Are Walmarts secret military bases linked by hundreds of miles of underground tunnels?

Texans blame secret military takeover for Walmart closings, secret tunnels
Texans blame secret military takeover for Walmart closings, secret tunnels. Picture: Tim Fischer/Midland Reporter-Telegram

We have questions and we need answers. In particular, we need an answer to this question: Are Walmarts all secret military bases that are linked by hundreds of miles of underground tunnels?

Some people say so. Here’s a video of a bunch of different clips of Walmarts which suggest this is the case.

Here’s more proof.

Here’s various information about these tunnels.

Many people have been asking the Walmart Question.

That includes this woman from QAnon, who posted this video in April proving that Walmart is a part of the conspiracy. All these Walmarts that are getting shut down everywhere will be turned into FEMA camps, she says.

The Walmart Question is one almost everyone is afraid to ask, for fear of the Walmart Lobby accusing them of anti-Walmartism.

It’s time to ask it.

Seriously Tho

I don’t usually post this QAnon stuff.

I’ve known about the Walmart conspiracy for years. It’s actually pre-QAnon. If you search “Walmart underground tunnels” or “Walmart FEMA camps,” you’ll get blogs going back to at least 2013.

The obvious explanation for this is that a lot of the people that get into various conspiracy theories are working class people. Walmart is a big part of their lives, so it makes reasonable sense that they would start coming up with conspiracy theories about it.

All the way back before the internet got popular, I would listen to Coast to Coast AM and other conspiracy-oriented talk radio shows, and many of the callers were truck drivers. Some of the hosts were themselves truck drivers or former truck drivers. If you haven’t been in academia, and been completely shamed for ever thinking something different than what you’re told, you are more likely to come up with variant explanations for things. That’s what people mean when they say “these people are uneducated.”

Conspiracy theories are kind of like pre-scientific mythology, in that people form explanations for things based on the information they have. They fill in the blank spaces with whatever can’t be disproved. So, if you have a bunch of people who have weird experiences with Walmart, or experiences that they believe to be weird, which they do not have a satisfactory explanation of, they might start coming up with theories.

I’m pretty well-educated, in terms of being informed on various issues. I’m not like, Ultra Mr. Well-Read, but I can carry a conversation about most topics. Based on what I know, I can tell you that a lot of what gets classified as a “conspiracy theory” is just factual information that the media and government don’t want people talking about.

This has gotten crazy in the last few years, with the media going so far as to claim that talking about “white replacement” is a conspiracy theory – even as the Democrats/Jews themselves openly talk about how they are replacing white people. Now they’re even saying that it’s a “conspiracy theory” that the coronavirus vaccine is gene therapy, and that it’s a conspiracy theory that people are dying from taking it.

But there are also real “conspiracy theories” that really are what the term sounds like – a theory about a conspiracy. It’s confusing to a lot of people, for good reason. The media is constantly talking about “fake news” and “conspiracy theories,” but they only have themselves to blame. The people have zero trust in them, because they just lie all the time, and accuse people of being “conspiracy theorists” for simply stating facts.

The media “fact-checkers” purposefully try to blur the lines between “does Joe Biden have dementia?” and “does McDonald’s use human meat?”

What happens is that people find out that something they were told is a “conspiracy theory” is actually just a fact the media doesn’t want people to know. They then start believing everything that is called a “conspiracy theory” must be true, because they’re being lied to so systematically by the media, and don’t have any other point of reference.

At this point, it is pretty safe to say that basically anything the mainstream media is pushing as a narrative is a lie. I don’t know of any narrative I’ve seen on the media recently that wasn’t some kind of hoax. But just because something is different than what the media says does not mean it is automatically true, and a lot of what gets labeled a “false conspiracy theory” actually is that.

A more useful tool is to look at what they censor. For a while, everything they were censoring was true. Despite the fact that they claimed to be “fighting disinformation,” they wouldn’t really bother to censor dumb conspiracy theories, which they actually often seem to be trying to direct people towards. However, censorship is so massive at this point, that I don’t think you can assume that just because something is censored it is true.

I was big into conspiracy theories early on in my life. So I have a better handle on this issue than most, and a way to approach it. You firstly have to be able to differentiate between the two types of things that are referred to by this term. If something is just a fact that you can confirm – such as that there is no proven link between HIV and the condition called AIDS – then you can just classify that as accurate facts.

However, if something really is a real “theory about a conspiracy,” then you need to learn how to analyze it and draw your own conclusions.

“Pizzagate” is a good example. People put together a bunch of facts about the Podestas, Comet Ping Ping, and so on (as well as previous information), and then came up with the theory that the elite are involved in a satanic pedophile cult. This is a “conspiracy theory” that is obviously true, but we don’t know the details, so it’s still technically a “theory” based on the facts we have.

There are other theories that are almost certainly not true, such as that all famous women are secretly trannies.

Or that the Wayfair furniture website is involved in trafficking kidnapped children for satanic rituals.

