How to learn history: useful tips for students


We often face a lack of knowledge in a certain subject. And this can be related not only to preparations for exams in college, but also to other life situations occurring both in the workplace and in informal communication in the group of friends.

Especially it is acute in the knowledge of such a vast science as history. There is a lot of information on this subject, and the knowledge from school lessons is usually insufficient even to hold a conversation, not to mention professional affairs.

Simple helpers

To learn history quickly, you must have aids that are easier to hold in your hands than on your computer. Flipping through the pages several times and rereading incomprehensible lines, you will memorize information faster than clicking through endless hyperlinks and picking up scattered information from different sources. This wrong approach is dangerous because you will have to think who can make an essay for me by essayassistant to get a good grade.

How to memorize dates in history? The easiest way to use the table of dates, which is a structured distribution of dates in chronological order. As you study a topic, you will easily find your way through the years and locate it. The more often you refer to the table, the better the dates will become fixed in your memory. And dates are one of the most important things in remembering the history.

If the battles that took place very frequently in our world and played a major role in the historical development of events are of prime importance to you and affect the achievement of the goal of learning, then you will also need historical maps, which depict all the movements of the military process in an accessible way. In addition, historical maps depict the division of the land in different periods.

The best source of information for a superficial study of history is a high school textbook. Each paragraph in it is linked to a particular event in history and gives its characteristics and the main dates. Once you have memorized the paragraph and have the main points out of it, you can begin to memorize more specific events of a certain period.

Easy tips

In order to memorize historical dates and events quickly and easily, you can use some of our tips below. Pay special attention to the fact that people’s memories vary in capacity and bandwidth, so don’t be angry at yourself if at first you don’t remember things as well as you’d like.

  • Divide the paragraph into blocks. Every text has a logical structure, which implies several parts. You can easily divide them, naming each according to the main thesis – the idea, and learn them separately.
  • Don’t cram. To memorize texts, you don’t have to memorize them word for word. It is important to understand what you are reading all the way down to each word. Often it happens that one misunderstood term can break the whole system.
  • Stimulate yourself. Everyone needs encouragement for a work well done. Devise a system of rewards and punishments for yourself to learn history quickly and with interest.
  • Learn the dates. It is very good if, in the process of learning history, the table of dates that you will begin to use will be stored in your mind with a photographic memory. This will help you refer to the clue without picking it up.

Historical Notes

In order to memorize large amounts of information quickly, it is very useful to keep a notebook and write down in it a brief summary of what you have already learned. It is important that this notebook will not be checked, like at school, so in order to memorize a fact, you can even sketch it.

Handwritten charts are very helpful in memorizing dates in history: you draw arrows from one event to related facts, certain connections are also formed between the next ones, and so on. Any visual information is very well stored in our memory. These graphical notes allow us to reduce large texts and memorize them because of the constant reference to the notebook.

To memorize in one day a huge amount of information is very difficult, so do not forget that brain overload can lead to frustration and even some nervous breakdown. Remember a proper regimen for and a healthy diet. This will help your body cope with the “memorization” marathon more easily.

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