The MSM prepares the public for incoming AIDS outbreak – COVID vaccine link?

HIV positive after Covid vaccine
HIV positive after Covid vaccine

The covid 19 injections are causing VAIDS (vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

Just in time for the new release of an experimental mRNA HIV “vaccine” becoming available to the public soon.

“Fast-spreading HIV variant doubles rate of immune system decline”

“Highly virulent HIV variant found circulating in Europe”

“TAKE THE TEST Brits urged to get HIV tests as heterosexual diagnoses higher for first time in a decade”

Prince Harry says every single one of us has ‘duty’ to get an HIV test

Pr. Montagnier, Nobel prize who discovered the HIV, passed away on February 8, 2022. Almost nothing has been written about his death! This guy was one of the first (feb 2020) who said that COVID19 was a man-made virus with sequences from HIV. Rest in peace professor.

Let’s say the vaccine is confirmed to have HIV protein inserts that are lowering t-cell counts. This would mean that right now, hundreds millions of people around the world have HIV & do not even know it yet.

Seems like a solid tinfoil theory right? But the thing is, I remember when vaccinated people were showing up as false positives for HIV 2 years ago. I also remember the virus containing HIV inserts that really dumbfounded the science world

According to the DOD whistleblower, HIV cases are up 590% year over year among those tested. But how many people would even consider testing for HIV if they aren’t in any risks groups?

Asymptomatic HIV infection is the second stage of HIV/AIDS. During this stage, there are no symptoms of HIV infection. This stage is also called chronic HIV infection or clinical latency. During this stage, the virus keeps multiplying in the body and the immune system slowly weakens, but the person has no symptoms.

Theoretically, all those “covid” infected vaccinated that got sick with “flu like” symptoms and were diagnosed with covid are possibly carrying HIV. They’ve “recovered”, but this is just until their body runs low on t-cell counts.

The uptick in HIV news and testing by the media could be a soft disclosure of what’s ahead for those who are vaccinated.

Fauci’s long history and connection to the aids crisis makes me not trust him. He fumbled the crisis so bad and there’s plenty of evidence to show he may have caused more deaths by looking to line his pockets

Something ain’t adding up, but what does add up is that Pfizer is a crooked company and they’d step over any American to pick up a dollar.

So here’s my theory of what’s going to happen:

  • More states will start to de-criminalize knowingly spreading HIV to people
  • They’ll give a huge segment of the population HIV through the vaccination
  • They’ll give everyone long haul HIV that’ll require a miracle HIV pill to live
  • $$$profit

Depopulation is real

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  1. The article about HIV inserts in the virus was withdrawn by the authors and was supposed to be corrected and revised. Besides, even if there were HIV inserts in the virus itself due to Fauci’s taxpayer funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab, that doesn’t have anything to do with the mRNA vaccines, which don’t use the virus itself in the development and manufacture of their vaccines, unlike the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which uses a viral vector.
    As for HIV, it has types which are divided into groups, and the groups are divided into many subtypes, and new variants appear as the virus evolves. That there is currently another subtype that is more virulent than the last one has nothing to do with COVID-19 vaccines. No evidence to support that notion. Viruses do what viruses do. As for numbers of new cases, I can’t find any stats available for 2021 as yet. It usually takes a couple years for all those numbers to be recorded and verified. We’ll probably some numbers for 2021 sometime next year.
    The false positives for HIV that appeared last year were in people with COVID-19 infections, and there are known cross-positive results with other viruses as well. Once again, nothing to do with the vaccines.
    There are enough real side effects of the vaccines; people don’t need to make up ones that don’t exist. As for me, I had the two-dose series of Moderna’s vaccine nearly two years ago, had no side effects, still have antibodies at the highest detectable level, and remain perfectly healthy. Haven’t been infected with COVID or anything else, not even a sniffle. My immune system is perfectly fine and functioning extremely well these days – thanks very much.
    To try to make the case that the vaccines are giving everyone HIV is completely baseless. Outrageous claims carry a huge burden of proof and there is no credible evidence to support this theory. NONE. But people who know nothing about medicine or science will continue to cherry pick and try to string together random data while being completely ignorant of how much they do not know. Remember when they claimed there were tracking chips, tentacled creatures, 99% poisonous graphene oxide in the vaccines. Milk a crazy theory for all you can get, and then move on to another one. That’s how they roll.

