Strange rectangular sunset off San Francisco reminds you the Golden Gate City is facing its worst drug epidemic ever

rectangular sun San Francisco
Rectangular sun off San Francisco

No, it’s not an alien planet. It’s just San Francisco!

On Sept. 21st, Mila Zinkova looked out over the Pacific Ocean from the Bay Area and saw something out of this world – a rectangular sun:

rectangular sun San Francisco
Rectangular sun off San Francisco. By Zinkova via SpaceGallery

Over the years I’ve enjoyed observing many sunset mirages, but this was a special one,” says Zinkova.

The fiery block appeared minutes after the actual sun had set. This suggests a link to a mirage called “Novaya Zemlya.”

The phenomenon is typically observed near the poles where severe temperature inversions can channel the sun’s rays all the way around the curvature of the Earth.

In the Novaya Zemlya mirage, the sun looks rectangular and rises minutes early or sets many minutes late. Apparently, this can happen in California, too.

So this sunset is hallucinogenic, as if you were on drug! And that in San Francisco which is currently facing its worth drug epidemic ever!

San Francisco faces worst drug epidemic ever

When San Francisco police seized seven kilos of powder-filled baggies containing the deadly opioid fentanyl a few months ago, the city’s police chief warned the bust contained “enough lethal overdoses to wipe out San Francisco’s population four times over.

But drug addiction experts say the haul may represent just a tiny fraction of the massive volume of the powerful synthetic drug that is flooding California, after being mostly an east coast phenomenon for years.

The evidence is in the rapidly surging death rates. The number of deaths from fentanyl overdoses jumped by more than 2100% in California in five years, state figures show. Overdoses of synthetic opioids (mostly fentanyl) killed nearly 4,000 residents in the state last year, according to the most recent estimate from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In San Francisco, drug users are dying at a rate of nearly two a day, many on the streets of the city’s Tenderloin District. In San Diego, fentanyl is coursing through the homeless population, according to experts and recent media reports. Santa Clara county saw the number of fentanyl deaths more than double last year, with victims on average younger than in previous years.

Fentanyl has moved west,” said Dr Daniel Ciccarone, a professor specializing in addiction medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Ciccarone said the lab-made drug was barely seen in western states before 2017. Instead, he said, it used to be distributed by drug trafficking networks supplying the east coast, who often slipped it into heroin supplies without telling users.

In a paper released this month, Ciccarone describes the explosion of accidental overdose deaths occurring west of the Mississippi as part of a “fourth wave” of the opioid crisis.

Deaths due to fentanyl are rising more quickly in the west now than they are in the east,” Ciccarone said.

Fentanyl is so powerful that a quantity small enough to fit under a fingernail can be deadly within minutes. Dr Aimee Moulin, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of California, Davis medical center in Sacramento, said she was seeing adolescents as young as 13 overdose on counterfeit opioid pills available for home delivery over the internet.

The potency is so high that a decimal point difference in the concentration can be lethal,” she said.

This predates the pandemic,” said David Panush, the head of the consulting firm California Health Policy Strategies, which produced a report concluding fentanyl is “largely responsible for the unprecedented growth in overdose deaths” in California. “The pandemic probably made it worse, but you had these addiction trends that were skyrocketing and fentanyl is like pouring gasoline on the fire.

Another paper, co-authored by the Stanford University researcher Chelsea Shover, said the west coast may be three years behind on the same horrible trajectory of overdose deaths that overwhelmed the east coast several years ago.

Given how fentanyl has so dramatically worsened the US overdose death rate while only being pervasive in part of the country, its national spread could make the epidemic significantly worse,” said the report, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Fentanyl remains the primary chemical culprit in the record-shattering number of fatal overdoses plaguing our city,” the San Francisco police chief, Bill Scott, said in a statement.

I don’t think this weird rectangular sun off San Francisco is just a mirage. To me it is also a sign that things are going very wrong, a sign of total systemic collapse. [SpaceweatherGallery]

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