It’s time to take out your money from the bank! Vaccine mandates ban the unvaxxed from visiting banks in multiple countries – Next is ITALY

time to take money out of your bank
It’s time to take money out of your banks

And it begins. Restricting access to the non compliers. Have a jab & you can have your money. But remember, this is all about health, nothing else but just health.

Italy’s latest covid restrictions came into force on Monday January 10, 2022, with the government once again expanding the scope of the Super Green Pass, the digital certificate which can only be obtained by those who are vaccinated or have recovered from covid-19.

From January 20th, the basic Green Pass will be needed to access hairdressers and beauticians, while from February 1st (not January 20th as shown in the Tweet below), it will be required to enter banks, post offices, non-essential shops and shopping malls.

The unvaccinated will still be able to access grocery shops, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Same in Argentina

In India Too

In Canada too

In Nigeria too

Meanwhile, Ikea has cut sick pay for unvaccinated staff who need to self-isolate because of Covid exposure and in some cases for workers who test positive.

Genuine question: When you can’t enter banks, post offices, insurances or fertility clinics, when is enough enough?

No words, speaks for itself. If you’re in favor of this, I sincerely say with as much venom, hate and anger as I can muster, GO. TO. HELL!

I don’t know if Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the solution, but there is clearly going to be a vaccinated economy (centralized) vs a unvaccinated economy (DEcentralized)!

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  1. Vaxed vs Unvaxed

    This is division politics. Keep people fighting each other, while the kenite banksters steal your wealth.

    Surprised people don’t use the ATM. Anyways divest your assets from corporate communists and banksters.

    • But whether we like it or not, the Ks are what gave us our western society today. From sanitation, to the power grid, to the materials we build our homes, cars or Barrett CQs with – just about every modern convenience really.

      There are no coincidences, simply orchestrations. The real dualism is a chess board. For the men of Tyre together with their beasts in the fields are advancing not only his kingdom but also preparing a wilderness for His children, thus not operating outside black and white but assigned in part to fulfill it.

      The dual mandate. A Yin and Yang – inseparable until His harvest. Generation after generation, each with their assigned special tune, but the song writer has always been the same.

      The scarlet thread, like a trans-epochal stuck accelerator pedal, is proof we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.

      The meek will inherit the earth and flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom, thus this is their time. We are in the world but not of it for sure. $0.02 🙂

    • Thats exactly what they want you fool. To have low IQ citizens get in fights with low IQ low wage corporate slaves while the people who created this mess sit offshore laughing at all of you, declare martial law, and then steal everything out the back door.

      The question is where was all the tough talk and people getting mad when all this crap was built for 10, 20, 30, 40 years? Seems a little late now.

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