Anomalous King Tides flood Georgia and South Carolina; 10.45 feet (3.19 meters) in Savannah and 8.51 feet (2.59 meters) in Charleston

Tidal flooding along Georgia and North Carolina coasts november 2021
Tidal flooding along Georgia and South Carolina coasts in November 2021

Officials say a strong storm off the Southeast coast combined with periodic higher tides caused coastal flooding that approached levels rarely seen outside of hurricanes along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts.

Sunday morning’s high tide reached 10.45 feet (3.19 meters) at Fort Pulaski, just east of Savannah, Georgia.

It was the fourth-highest tide in the 85 years the gauge has been in place. The other three higher levels happened in tropical storms or hurricanes including the record of 12.56 feet (3.83 meters) in Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.

The water shut down several roads, including U.S. Highway 80 from Savannah to Tybee Island, officials said.

The Sunday high tide in Charleston Harbor reached 8.51 feet (2.59 meters), which is the 10th highest level in the century of recording at that site, the weather service said.

The high water closed dozens of roads in downtown and caused the city to cancel its Veterans Day parade scheduled for Saturday.

Sunday’s high tides were the culmination of four days of rising ocean water pushed ashore by both winds from a strong autumn storm offshore and periodic King Tides when the moon’s location causes the water level to increase.

Rising sea levels is leading to more frequent flooding, meteorologists said.

Thirteen of the 20 times Fort Pulaski has recorded a tide of 10 feet (3.05 meters) have happened since 2015, including twice during this month’s event, the weather service said.

Charleston Harbor has recorded 25 of the 39 tides of 8 feet (2.44 meters) or greater since 2015. The tide reached that level for major flooding three times already this month, meteorologists said.

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  1. Everything will come exists. Food shortages, massive snow and rain floods, volcanoes, and now Guam deployed Israeli Iron dome for protections. Ever grande files for bankruptcy. Full crash is coming , prepare and also medical help will never help help any one. Many people will die from lack of care in USA , Canada and
    NAU. Then those people will die say it was COVID-19?

  2. Probably some good fishing to be had off a cliff somewhere. That’s what I would do. Fish come in on high tides. When they are freaky high tides, big ass toads come in more. I used to take my tuna stick and penn500, and tie on a 2oz torpedo sinker. Chuck it out where you see rocks on low tide. When it’s high tide you can’t see the rocks where I was fishing, but you know where they are having fished that spot.
    I get on some kelp bass, and opal eye. Sometimes a keeper halibut down in the mud. All kinds of fun.

  3. This is BS!!!! If you’re headed south on Lockwood, which becomes Broad, everyone knows turn left onto Wentworth. No flooding. These asshole drivers are grandstanding.

    We live in a Bee St. Lofts penthouse and deal w/ not being able to get out of the garage (her car, my Cayenne does fine). Hey, our building was developed in a TIDAL POOL!

    Live with it.

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