This Uganda man killed a lion with his bare hands… And then ate it


I love lions. I am a Leo. My son’s name is Leo…

And this guy from eastern Uganda is recovering after fighting a lion near his home which he killed with his bare hands… Before eating it with other villagers…

Uganda man kills lion with bare hands
Meet the Uganda man who fought and killed a hungry lion that invaded his home. Picture:

An Ugandan man has reportedly killed a lion that invaded his home.

The man, whose name was not mentioned reportedly killed the lion without the use of any weapon… Yes, with his bare hands!

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Uganda man kills lion with bare hands
The man is still bleeding, but alive

According to a tweet by @Rickykagino, “man from CMS Iganga district eastern Uganda is nursing wounds after fighting a lion he met near his home and killed it.

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Uganda man kills lion with bare hands
The dead lion

However, another twitter user stated that the scene took place at Mpefu Kagadi district in Uganda not CMS.

I love lions. I am a Leo. My son’s name is Leo… Let’s hope this guy was fighting for his life! [Newsbreak] has been banned from AD NETWORKS! You can support me here

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  1. “I love lions”. Easy to love something you can see in picture books, movies, and safely behind glass or bars.

    Wondet how much you would love it if it could just stroll through your backyard.

    Probably about as much as people who have to live near polar bears or gators.

    Funny how people grow up when having to deal with things including diverse people directly.

  2. He does not look strong enough to kill a lion without a weapon. However, the lion got a piece of him, so it looks like self defense. Big cats have enormous fast twitch muscle strength. I play wrestled with a 180lb male mountain lion briefly, with the owner nearby. Even play wrestling you can see a human is no match. I was weight training back then and at my peak too at 202lbs ripped. If it were a life and death struggle, I would have been dinner.

    There is no indication of how he overcame the lion in the story. Unless he killed lion with a rear naked choke, I do not see how he killed it?

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