Amazing animal rescues: Goat and rooster save chicken from hawk attack and deer mauls hawk while trying to capture a rabbit

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Amazing animal rescue videos

Animals are normally cute and fearful… But sometimes they can turn into beasts to help, protect and rescue others they care about. Here two examples of this unexpected animal behavior…

Goat and rooster save chicken from hawk attack

This is the amazing moment a goat and a rooster fended off a hawk that was attacking a chicken on a farm in Gelderland in the Netherlands.

The dramatic CCTV footage shows the goshawk dive-bombing a brown hen, sending feathers flying all over the paddock.

In the clip, the chicken attempts to flee the hawk’s sharp talons but appears to be fighting a losing battle until a fearless rooster comes to its aid.

It is then that brown goat Bruin rushes over from the other side of the paddock and charges at the bird of prey like a battering ram.

The two brave animals amazingly manage to push the goshawk away from the defenceless chicken and force it to fly away.

It isn’t the first time that the farmer has been left feeling ‘proud’ of his animals, as his turkey and goats have rushed to save his chickens twice before.

Deer mauls hawk while trying to capture a rabbit

And in other recent footage a deer rescues a rabbit from hawk attack, surprisingly resulting in the apparent demise of the hawk by the, usually skittish, deer:

This brave deer went from Bambi to Rambo when it jumped in to save a wild rabbit being attacked by a hungry hawk in Nordic Mountain country park, Wisconsin, USA on June 11, 2021.

It would be nice if humans would do the same! [DM, Sott]

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  1. Wild animals are smarter than most people too. Roosters will watch hens, and if they see a yote, they will make a very specific distress call, then I go outside and take care of business. Done it multiple times off a rooster distress call.

    Deer can kick your ass too, do not underestimate a pissed off buck.

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