Videos: Moose charges Grizzly who killed one of its calves in Glacier National Park, Montana


How badass must an animal be for a grizzly bear to retreat?

Part 1: Grizzly kills baby moose:

Part 2: The mother gets angry, charges and chases the bear…

Moose are huge. The grizzly looks like a puppy next to it.

Is it just me or the bear tried to enter the building towards the end and was like “shit, door is locked”?

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  1. Moose are huge and very protective. People get smashed easily when they get near mama moose with cubs. Feel bad for the baby Bullwinkle, but bear will do mean things when they are hungry. We have bear here, and I always go outside armed. Never know when they will pop up, and they can run much faster than me.

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