The reason the world is in chaos

This is why the Earth is in chaos
This is why the Earth is in chaos…

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Here some things to add to your disaster & preparedness kit:

qfiles by steve quayle


  1. Migrant Is First Person Convicted over Easter Qur’an Riots in Sweden
    A migrant man who attempted to throw a large stone at a Swedish police officer has become the first person convicted following the multi-day riots over Easter across Sweden in reaction to the burning of copies of the Islamic Qur’an.
    More nations will burn to the grounds food is up , people hungry or money no money ! 173 nations will go to full Martial Law and partially over 40 nations are in Martial Law whether is soft or hard ?

  2. 33 Thousand Buildings in Tehran Are in Critical Condition, Fire Department Officials Admits on State TV

    In an interview with IRIB News on May 28, Kamran Abdoli, deputy director of Fire Protection and Prevention of the regime’s Fire Department said: “We identify any unsafe building in the city in different ways because our stations are scattered throughout the city. Currently, we have identified 33,221 critical buildings in Tehran. Unfortunately, 947 of them are towers that are over 12 floors, and you may have heard in the news. We have said many times that we have 129 critical buildings that need to be taken care of right now.”

    Responding to the TV host, Abdoli emphasized that most of these buildings are hospitals and medical centers. He also made clear that after the Plasco Building incident in 2017, his department inspected many buildings and informed the relevant officials.

    Pushed by the host to mention a few names of these high-risk buildings, he said he can’t give names as the Judiciary has forbidden any exposure since 2017.
    so more building will collapses and end of terrorist regime of Iran is imminent. more khamanaie forces join people of Iran. few day something big will happen in Iran.

  3. Global martial Law exists in many nations today. USA soon will be Martial Law , go to banks in every nations get your money out now. . Other wise Martial Law soon no one will access to any money.
    My prediction came before Canadian Martial Law and i told here many times it will go global Martial Law…so dare not to prepare indeed. Pay check to pay check is not answer. 9 meals away from Iran, Sri Lanka etc.. 173 nations will be Global Martial Law? Sweden was riot last night because a rightist
    member of parliament burned quo-ran live and soon after riots in many cities in Sweden. No one any more talks about Ukraine any more.

  4. We have disclosed all the secret locations that terrorist regime of Iran holds 10 atom bombs and armed them with drones. Less than a month so Iran will be produced 100 plus atom bombs.
    Time is running out we must attack on Iran is imminent.
    Holiday hell as UK airports face chaos amid staff shortages ‘They sacked too many people’
    FAMILIES jetting off on half-term holidays faced chaos at airports on Friday – and were warned it will get worse this summer.
    Within that 10,000 total, there are also 1,000 vacancies for security staff.

    “The aviation industry can’t keep up with demand.

    “Airports sacked too many people instead of putting them on furlough through the pandemic. The service now offered is not fit for purpose.”

    Reports from airports across the UK on Friday revealed cancelled and delayed flights, IT breakdowns and long queues.

    The line of passengers waiting to go through security at Manchester Airport stretched to the car park in “embarrassing” scenes.

    An IT crash involving easyJet hit 30,000 passengers after the airline cancelled a further 14 flights to and from London Gatwick Airport, having called off more than 200 on Thursday.

    Other fliers suffered more than 360 delays, with routes such as Belfast to Corfu and Liverpool to Dalaman, Turkey, also affected by the disruption. where are all pilots?

  5. WW3 starts from Iran and Israelis and USA joint attack on Iran is in full progress…
    We ask Iranian lovers to destroy all missiles sites is a hero.
    EXCLUSIVE: Iran Has Several Squadrons of Secret Drones
    ran has drones which have been built under a secret military program, a senior Islamic Revolution Guards Corps commander revealed on Monday, adding that the Iranian version of the RQ-170 drone will fly this year to carry out bombing and reconnaissance missions.
    “In addition to the unveiled products, we also have other drones about which nothing has been said,” IRGC Aerospace Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh told FNA on Monday, and added, “It is natural that countries don’t speak about all of their capabilities.”

    Asked about the Iranian version of the RQ-170 drone which has been manufactured through the reverse engineering of the US drone which was tracked and hunted down in Iran late in 2011 and has been equipped by the IRGC with bombing capability, he said, “The prototype model of this drone (which is 60% smaller that the original drone in size) flew about three months ago and God willing, the final model of the plane will fly this year.”

