Pittsburgh snow-laden bridge collapses ahead of Biden’s visit to discuss infrastructure; is this the future of America’s ignored and crumbling infrastructure?

Pittsburgh bridge collapse
Pittsburgh bridge collapse. Picture via Reddit

Biden is due to speak about infrastructure today. In Pittsburgh. Crazy. And this large bridge collapses, injuring at least 10!

This is no minor bridge. It carries 4 lanes of one of the major avenues out of the city over a park.

The fact that major bridges like this one are allowed to fail (this one has been structurally deficient for years) doesn’t make me feel safe driving over all of the other, older (this bridge was built in 1970!), less prominent bridges in the area.

Coincidentally, this bridge was built only 3 years after the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed back in 2007, and the Hernando DeSoto Bridge that closed in Memphis due a significant structural issue also is similar in age.

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of collapses or near collapses of 1960s and 1970s era bridges in the 2020s.

Pittsburgh was chosen because it has been marked as a place at risk for catastrophic failure due to aging infrastructure.

Aka, this isn’t as surprising as it seems, the army corps of engineers knew there were big problems. The only coincidence is it was the same day!

The fact that a major bridge like this one was allowed to fail doesn’t make me feel safe driving over all of the other across the US…

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  1. One of the first responders heard a jet engine noise around the bridge collapse. Our marxist satanist puppet was headed to Pennsylvania for an infrastructure meeting.

    Could be a bridge collapse on purpose. Or a coincidence? Whatever you believe?

    Our government is beyond corrupt. I wouldn’t cancel out any theories.

  2. The real problem is that these governments build things and then never inspect them or maintain them over the years. When things like this happen, they point the finger in all ways to take the blame off them.

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