Iceland Reykjanes volcano update – Alert level raised to yellow, magma is on the move


The alert level of the Reykjanes volcano in Iceland was just raised from green to yellow.

Iceland Reykjanes volcano update magma is rising, imminent eruption
Iceland Reykjanes volcano update: Magma is rising, imminent eruption. Picture: Vilhelm Gunnarsson

This change was made in response to the confirmation of a new intrusion of magma on the Reykjanes peninsula.

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This new intrusion is centered underneath the Svartsengi geothermal power plant, and is quite likely to result in a new volcanic eruption.

If an eruption were to occur, it would be likely to have an explosive component to it and potentially affect the city of Grindavik.

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  1. Power plant is over the chamber.What could go wrong?
    Off topic yet not
    I did some research on the 1811earthquakes.New Madrid.Curiously there were earthquakes along the same latitude longitude line.The 36N to be exact.After tracing it I found that the entire planet has faults canyons trenches along this line.I think it was the ancient mid-ocean ridge
    You can see the suture marks.At first I thought it might be the maps lines even a submersibles tracks.Both were ruled out.
    The new madrid quakes were on the ancient reel foot fault.Suddenly the words divers places took on whole new meaning.Pearl harvesting in ancient times consisted of harvesters and divers.Lo and behold 36 n goes through Patmos where John wrote the book of revelation.Also dawned on me that the numbers666 in the Bible have been taken way out of context.
    Rather than three sixs and some of the more complex math surrounding it maybe it’s as simple as 36.
    Note all major cratons touch 36n if one were to become unstable it would be just like the hell the book of revelations speaks of.

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