    He said that the Americans themselves had also thought of providing the drone with bombing capability and foreseen some special parts for mounting bombs on the aircraft. Yet, they used it for reconnaissance and spying operations, he said.

    “But we will use it for both missions,” continued the General.

    Hajizadeh referred to the downing of the US RQ-170 drone in 2011, and said more important than using its technology has been the “disclosure of the Americans’ most advanced capabilities and weak points to us”.

  6. REVEALED: Government’s secret plans for apocalyptic events included total takeover or shut down of citizens’ communication networks

    The previously classified files, obtained by the NYU nonpartisan nonprofit the Brennan Center for Justice, detail wartime powers the president can enact
    The center obtained the 500 pages files through a Freedom of Information Act request. A further 6,000 pages were kept classified
    The files, which were all penned during the Bush Administration, detail a law that permits the president to take over or shut down the networks during wartime
    The policy, called the Communications Act, says the president is allowed, if he finds it necessary for national defense,’ to nix civilians’ means of communication
    Iran terrorist regime cut Internet kill switch always. This Terrorist regime of Iran now is going 9 8 7654321and attack on Iran is imminent without contact??

  7. It is all happening because a long time ago a certain part of the universe rebelled (devolved) against God and created their new world the opposite of heaven, Hell. Before their physical world was destroyed,, and become the spirit world of Hell, and they became spirit beings only, Some of them were on earth, they were highly technologically advanced. They are reptilians, the fallen angels. They took over atlantis, they did horrible things to humans (genetically) and made this earth a Hell.
    They took over the world using the ones most like them, a certain tribe: used them to get this treaty.
    They built the pyramids, it is their symbol. They are the “aliens” which are evil sadists and destroyers with no souls, no connection to the good, beings, separate from creation, destroyers only.
    They brought the money system to earth, it does not exist in the heavenly world.
    Since some of you are still 100% human and many are partially reptilian, but sharing the same collective consciousness, both human, this world has been a way of separating those humans who chose the reptilian collective consciousness and them as their ideal and what ways they exist to do to life around them, that they hold as acceptable: what is done in Hell, but never in heaven. The test allows these reptilians to exist here and take as many as they can to join their collective consciousness and their spirit world to come=a new Hell, the ones most genetically part reptilian have no souls. The ones who have souls and only part reptilian DNA, must choose who they wish to serve and be able to overcome the evil side of them.
    The ones who have souls and zero reptilian DNA/spirit, are those who over generations of reincarnation, here on earth evolved higher. They can continue to reincarnate and evolve higher eliminating the evil in themselves. The others who devolved lower over a lifetime, are sometimes given a second chance, but those who devolve into psychopaths, dominators, fear driven psychopaths, are usually given over to hell when they die. Many partial humans have been in Hell since their first lifetime.
    Only those who evolve and eliminate their evil nature and evolve to become more LOVING able to Love go on to a new life to hopefully remove all evil from themselves such as the Saints, are already in heaven. The more evolved you are the greater is your ability to love all life more weak or helpless than yourself. The more devolved humans are, the more they seek to dominate and control, hate and destroy sadistically, all life more weak and helpless than themselves. The devil gains more control over the earth, the more people devolve and serve him. We are coming to the time=2023, when evil takes control of the entire earth, and will seek to change the DNA of humans again, turn them into reptilians.
    This world can no longer sustain life because the devil is winning.
    The good aliens/angelic beings left shortly before the year 2000, because the energy of the demonic is life-killing energy. They can’t exist here. The humans who still have souls, reincarnate, the ones who become soulless, psychopaths return to earth as demons controlling those who are becoming soulless, psychopaths, who will exist to serve satan. The majority of humans at the top of the money pyramid are soulless and demonic, so the world must end now before nuclear war destroys to planet and kills it, as it did the original time/space physical dimension of Hell. They prefer the spirit dimension because there is no death there and they can torture people forever, and they will not die. They want to kill the earth and the sun with radiation.
    Those who have eliminated all the reptilian part of them can join the separate collective consciousness of the ones in Heaven.
    The oneness with God and creation. Most people here prefer what is done in Hell and they enjoy it, as long as they are doing it to others. You have been given a great gift, a chance to be born with souls and evolve. That one time opportunity, is to live the way Jesus taught you, the catholic church teaches people to Love and live in peace and rely on God and respect all he created as sacred. If it is not your choice out of free will, so be it, many prefer Hell, prefer evil over good. Many of you see evil as good and good as evil. You dominate, torture and eat animals. You think it is good, you live in inequality, you choose to do what is done in Hell and not in heaven over what is done in Hell only by reptilians, such as abortion. It is sad. Many of you have demons controlling you that want you to be their slaves in Hell. Reptilians control the entire world now as the “elite”. It is a test and it is the end now, the final judgement. You can become your souls, or you can retain the nature of the devil that they placed in your DNA. You can evolve higher or devolve lower. They use technology, it destroys your souls and all life. You can have God who loves and preserves all life. The end is 2023, then the 2 collective consciousnesses will be separated, some will be with God for eternity, and many will be slaves of the devil reptilians for eternity, used to satisfy their sadism. It all end when the black sun arrives, for those with souls who have refused the vaccines, digital ID chips and neurolink-synchron chips in the brain, will lose their souls and all connection to God and the ability to ever evolve again. It is your individual choice.

