With just two weeks to go until 2022, the Ring of Fire is suddenly ROARING BACK to life

The ring of fire is heating up
The ring of fire is heating up. Britannica

Why are so many earthquake swarms suddenly happening all along the Ring of Fire?

For those who don’t know, the Ring of Fire is a series of fault zones that run roughly along the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean.

ring of fire increased activity on December 2021, Erupting volcanoes around the world
Around 36 erupting volcanoes and even 72 if volcanoes showing signs of unrest are counted in the last 24 hours around the world; Yellow: unrest (36); orange: warning/minor activity (12); red: erupting (26)

75 percent of the Earth’s active volcanoes are located within the Ring of Fire, and it accounts for more than 80 percent of all global earthquakes.

earthquakes around the world
Last 24h earthquakes around the world

So the fact that the Ring of Fire is starting to become so active should definitely trouble us all.

Erupting volcanoes and last 24h earthquakes around the world
Erupting volcanoes and last 24h earthquakes around the world

As I write this, we are two weeks away from 2022. And as I have expressed on numerous occasions, I have such a bad feeling about 2022.

So many pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together, and that includes an alarming rise in seismic activity.

Major Oregon earthquake swarm

Let me start by discussing what just happened in Oregon. Starting last Tuesday and continuing through Wednesday, we witnessed a very strange swarm of earthquakes along the Blanco Fault Zone

The biggest quake in that swarm was a magnitude 5.8, and it had many wondering whether the nearby Cascade volcanoes and the Cascadia Subduction Zone could be affected.

Needless to say, a major quake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone would be a really big deal, because it could potentially send a giant tsunami slamming into the west coast

Unfortunately, the odds of such an event happening are much greater than 37 percent.

And one prominent scientist has just discovered that a major quake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone could also potentially trigger a quake along the San Andreas fault

Let us hope that something like that doesn’t happen any time soon.

Rat Islands earthquake Swarm, Alaska

Getting back to current events, another disturbing swarm of earthquakes just hit the Rat Islands along the southern coast of Alaska

earthquake swarm Rat Islands Alaska. In red the Alaska-Aleutian megathrust
earthquake swarm Rat Islands Alaska. In red the Alaska-Aleutian megathrust

Of course the entire southern coast of Alaska is included in the Ring of Fire, and at this point the seismic activity up north has become so frequent that it never seems to stop.

Nankai Trough earthquake swarm, Japan

Meanwhile, an even more alarming swarm of earthquakes is currently rattling the Nankai Trough in Japan! Within the last 10 days, earthquake swarms are moving along the subduction zone, from Mount Fuji to Kii Channel to Tokara Island.

Evolution of earthquake swarms along the Nankai Trough: Mount Fuji area, Kii Channel, Tokara Island
Evolution of earthquake swarms along the Nankai Trough: Mount Fuji area, Kii Channel, Tokara Island

The fact that earthquakes are now shaking the volcano is a very troubling sign. Mt. Fuji is still considered active, although the last major eruption of this perfectly symmetrical stratovolcano came in 1707.

One of these days Mt. Fuji is going to blow, and when that happens you will not want to be one of the 32 millions of people leaving in Tokyo’s metropolitan area, who live within striking distance of Japan’s tallest volcano (3,776 meters or 12,388 feet).

Other seismic and volcanic events

Speaking of other eruptions along the Ring of Fire, a major eruption of Semeru in Indonesia killed at least 40 people 10 days ago and some more activity has been recorded in EcuadorPeruGuatemalaChile and Indonesia over the last few days.

If you add yesterday’s M7.3 earthquake off Flores, Indonesia, you get a clear picture of how dangerous this region of the world is.

Our planet is becoming increasingly unstable

On Friday-Saturday, we witnessed a very painful example of this here in the United States. The worst tornado disaster in the history of the state of Kentucky killed dozens of people and flattened countless buildings

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. Our planet is going to continue to become more unstable, and we are going to see more horrific natural disasters in 2022 and beyond.

With the Ring of Fire now becoming so active, those living on the west coast should particularly be on alert. Scientists have been warning us that “the Big One” is way overdue, and at some point time will have run out and it will finally be here. [End Of American Dream, 7 Year Apocalypse available on Amazon.com]

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  1. maybe its the galactic sheet bearing down on the sun since 1859 (Carrington event)
    resulting in the magnetic changes of the sun and all the planets through the electromagnetic connection of our sun to the galaxy and the planets to the sun. Maybe as our electromagnetic field decays and the poles move to the Indian ocean or there about, and as the south Atlantic magnetic anomaly becomes more dramatic, we are feeling, as are all the planets, the effects of the galactic and associated harmonics, resulting in destruction that is bearing down on all of us. have a great day. suggestion: rev 6.

  2. When we studied Geology, Ocenography,(in college)on The Ring of Fire topic, one point I remember was that when one connected fault goes off, there are connections to other faults that usually go off right afterwards. This was 40 years ago.

    I always would watch the news, and try and see if I could find connections between earthquake news articles in different areas.

    I know boring stuff, but I think of boring things sometimes.

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