China has gone full Orwellian! Schwab’s Utopia becoming a reality in Shanghai: Troops, people screaming, jumping out of windows, farmers arrested, Big Tech censorship (videos and pictures)


China is going full Orwellian right now! Is this the plan? Xi intentionally makes people in China starve?

Shanghai lockdown is Orwellian
Shanghai lockdown is Orwellian. Picture via Twitter

Schwab’s Utopia is becoming reality in Shanghai. This is what the globalists biosecurity state stands for…

Very recently China somehow has turned from basically zero covid for 18 months to tens of millions of people locked in their homes for the last week.

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Now the military is on scene. Yes! Look at that! The Chinese military has deployed to the empty streets of Shanghai…

Chinese screaming from windows in Shanghai after being ‘locked down’ in their apartments. They cannot leave their apartments…

Within the last few weeks, I’ve watched my fare share of gruesome, violent, and videos of death in general, but the next video is simply haunting…

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People are jumping out of buildings… This is distressing to say the least.

Farmers aren’t even allowed outside in China’s lockdown. In the first video, the farmer was caught checking his crops:

The second farmer was caught driving his tractor:

Both to be detained for months with fine. This isn’t about science but party control to keep Xi in power. Keep the boot on the neck of the people, and they will be grateful for crumbs.

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According to an exiled Chinese billionaire who was an insider in Xi’s circle, Xi personally drafted the zero COVID policy nd explains the reasons China is imposing harsh lockdown for zero COVID policy is to force starvation and humble the masses and make them depend on the Party for survival:

According to Miles Guo, the CCP is ordering Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, and Changchun to be prepared for the death of 1 in 5,000 people or 1 in 2,500 people. Officials from other provinces delivering food to Shanghai were soon arrested, and the officials in 21 cities will be removed from their offices right away if they violate the CCP’s political rules…

Meanwhile, Weibo, China’s ‘Twitter’ appears to be censoring content about food shortages in Shanghai as residents struggle amid a harsh COVID-19 lockdown.

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This is a long video compilation of what’s currently happening overthere right now. Sorry but only available on Youtube (no embeds)…

It seems to be like things are happening at an accelerated pace lately, people waking up. Russia war winding down. How long until Gates, Schwab, Fauci etc. can’t show their faces anywhere? China shows us where this is going. CCP is stress-testing to the limit how much people will take. Then they can decide if this will work everywhere. In other words, anything that hits China, we will all get hit by one day. It is a testing ground…

This extreme lockdown in China is not about anything but starving out their own people. Everything everywhere has the same undertone – getting rid of people. I pray for China and the world. has been banned from AD NETWORKS! You can support me here

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  1. Please, the weird sounds in the skies and the darkening of the clouds are the effects of a typhoon which happens at least once a year in the pacific.
    And Utopia is a good thing, distopia is what you meant I think.
    I am a chinese american and I can tell you this seeing this entire pandemic pan out, life is more important than anything, without life, everything else is meaningless. Our freedom, our faith and beliefs, our ideologies, our family and friends, etc. All these only have meaning because one is still alive.

  2. Astonishing how many thousands have allowed themselves to be penned up on the orders of a FEW !?
    On a basic immediate level it appears many were unprepared for the possibility of another recently experienced Wuhan style lock-down with doors welded shut scenario leaving themselves without a stock of food or water to draw from !?
    On a wider level it appears many too have allowed themselves to become victim to the unnecessary dehumanizing and ultimately the demise of themselves by the way of ignoring history submitting to the alleged twisted authority demanding this condition AGAIN all of which, of course, is totally based on complete harebrained ideas and outright evil. Masks, Social Distancing, etc etc to the repeated Clot-Shots….and “BOOSTAS” that Dr Fraudci repeats to his throng of lemmings following him. There is no basis for such cruelty and ignorance as most should have learned…Dr Fraudci etal including the Chinese counterparts are Liars, Control Freaks, and Fools = Glo-Bullist COMMIES.
    Perhaps, the Chinese people have a hard time LEARNING from the mistakes of their own recent past from Wuhan, although nothing against The Chinese people, as we all see the ignorant submission in America too with changing definitions of what a woman is and what a vaccine is…the list is near endless of twisted stupidity and constant brainwashing?
    Bottom line is that History will repeat whether people like to be a victim of ignorance as before or not..sad too that with YUGE numbers on their side that this is being repeated all over again under the same conditions as before with exactly the same results….the very definition of INSANITY!