  2. Thank you for your article on HIV. I have been under the care of a doctor who does extensive research on his patients and works in conjunction with an Israeli scientist. They have discovered the HIV spike protein is actually in vaccinated and unvaccinated. It is a huge problem for all of us because this HIV spike protein acts as a trojan horse and a gateway for other diseases to manifest. We have a protocol which we follow to eliminate this HIV spike protein from our system, but the general populace is in grave danger as it is manifesting in all of us in varying degrees.

  3. First off both virus families are different.Second off covid isn’t new.They have been studying it at least since the sixties.I think it was found as far back as the thirties.Rna based .Rna is also a form of replication.Similar to a fish’s mucus coat.Its part of the fish but replicates independently depending on the fish’s enviroment.I strongly suspect that’s where ebola came from at its true source.I wouldn’t be surprised if Corona did as well.Since this vaccine isn’t live you aren’t going to get hiv from it.Even if they used the outercoat.The only thing you would get is a false positive

  4. In the Beginning of this plandemic Covid19 was nothing more than a snot stew of viruses…This has been confirmed in 2020 by Scientists. The PCR tests, if you remember, were from the WHO and there was a waiting list/ Because they were coming from China and contained nano-tech. Confirmed also…This was all to get people to stand in line for the Deathshot/AKA Mark of the BEAST/AKA The Luciferian shot. The shot itself contained the Proteins (Fauci holds the patent on all 4 Proteins being used in these shots). Sars Cov2, HIV containing a Self Replicating Spike Protein, Nano-Particles (courtesy of Bill gates and trackable and programmable), about 25%+ Mercury, Anti-freeze, MnRA gene changer and secret ingredients of a dash of salt and water. This is also confirmed and was listed in what it contained. You just had to search for it. Everyone that got the Deathshot has HIV. Scientific reports from last year show the average of a 6% decline per month in all who received the Death Shot. CDC and WHO knew that there were over 72 Rare Auto-Immune Disorders that could be created by this shot. Knew that that the Self-Replicating Spike Protein deadly to Humans and Animals put your immune system into overdrive. Knew that it also filled your Blood Stream with blood clots, micro blood clots and huge blood clots. Heart attacks, strokes, loss of feeling, loss of hands, feet, crusted skin disorders were also part of this shot. Don’t think for one minute anyone in a position of power Took this shot…they all KNEW what was in it. Admitted by the CDC and Fauci, PCR tests were fake….fake because they were never calibrated to expose any virus. But they did contain the nan0-particles which actually changed the way you thought-conditioned your thoughts (programmable and now using analog and digital on TV old style subliminals from the 70s to extend the mental control) CDC and Fauci also admitted the Shots were causing the Delta Variant….Every booster you get is a NEW VARIANT….Your antibodies in your immune system depend on these shots. From the original so called “Vaccine” your body was put into a state of Antibody dependency. You will never have a Natural immune system again…Verified and confirmed. All of this data is verified and confirmed. Once you get the shot, you become a walking contagion death host until you die. You infect everything and everyone you come in contact with via Shedding….confirmed….Many states (mid 20s in number) have been using liquifying the dead bodies due to the number and the contagion of these bodies. They are processed through the sewage treatment plants and then spread on your food in the Growing Fields. Fahrenheit 451 anyone…You are now in that stage. Notice any signs of dementia symptoms in younger people now? Well one of the favorite outcomes is that your body starts eating your Brain….Loss of focus, loss of memory, blank eyed behavior and it goes on and on. Millions are dying around the world. There goal is about 7 Billion people by the end of this year due to the Catastrophic Event that is coming. We have been lied to and abused. Whistleblowers are coming forth, Class actions suits are being mounted and Tribunals are being set up around the World for ALL that have been complicit in this Mass Genocide Program. Strange Sounds is great and you can also check out to find out other brave individuals who are risking their lives to bring you the TRUTH!
    You don’t have to get a shot to die from this. You are already exposed via all those that have passed it on because of getting the Deathshot in the first place. Good diets help but won’t kill the Nucleus of the virus used to produce the Self-Replication of the Spike Protein. Quercetin/Bromelain (they come together) will, however, kill the Nucleus of this Evil Production. I have been taking this since 2019 before the Plandemic was released. Knowledge from a higher power was given. For those of you who have not been taking this, start….stop the damage that is being done in your bodies. No science can show yet whether damage already done is reversable. But stopping it is mandatory. 2000 milligrams a day for the 1st month for those of you who have not been taking it (1000 in am and 1000 in pm) Then after a month you can reduce to 1000 mg a day. You must take everyday as long as this Evil creation circles our Planet. Also D3 5000 to 10,000 IUs daily and Zinc…..1st month of Zinc at 60 mg daily, then you can drop down to 22 mg daily. This protocol is now being followed by many Holistic Practioners and recommended, finally by Dr. Mercola last year in his interview with the Epoch Times. has all and I have used them for over 20 years now. Excellent products and best prices on the web. You deserve to know the TRUTH and you deserve to know the remedy….Incidentally I verified after being given the info on Quercetin from above by researching and actually finding where it was tested and shown to kill HIV 100% by the US Government. Information they kept from the WORLD. Because HIV was also a manufactured virus as was SarsCov2.
    Blessings to all and take action for your health. You will still feel some effects of the Self-Replicating Spike Protein when you are around others that are contaminated. My symptoms (because I am a sensitive) come on quickly. 15 min or so I get a headache and then within 2 to 4 hours I get diarrhea….One last thing, the body is not able to flush heavy metals by itself. You must consider the nano-tech inside you as a heavy metal. I use Zeolite (natural volcanic ash) because it is easy on the body and actually attracts ALL heavy metals. I do this 2 to 3 times a week, 1 tsp in an 8oz glass of water because of constant exposure. Toxins in the body build up and then you have a whole new bag of symptoms (pain in joints, headaches, blurred vision, low focus, stomach, etc.) Blessings to you!!!!

