A US Army recon plane landed in Uvalde just before the shooting and left just before the shooter was killed


This is kind of weird… The aircraft was in Uvalde for the first time this year during the shooting. The plane landed 3 minutes before the shooter crashed his vehicle. The plane then left 2 minutes before the shooter was killed.

Why was this aircraft in Uvalde for the first time in 2022 at the exact moment that one of the deadliest US shootings was unfolding?

Again, the plane landed 3 minutes before the shooter crashed his vehicle. The plane then left 2 minutes before the shooter was killed.

The plane left Ft. Hood and it went straight to Uvalde. Then straight back. So I doubt it just landed to refuel.

My speculation: It’s a recon plane, so my assumption is someone was monitoring the shooting and making sure it was going to plan….

Or was this just a coincidence? Was it just a flight for the pilots to meet their flight hours numbers in order to keep their licenses? Maybe… But… It’s too obvious… Worth investigation for sure…

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  1. Has anyone actually looked at the times?!? This post claims that they left fort hood at 10:15am and left Uvalde at 12:48pm… except the actual times listed are 15:15:41 and 17:48:43 respectively. That’s 3:15pm and 5:48pm!
    So willing to believe nonsense, but can’t be bothered to critically think for 5 seconds!?

    • It’s Zulu time which is 5 hours ahead of CDT so it checks out. I have no idea if there’s anything to this. I’ve never thought school shootings would have government involvement. I’m always very skeptical with these theories. I try to be very thorough when I research them and they typically can get debunked pretty easily. I will say though I looked into this linked website and data and it all looks legit and checks out. Also I checked the flight paths for this plane for the last year and it’s probably taken over 100 flights in TX and it never once landed in Uvalde before or since the shooting. I checked a couple more military planes in the area and they never seem to go to Uvalde. It could very well just be a big coincidence but it is odd.

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  4. Anyone wondering how much All his equipment weighed? I mean 1600+ rounds of 5.56 ammo, the gun, the magazines, the “body armor” he was wearing. He managed to crash a truck bad enough to break an axle it looked like, get out passenger side with equipment, run out of ditch, jump over a fence, run through parking lot and in to the school, and he was just some skinny looking kid? There are many other things wrong with this whole storyline

    • My brother and I were discussing some of your points a few days ago. I have some ammo! Well more than some. In military ammo boxes. 1500 rds would be very heavy!! It would be very hard for some skinny ass kid to lug around! This whole story reeks of bs!! Not saying children weren’t killed. I’m saying the story is not right. Like sone Hollywood crap. Question everything

      • Just looked it up – 1600 rounds would have been about 60 pounds….That doesn’t sound like a lot, but that would all be packed into a small area, so it would be like trying to lug a car battery around if it was in the ammo crate, and if it was strapped all over him, then he would not have been very maneuverable, especially if he had on body armor and was managing a long gun and pistol.

      • False Flag! Propaganda! Operation Mockingbird!
        Learn about these things.
        The Zionist SCUM will stop at nothing to disarm and finish the takeover of the US.

  5. Screenshot posted on Telegram from a Facebook post. Looks like some map-description; Robb School had been closed.

    Can’t post here, obviously

  6. It is a little odd and there is always a plausible, benign, explanation. The $50 dollar burger is the best bet. I am willing to bet that aside from mouthing a few meaningless words, no big changes will come of this … again.

  7. 911. flood the nation with compliant aliens to avoid a revolution, then poke them daily to maintain order.

  8. Military pilots — typically the ones with a non-aviation desk job — sometimes resort to meaningless flights to nowhere in particular in order to maintain their currency and keep their eligibility for flight pay. It’s more common than you would believe for them to make a short flight to some place random for no other reason than it has a good restaurant either on the field or nearby.

    Civilian “general aviation” pilots sometimes do the same thing. They call it “the $50 hamburger,” the name dating back to the 1960s when fuel and food was cheaper.

    But even to entertain speculation that the Army could have had something to do with the Uvalde mess ranks right up there with the “9/11 Truthers” on the sinisterly cynical scale.

    • Well, since your ‘Khaki Heroes’ are aiding and abetting ISIS in Syria, training and running ops’ in Ukraine for the CIA/Rothschilds/Clintons/Bidens, etc., etc., etc. – WHILE THEIR COUNTRY BURNS, I find this not at ALL hard to believe.

      And since I cannot post a screen-grab, it appears Robb School may have been closed for awhile and was being used as a US Military psyop’ training center.

      But by all means, keep believing your oath-breakers.

    • …from a treason perspective…you might as well be J Edgar…but your lies are as empty as your silly excuses. Yes…some Pilot who just “needed his hours”, just happened to fly to the exact spot where an alleged school shooting just happened to occur, and then left the area just minutes after the alleged shooting stopped? Sure. We know how corrupt our government is and we know they were involved in 911…along with Israel and The UK. Take your lies somewhere else….preferably off the roof of a very tall building. Take your family off that roof with you. We can firehose your quisling, Globalist-Troll genetics into the sewer where they belong.

    • Your statement sounds just a little naive. It sounds like you may have wandered away from your main-stream media safe space of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, etc.

  9. Perhaps this was ‘Voice to Skull’ being transmitted by the King Air to the shooter?
    OR- the flying command post insuring that all went to plan???
    After all, we have had this technology around for quite a while…
    Plus, the taxpayer-funded expenditures for ‘Men Who Stare At Goats’, a CIA project with the help of the MOSSAD.
    Ties in with China’s ‘Emotional Monitor’ exposed in today’s 100%!