  8. Third day of anti-regime protests in several Iranian cities ER NEWS after collapse of 10 story buildings
    killed many people…
    Thousands of people took to the streets in several cities of Iran on Friday night, May 27, in solidarity with the people of Abadan in southwest Iran, holding demonstrations and chanting anti-regime slogans. According to videos posted online from these demonstrations, the cities of Bushehr, Mahshahr, Shahin Shahr, Ahvaz, Omidiyeh, and Abadan were scenes of these anti-regime demonstrations.

    Protesters were chanting:

    “Death to the dictator!” in reference to regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

    “Our enemy is right here! They lie in saying its America!”

    “All these years of crimes! Death to this velayat!” also targeting Khamenei.

    “Not Gaza! Not Lebanon! My life for Abadan!”

    “Let go of Syria! Think about us!”
    We ask Iranian to learn from Egyptian springs freedom people went to street by millions.

  9. Iran expects Russia to supply it with five million tons of grain this is act of terrorism.while Iranian starving to death with price of bread keep going up this regime must go has no alternative no deals with terrorist regime of Iran. Long Live Trump for freedom of Iran.
    Iran expects Russia to supply it with five million tons of grain, including some wheat, Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji told the semi-official Iranian news agency the Young Journalists Club (YJC) on Thursday.

    Iran will need to import at least 7 million tons of wheat in the year to March 2023, marking a second year of high imports as drought continues to affect domestic production, the chairman of Iran’s Grain Union said earlier in May.

    Iran and Russia finalized an agreement for the supply as part of several deals signed during a visit by a Russian economic and commercial delegation this week, YJC news agency said.

    For the latest headlines, follow our Google News channel online or via the app.

    It did not specify the timeline for delivery, the amount of wheat supply or the proposed payment.

    Russia’s agriculture ministry and the office of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who along with Owji co-chairs the Iran-Russia joint trade commission, did not reply to a Reuters’ request for comment.

    Both Iran and Russia have been hit by Western sanctions.

    Iran, in particular, has the challenge of financing imports in the face of US sanctions, which it is aiming to get lifted through negotiations to revive an accord on its nuclear program.

    Novak said on Wednesday Russia and Iran discussed swapping supplies for oil and gas as well as setting up a logistics hub this week.

    Read more:

    Turkey in talks with Russia, Ukraine over grain-export corridor: Senior official

  10. Why was there a massive explosion near Tehran in Iran?
    Iran’s official story is that a gas storage facility had a minor accident and no one was harmed.
    Emergency News the attack on Iran is coming this and more events in coming days and weeks will result in final attack without contact USA and Israel.
    A massive explosion near Tehran lit up the sky on Thursday night, so brightly that it looked like the sun for a split second. Iran’s official story is that a gas storage facility had a minor accident and no one was harmed. It was “fortunate,” Iran’s official account says. Nothing to be concerned about. Video shows a small pipe had burst open and exploded.
    Iran’s own Press TV showed the glowing explosion. There is a lot of speculation that the facility that exploded is more than just a gas leak. It has links to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and missiles. Others suggested it has links to a nuclear facility and the military. Villages near the facility were likely affected and residents may know more. All of this points to a questionable incident.

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