There are also ones that you can almost kind of understand, but just aren’t totally sure about, such as Sandy Hoax.

Jim Fetzer is the big Sandy Hoax guy – he was sued along with Alex Jones.

He does a lot of these sort of iffy conspiracy theories. I agree with him on probably 60% of what he says, but some of it I’m just kinda on the fence about.

I follow all of these theories, because I think that if nothing else, they’re interesting mind exercises. I don’t post about them very often, because:

  • I don’t want people to get the impression that I promote theories, and
  • Because I’ve seen too many people end up basically inducing schizophrenia by believing every conspiracy theory

People can get really, really wacky when they start believing all of this stuff. It actually happened to me personally, as I’ve written about. It took me years to go through everything, and come to the conclusions that I share here every day. So, I generally like to run the site with a policy of “just the facts.”

I like Andrew Kaufmann and Tom Cowen, and I think they have really good information about the coronavirus, but they also go into “viruses don’t exist” and maybe even “germs don’t exist.” I don’t think this really helps their arguments.

Some of these videos arguing for things that I know are wrong can be very convincing. I knew several people who, after Pizzagate happened, ended up moving into “full QAnon” territory, after they had been largely normal nationalist types. This is probably influenced by a certain personality profile. A lot of people who get super into these theories develop this strange condescending haughtiness, acting as if they are more intelligent than everyone on earth because they’ve discovered secret information. You see this a lot with the flat earth people, but also sometimes with the crisis actors people.

DallasGoldbug/Wellaware1 was a good example of this personality type. He was always condescending and acting like he was better than everyone because he figured out that all famous people were actually actors. He would act like people were stupid for not immediately accepting this rather outrageous claim.

For whatever reason however, I thought I should post this one about Walmart’s underground military concentration camp tunnels. Maybe it’s just because I wanted to pontificate on the nature of conspiracy theories.

I don’t know where “Walmarts are all military bases connected by underground tunnels to be used as shipping lanes for concentration camps” fits into the spectrum of likelihood. It doesn’t seem all that likely, but then again, it wouldn’t surprise me.

What I can say is this: they are already building concentration camps in Australia to supposedly “quarantine” those supposedly “infected” with the alleged “virus.” Anything they do in Australia is coming to America. As we know, anyone can test positive, so they can very easily start dragging whoever they want off to camps.

What’s more, they’re ratcheting up all of this lunacy about “white supremacy terrorism,” and there is no way they would be doing that for no reason. Clearly, they are planning on causing some type of event, and blaming white people, and using it as an excuse for a really hardcore political crackdown.

They will not need Walmarts or tunnels to make this happen.


Walmarts do have big parking lots, and it would be easy to throw up barbed wire. The military has done all kinds of secret stuff, including underground bases.

So, if it turned out that we got drone footage of people being unloaded at a Walmart and disappearing, I wouldn’t be totally surprised.

But the main thing I would say about the Walmart conspiracy is that telling people about something like this would just make you look insane – and you can’t prove it.

You can on the other hand show them news reporting on coronavirus quarantine concentration camps being built across Australia.

You might still sound insane saying it, but you do better when you have documentation. [Daily Stormer]

Hey guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. The thing about viruses, that no one tells you, is that viruses are literally just bacteria. The only difference is, they call the bacteria a virus once its been “transmitted” to someone else. The reason the aerosol droplets known to spread viruses are the size they say, is because thats how large the droplets have to be to fit bacteria in them. Viruses = bacteria thats been transmitted. There is scientific literature available about this online, on pubmed, and there are even U.S. airforce documents available online that you can download, that say this.

  2. So this is a q site now? Wtf. What a disappointment.
    You people are fkn nuts- seriously. Its one thing to be ignorant , its a completely different to be willfully so. Guess i have to remove this site from my rotation aswell.


    Spirit cooking, Abramowitch. That black arts satanic activity is NOT a conspiracy theory. These people are into creepy things.

    But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    —Revelation 21 : 8

    • Actually he is correct about Australia being the testing grounds, not all our country is affected like they say….. The media plays on with the deaths and sickness, our politicians are getting paid to push it. They are opening the camp shortly in the Eastern States, fortunately I am in Western Australia. We are more and more becoming a militant state, lots of rights been taken away recently. Due to the amount of mass migration we’ve had over the past decade, majority of the people go along with it as they don’t want to be deported. The true Aussies are still trying to fight for our freedoms.

  4. Well, some conspiracy theories have truth in them which makes them more believable. Some are too far out there to be believed. On the truthful theories, cognitive dissonance makes believing them almost impossible for some people.
    These days I keep an open mind. Prior to 09/11, I wasn’t inclined to believe anything unless I had concrete proof. Now, I listen to theories, and research more.

    Not sure about this walfart theory. I remember back in 2013 when they came out too. I try and stay away from walfart stores. Probably only been to a walfart store ten times in my life.

  5. Some of them, maybe….but I can tell you, there are no tunnels in Florida, Lower Louisiana, etc … and anyone who thinks there are hasn’t the first grasp of geology…

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