Musky fish becomes bird nest and other amazing phenomena for February 4, 2022


AMAZING AURORAS IN THE USA: On Feb. 3rd, a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind rushed in to fuel a display of auroras across several northern-tier US states.

Picture from Sheridan, Wyoming:

Picture from Duluth, Minnesota:

Picture from Moses Lake, Washington:

The crack was an after-effect of the CME impact on Feb. 1st that I discussed in yesterday’s newsletter!

Natural disasters

New eruption at Anak Krakatoa in Indonesia (videos and pictures)

Freezing all the way to Mexico right now as the jet stream dives south. Meanwhile Florida basks in tropical warmth.

Hundreds of drivers stranded in Texas for 15 HOURS in -5F chill are FINALLY FREED after I-10 reopens following 18-wheeler wrecks: 95million under weather warning and 4,000 flights canceled as Storm Landon heads to the Northeast

A woman killed and three others critically injured were in the same mobile home that was blown away during a tornadic storm in Alabama; 8 injured in total:


New study predicts a huge increase in catastrophic hurricanes for the northeastern U.S….

‘Tree of life’ keeps forests alive for thousands of years


What’s a First Amendment? White House urges Spotify to CENSOR Joe Rogan’s podcast: ‘More can be done’

Biden admin left 9K Americans in Afghanistan, originally claimed 150

Facebook’s $232 billion fall sets record for largest one-day value drop in stock market history; IS NASQAD ABOUT TO FOLLOW? AND WHAT ABOUT THE ENTIRE ECONOMY?


British households face record 54% energy bill rise, millions expected to fall into fuel poverty as cost of living crisis worsens

THE TWO BIG VILLAINS Russia & China line up against U.S. in “no limits” partnership; Tell NATO to stop expansion, Moscow backs Beijing on Taiwan


Pulsed electromagnetic energy, ultrasound “plausibly” explain Havana syndrome; Other popular hypotheses, like mass psychogenic illness, UNLIKELY

Turkey’s inflation soars to two-decade high of almost 49%… Consumer prices jumped 11.1% from the previous month… Societal and economic collapse!

Male dromedary camels has an organ called a dulla in its throat, a large, inflatable sac he extrudes from his mouth when in rut to assert dominance and attract females:

Highly infectious variant of HIV identified in Netherlands… This happens to be just after the beginning of the Moderna’s HIV mRNA vaccine tests… Coincidence?

World food prices jumped toward a record last month: +1.1% GLOBALLY

Musky fish jumps and gets caught in fork of tree and dies. Its dried carcass becomes a bird nest. Trees and fish rarely integrate…

Iceland to end whaling in 2024

Israeli study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D’s power to fight COVID

Shaq rips COVID vaccine mandates: ‘You shouldn’t be forced to take something YOU DON’T WANT‘…

SWISS VOTATION demands limited rights for all non-human primates in the canton of Basel-Stadt: THE RIGHT TO LIFE as well as the RIGHT TO PHYSICAL AND MENTAL INTEGRITY

Wildlife YouTuber discovers new species of TARANTULA

Another cool picture that I took in Antarctica about 16 years ago…

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  1. This is great. All kinds of excellent pictures and stories. That musky/bird nest is very cool. Emperor penguin, and CME/Aurora pix way cool.

    Yeah Fidel boinked Justine’s mother. Merkel is Hitler’s test tube daughter. Both are buttpuppets of klaus the psychopath. Probably Putin and Biden too. Macron, yep. Our world needs to get better, or people will go apeshit.

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