Despite good intentions, it didn’t take long…

Boston Dynamics robot dogs
Boston Dynamics robot dogs

Are those robot dogs with assault rifles attached to their frickin heads? No attached on their backs…

The other question is how hackable are these? Cause that’s gonna happen eventually…

And what about EMP attacks? How will this beast then behave?

By the way, we should stop calling those dogs… Dogs are better than these toasters.

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  1. Well these are foretold i said last year about AI conference in DC ..
    I said we are entered in prison planet and we do not have NY MORE RIGHTS. insurances keep denying you benefits and medic-ens till you go Juicing for 60 days like the men in Australia. Then hell with all medicines.
    Power the humans back eat less steak and cheese and meats. We do not need be slave to the system of tyranny world wide?
    Long Live Trump if he does not run we must make Ivanka for USA Presidency 2024 what do you think!!

  2. Hmmm, the satanic elitists, that run our government, will use these to kill off people that don’t take the suicide vax. Sort of like a Terminator ground drone.

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