops. The glass they use is completely recycled, and it accounts for around 70% of the weight of the countertops. Non-toxic pigments offer IceStone surfaces brilliant and vibrant hues as well as delicate and graceful neutrals. If you enjoy granite and marble countertops but don’t like the resource-intensive production process, recycled glass countertops might be the eco-friendly solution for you! IceStone also sells PaperStone, which is made entirely of post-consumer recycled paper.


In the end, in this article, we offered a detailed list of a variety of building materials and home needs items that are manufactured with sustainable and recyclable materials. However, these items don’t come for low prices and it is important that you visit coupon affiliating websites for availing discounts and coupon codes like Staples coupons to save extra on your shopping. Before you end up checking out, ensure that your coupons have been applied and that will be all.

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