  3. I can’t say the thought hasn’t occured of me wondering if the USA was headed for war …this is nothing more then the NWO freemasons , Rothschild’s an elite pissing crap , if we don’t watch out we will be next , our hope is in Jesus !

  4. THE YELLOWEST COUNTRY ON EARTH IS FULLY ARMED,and they could take back their country tomorrow if they weren’t so stupid and yellow,BUT THEIR WORSE MISTAKE IS THEY LOVE SATANS ARMY,They even have national holidays to celebrate their WARS ON WOMEN AND CHILDREN WHO NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO FIGHT BACK,GUNNED down in their house like wild dogs,their young girls raped and murdered by them,AND THESE ROTTEN SLIME ARE THE COUNTRIES HERO”S,THE POOR PEOPLE OF CHINA ARE FACING THESE SAME DEVILS,I HAVE TO WONDER IF THEIR PROUD OF THEM SELVES,CAUSING THE DEATH OF THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS,they sure do have a lot in common with the filth,they call Hero’s in america…NEVER FORGET “KENT STATE UNIVERSITY” ohio…MURDERING UNARMED KIDS..WAKE UP YOU FOOLS, THESE FILTH ARE NOT HERO”S..ALTHOUGH you may figure it out when your children look at you crying because they haven’t eaten in a week…

  5. With tyrants only the idealogy matters. Whether your name is Poop’n, Winnie-the-Pooh Xi, or Josef Bitem. Humans don’t matter and only get in the way of their idealogy if that makes any sense to you and why these guys have mental illness.

  6. People need to study up on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Fight to the death and kill as many of them as you can -that’s what you do in war, when they are going to kill you anyway. Better to die fighting than whimpering on your knees.

  7. Psychopaths (100% narcissistic) do *not* care about YOU, their guinea-pig or prey, at all (pretending otherwise).
    What did you expect ?!

  8. Always fight back when you have nothing to loose you see troops below you throw some flammable liquid on them and send fire down on them next. Start killing the enemy all police and goberment troops by any means.

  9. Americans…this is why we have the second amendment. Don’t forget it and use it wisely when the time comes. The people acting to enslave you will rightly deserve it. Both barrels.

    • The World Health Organization (WHO) has created an international ‘Pandemic Treaty’ that will dictate health care policies around the world – by overriding the laws of 194 member countries.
      Which means…
      They’ll order you and your loved ones to get the CVD jab (plus never-ending boosters), and tell you what your vaccine passport permits you to do.
      They’ll decide what punitive damages you must pay if you don’t submit.
      And, they’ll censor any information that threatens their authority. If this passes our constitution is void. Our guns will be taken away along with our rights & millions will die fighting trying to keep your rights. This is bigger then any nation as many are going along with this.

  10. I believe high ranking Jews control China as well. Chinese people and their beautiful culture does not deserve this. No way any benevolent beings are not acting up right now, too much sadness. If I was a god no chance I’d allow this for any reason whatsoever.

  11. Communists always use food as weapon of control. This is a beta test for how the communist satanist perverts want to treat the people of all nations. Complete enslavement of humanity. That is the goal. That is why they consistently try to divide people by race, class, creed, and color. The only way humanity wins is by unifying against a common enemy. When you see people jumping out of buildings, they have given up hope. That is a losing strategy.

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