  10. Rare publication of Israeli air defense alert follows concrete Iranian threat. Five prominent figures named
    Israel’s unusual official announcement on May 30 of its heightened air defense alert was triggered by intelligence affirming Iran’s determination to make good this time on a vow of revenge for the shooting of Col. Hassan Kodaei on May 23. It was reinforced on Monday afternoon, when Iranian media named five Israel intelligence and tech experts who with their families and colleagues are now in Iran’s sights:

    Maj. Gen. (Res) Amos Malka, Military Intelligence (AMAN) Chief from 1998 to 2001 is accused of business deals in the last 20 years involving security high-tech firms.
    Amir Levinthal, founder and CEO of the Cylus cyber company that secures rail systems. According to the Fars news agency, Levinthal is a former member of AMAN.
    Gal Ganot, graduate of the IDF’s high tech 8200 Unit and director of a company that does work for the Mossad.
    Inbar Arieli, founder of that Synthesis high-tech company. She is rated one of the 100 most influential members of the “Zionist Entity’s new tech elite.” She too served in the 8200 Unit.
    Amit Meltzer, described as an expert in cyber defense who is the architect of those systems in the use of Israel, the US and Singapore

    RED ALERT RED ALERT WW3 starts from IRAN

  11. This was work of MI6 and Queen of London… Queen of London will make USA in to 50 Nations soon.
    Rockets target US military base in Ain al-Assad in Iraq
    The Iraqi Saberin news channel reported on Monday that several loud explosions were heard from the Ain al-Assad base.

    In this regard, some sources stated that the rocket attack was carried out with 6 122 mm rockets.

    The Iraqi Saberin news channel reported that US forces blocked the doors of the Ain al-Assad base after the rocket attack.

    The Saberin news channel did not provide further details or possible casualties in the attack.

  12. Every time something of this nature happens, I automatically think, you know, wonder if this is gonna fit pattern. It seems nothing happens on this level that is not manipulated and planned. I am amazed with the level of evil that has been loosed in our world.

  13. Theres a maintenance depot in Uvalde. Theres no connection between the shooting and an MC-12 aircraft. Youre just trying to stir shit up

    • What kind of maintenance can be done on an aircraft in 45 minutes?
      Pay all that flight cost to get the wiper blades changed?

  14. King Air has a 900 mile range, so it didn’t refuel in Uvalde. I would look to DPS McCraw bagging a flight down, or some feeb management. A politician, of any pursuasion would demanded a luxury Gulfsteam V, so that’s probably not it.

    • Of course, you offer absolutely NO EVIDENCE for your idiotic pronunciation. Show us the proof, idiot! Just like most idiots commenting here, complete whack jobs! Scary, they live among us.

  15. Is there a way for a private citizen to track reconnaissance flights? I wonder how anyone knew this.(? Willing to believe it, but I thought since desert storm they’ve used drones to “watch”
    (recon) things…

  16. Will Uvalde bulldoze the school like thy did at Sandyhook? If not, then what does that tell you about Sandyhook?

  17. Starting to think, just like Sandy Hook, nobody died in Uvalde. All a media driven psyops. Too many things coming out with election fraud, Hillary, Russia collusion hoax, Covid hoax, Ukraine situation not as reported, etc…….Certainly seeing the Texas teacher victim was also in Sandy Hook.

    • I live near Sandy Hook. I attended several funerals and wakes.
      I saw the grief and very deep pain of families.
      I cried with them.
      Your comment is incredibly hurtful.

    • I heard the same bull that no one died at the Sutherland Springs church shooting back in 2017. I can tell you my nephew lost his wife and daughter then and almost lost his son. My other nephew hearing of the shooting ran into the church, he got there after the shooter left and found his little nephew barely alive. I saw the bullet holes in that little boy, thank God he recovered. So shut up with your “nobody died” bull

    • Why no answer to how this kid paid for $2K to $6K of AR-15’s, ammo, sights, and magazines! And why so quiet about whom opened the back door? Where was the school cop who provided security? How convenient he went missing that one day. Maybe it was him who blocked open the door and split the scene? ha. Very likely. These things point to massive adult involvement by furnishing $$$$ to the kid and being there at the scene. Now, the Feds are starting a “Justice Dept” coverup of the whole matter, much like the Warren Commission did to coverup the Gov’t involvement of the JFK Murder. Boy, if you don’t smell a rat, you must have COVID 19! ha

      • That weapon doesn’t even cost that much. They can be found typically under $500. $ 30 -$40 at the most for magazines. And that type ammo typically runs .50 to .75 cents a round. And a rifle scope does little good for the shooters type of Engagement. It’s just pointing the gun, there is no time to use a scope and a decent one of those can be had for 100- $200 at that. It’s not like a night scope was needed LOL.
        When someone’s ignorant about a subject it’s best just to keep quiet.
        Psyop? All I read above was questions being asked. No blatant misleading statements, or even outright lies such as mainstream media makes.
        When someone shows up somewhere to criticize someone they don’t care for, who’s really this psyop agent?

      • In the interest of accuracy, and not grinding any ax: The rifles cost $2,000 each including tax; the ammo about $200; the magazines are too cheap to care how much they cost; there were no scopes.

    • Another fool on the internet. Prove to us that “nobody died at Uvalde”, fool. What the hell is the matter with you whack jobs. Your mother probably should have been sterilized.

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