The coming food catastrophe: Ukraine says May grain exports down more than 60% compared to 2021 in latest alarming sign of international food crisis


Ukraine reported an alarming decrease in grain exports Thursday and wheat prices reached record highs this week, the latest indicators of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatening food security for millions worldwide.

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Grain exports from Ukraine are down 64% so far in May compared to the same timeframe last year, the country’s agriculture ministry said Thursday according to Interfax Ukraine.

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Known as one of the world’s breadbaskets for its agricultural production, Ukraine accounted for 10% of global wheat exports in 2021, according to the United Nations, while Russia produced about 17% of all wheat globally.


Ukraine’s ports have suspended activities since the war launched due to Russian blockades, and the U.N. estimates about 20 million tons of harvested grain are stuck in the country.

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The port blockades will cause millions to die if they continue, David Beasley, head of the United Nations World Food Programme, told CNN last week, as countries globally rely on Ukraine, also one of the leading exporters of corn and sunflower oil and meal, for basic nutrition needs.

Wheat futures rose to all-time highs this week after India restricted exports on the commodity amid a heatwave, and wheat prices have jumped more than 60% this year, contributing to what the UN estimates is a one-third jump in food prices globally in the last year.

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Global hunger is at a “new high,” U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said Thursday, estimating “tens of millions” of people worldwide will “edge into food insecurity, followed by malnutrition, mass hunger and famine, in a crisis that could last for years.”

Beasley said Wednesday in a statement on Twitter: “Failure to open the ports in Ukraine will be a declaration of war on global food security…. It is absolutely essential that we allow these ports to open because this is not just about Ukraine; this is about the poorest of the poor around the world who are on the brink of starvation.”

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About 13.6 million. That’s how many children worldwide are suffering from severe wasting, a form of malnutrition that significantly weakens immune systems, the UN children’s humanitarian agency said Tuesday, linking the “catastrophic” rise in malnutrition to the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine is the world’s fifth-largest exporter of wheat, fourth-largest exporter of corn and top exporter of sunflower oil and meal, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data.

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Countries worldwide rely on Ukraine for grain used for bread, pasta and packaged goods: Egypt is the top importer of Ukrainian wheat, and countries such as Lebanon and Pakistan get a majority of their wheat from Ukraine.

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    We are so happy indeed we need arm the people democratic Iran to end regime of terrorism for Iranian and world. Opportunity is open now but not so often and closing fast any thing needs to be done ASAP now Tehran 2 series is not yet finish yet?

  3. IDF missile strike hits secret Iranian arms smuggling corridor to Hizballah
    A broad-based Israeli missile strike alleged by Syria to have targeted Damascus international airport on Friday, May 21, is said to have killed three soldiers. The attack is claimed to have been launched from the Golan.

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    Syria claimed to have countered a previous Israel attack a week ago with advanced S-300 air defense weapons, provided by Russia but kept idle hitherto.
    Israel having maneuver starting today till end of this week by sea land and air , we need to watch this as well? Is this reversal for Iran attack without contact?

  4. another 6 plus hit same region as well.. this is 3rd time so far my predictions coming through.
    Russia strikes US missile shipment for Ukraine, blocks world’s grain supply
    Russia is blockading Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, choking off a primary world source of wheat, corn and fodder – Vladimir Putin’s payback for Western sanctions. International food experts foresee this blockade of Ukraine’s exports causing extreme food shortages and even famine in at least 36 countries, the worst hit being Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Pakistan, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Thailand and parts of Africa.

    Ways of countering the Russian blockade and releasing for export the roughly 22 million tons of grain held in Ukraine storehouses are under urgent discussion in Washington and Brussels. One proposal is for US and Western warships to escort the laden freighters sailing out of Ukraine’s ports. However, those vessels would have to break through the effective stranglehold maintained by 20 warships of the Russian fleet over Ukraine’s export ports from Snake Island, a tiny kilometer-square scrap of land situated in the northwest of the Black Sea.

    Other options under consideration are to create a land bridge by rail to transport the grain from Ukraine to western Europe or even possibly an air corridor.
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  6. why don’t you tell the whole story … it was the Ukrainians who mined the waters adjacent to their ports to keep out the Russian fleet to land their troops and take the port cities of Ukraine

    • The best thing we can do is opt for alternative cereals to wheat that we can have within reach or choose to plant our own wheat, it does not need much space, but it must be organic, because the transgenic is harmful to your health and it may not germinate never.

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  8. So we will have very hungry zombies roaming and looting. Also we with have food riots. As Health Ranger predicted. I have about 300lbs.of rice. I don’t eat wheat or corn. Mainly rice, potatoes, oats. Since I quit wheat and corn, I am back to my normal health and physical fitness. I have maintained that for three years now.

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