    • Being a sensitive is telepathic spiritual.You may pick up evil in people or in general.This isn’t the same as picking up disease.Evil wears one down making them more susceptible to disease.Certain people shouldn’t take this vaccine due to underlying health problems known or unknown.Most complications have been in these patients.
      While your suggestions for supplements in those prone to clotting and heart problems most people won’t benefit enough to justify using them.Bromlin can be obtained from eating pineapples.
      While I agree other countries vaccines can be questionable in multiple aspects ours not so much.
      Lots of us have had the shot with no long term effect.How do you explain all of us?Luck gifted?

    • Volcanic ash is sharper than glass.Why the he’ll would you take that?
      What you describe is treated sewage.Dead human body and its waste isn’t disposed of that way.It can’t be by law .Not to mention the moral character.No medical waste provider in their right mind would even contemplate this

  5. Did not know he passed away but it is spooky they gave everyone AIDS. The disease of SODOMITES. Hmmm, no coincidence here but speaks of something satanic and to DEFY the most High and mock him.

    • Please explain then why in its native environment Africa its spread heterosexually.There are a multitude of ways its caught there.Here not so much.But seriously guys and addicts aren’t the only people who contract it.

  6. God will have mercy on the wicked if they repent. If not they will stand before the Great White Throne Judgment in the Court of Heaven. Justice will be swift.

  7. nothing surprises me at this point! No one on earth is going to save us! Buckle up people and turn to Jesus because he is our only Savior! Its going to get really bumpy!

  8. This is very interesting. Do to the fact that here in amirika, people have very short memories. When this covid plandemic first started, one of the concerns floating around within the people who “know”, the “conspiracy theorist” as they are called in proper definition by the media mouth piece, HIV in low doses, was said to be within the vaccine….JAB! So, now 2 years later, guess what? HIV is rampant? How can that be? go figure.

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