Definitively ALIENS! That’s how the Mangbetu tribe skulls look like after Artificial Cranial Deformation


Limpombo (head elongation) was believed to allow the brain to grow bigger thus increasing intelligence and it was also a sign of beauty.

At least, the baby in the last picture doesn’t seem to like it at all. His eyeballs have almost exploded. He seems totally annoyed by his head being squashed and elongated…

This article suggests there are NO known health risks associated with it at the very least. It also suggests in the full version of some other works connected to this, that there is no change in the capacity or the way the brain runs with the change of skull. But obviously they don’t have a lot of detailed enough still on these things.

So, are they humans? Well, I would say… Definitively aliens… has been banned from AD NETWORKS! You can support me here

Things to add to your disaster & preparedness kit:

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  1. Problem with their story….The frontal suture in the skull is non existant on the Peruvian skulls. Meaning the skulls cannot be human. DNA testing on the Peruvian skulls show an unknown strain of DNA….Read Genesis 6 and youll see why head binding is bull.

    • There can be both. Tribal practice of cranial deformation as depicted in article.
      Also, possibly alien skulls and skeletal remains.

      Some of those pictures of giant skeletons are fakes. It’s pretty obvious to anyone that has used Photoshop.

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