Huge Earth fissures crack the ground of Cochise County, Arizona – Many roads closed

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Giant earth fissures open up across Cochise County in Arizona. Picture via Facebook

Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is advising to use caution in the area of Parker Ranch Road in the Willcox area due to road fissure openings.

As shown in the pictures, multiple fissures opened under road, but the pavement is still there! There is no soil underneath!

Road is closed at Kansas Settlement and impassable starting at mile post 1, with closure going to S. Robison Road.

Same situation on Dragoon Road near Highway 191. Detours are required using Cochise Stronghold.

Residents in the closure area are aware of road condition and have alternate means of getting out.

There is signage on the road identifying closure.

Imagine driving that road at night!

Arizona is known for its large cracks in the ground… This link explains why Earth fiissures become an always more important geological threat in Arizona.

The below video explains the formation of Earth cracks in Arizona.

For more information on road closures related to these Earth fissures in Cochise County, please follow this Facebook…

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  1. ☆☆☆☆☆
    Severe Thunderstorm warning + quarter-sized hail until 1545hrs MST. Counties affected are Navajo and Apache.

    We’re having quite a display. I’m pretty excited by the news. Haven’t seen fissures yet, but the radio is going berzerk with flash flood warning beep alerts, until 1815hrs.

    The last severe thunderstorm warning turned our low lying areas into a ” land of a thousand lakes.”

    This is normal for up here too, nothing to be climate alarmed over out here. Getting my camera ready.

    • 1700hrs
      Radio alerts are frequent. Had some thunderstorm activity. Storm moving southwest and inbound. Looks puny compared to others. Nothing remarkable yet.

      • Meh, nothing worth all the severe weather alerts in my area. Puny thunderstorms. No hail. No damage. Excellent rain, but was expecting much more. Stupid severe phone alerts and radio alerts were wrong again.

      • Neighbors said one hwy got washed out about 7 miles from my place. It’s a low spot. Idiot drivers got stuck trying to drive through. Yep, plenty of idiots here too, not just the city anymore.

        That’s why I live on top of a mountain.

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