Arizona prepares for both record temperatures and record deaths as locals turn A/Cs off due to experiencing the largest increase to energy costs

AZ prepares for both record temperatures and record deaths as locals turn A/Cs off due to experiencing the largest increase to energy costs
Phoenix’s highest-ever recorded temperature was 122F in June 1996. Such extremes are rare, but it did meet that record in June 2017. Picture: Ralph Freso

A dangerous heatwave is due to scorch large swaths of Arizona for the rest of the week, triggering the first extreme heat warning of the year as temperatures in Phoenix are forecast to top 113°F (45°C) on three consecutive days.

Day and nighttime temperatures are expected to reach 7°F to 10°F (4°C to 6°C) above normal for this time of the year, which could drive a surge in medical emergencies and deaths as people struggle to stay cool amid soaring energy prices and rising homelessness.

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Extreme heat is America’s leading weather-related killer, and Phoenix, in Maricopa county, is the deadliest city.

Guardian graphic. Sources: Maricopa county, Office of vital registration and Office of medical examiner, Arizona department of health services.

The temperature in Phoenix hit 110°F (43°C) for the first time this year on Wednesday, and the National Weather Service (NWS) has warned that a band of high pressure moving across the south-west may result in record breaking – or at least record equalling – daily highs in the state capital on Friday through Sunday.

Nighttime temperatures are unlikely to fall below 80°F (27°C) until at least the middle of next week, posing a danger for people without access to adequate shelter or air conditioning. Meanwhile, Lake Mead is reaching catastrophic levels

So far this year, the Maricopa county medical examiner is investigating 30 possible heat-related deaths dating back to April.

Energy prices are soaring across the country, but Phoenix has the highest inflation rate among big cities at 11%, according to the latest Bureau of Labor statistics.

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We’re going to see very hot temperatures even by Phoenix’s standards and could see daily records broken,” said Paul Iñiguez, a meteorologist with the NWS in Phoenix.

The heat risk is very high which means we’re likely to see deaths and illness increase, as well as costs associated with cooling … people should do everything they can to mitigate the impacts and check on folks who don’t have regular social contacts.

Phoenix is America’s fifth largest city, a sprawling urban heat island without adequate shade, water, affordable housing or addiction services to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population.

Guardian graphic. Source: NOAA. Note: Daytime is the average high temperature, nighttime the average low.

As a result, rising temperatures and extreme heat events linked to the climate crisis have become increasingly deadly. Over the past decade, the heat death toll has more than tripled with 662 people dying in Maricopa county, which includes Phoenix, in the past two years.

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The highest-ever temperature recorded in Phoenix was 122°F (50°C) in June 1996. Such extreme highs remain rare, but the heat season has expanded – starting earlier and finishing later – and the average number of hot ( higher than 100°F) and very hot days ( higher than 110°F) are increasingly common and predicted to rise significantly over the next 30 years, according to climate change models.

Nighttime temperatures have risen twice as fast as daytime highs over the past three decades, according to NWS data. The impact of heat is cumulative and the body only begins to recover when temperatures drop below 80°F.

For economically stable residents, such scorching temperatures are little more than an inconvenience or manageable problem, but for some extreme heat is a catastrophe, according to heat researcher Melissa Guardaro at Arizona State University.

It’s a matter of life and death for the city’s growing unsheltered population, who have accounted for almost half the county’s extreme heat deaths in recent years. There’s no shade, no trees, and not enough water…

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Heat related illnesses range from an uncomfortable skin rash and cramps to heat exhaustion and deadly heat stroke. Dehydration exacerbates the risks, and health experts recommend drinking at least two litres of water an hour for those who must spend time outdoors in such sweltering temperatures. Those who can should stay indoors with the air conditioning on, and avoid foods high in protein that increase metabolic heat.

The current high pressure system is causing multiple problems.

An air quality alert is in effect for Phoenix as stagnant hot air increases the formation of ozone, a toxic chemical compound that exacerbates respiratory conditions, and could further increase pressure on emergency rooms.

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Dry thunderstorms are forecast for mountainous parts of south-east Arizona on Thursday, and lightning could spark wildfires in areas parched by drought. Fire officials have warned that Arizona’s wildfire season, which got off to an early start this year, could be even more devastating than in previous years. [The Guardian] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. The story is off, because we did not get 3 consecutive days of 113 degrees. It was never even forecast for that. In June we can get a lot of triple digit days, but they vary a bit. Sometimes we even get scattered showers or dust storms. ” Pre Monsoon” they call them as we need 3 days in a row of storms to be considered in the ” Monsoon” season.
    A lot of the high temps are because they are recorded at Sky Harbor airport and all those runways make it a big heat island.

  2. It is karma, not climate change. Karma always comes from Nature, not a human choice, human choice makes Karma. The world is becoming more and more like HELL. The devil is in control now and the most powerful. Therefore, the earth will become hot like Hell, wherever satanists are in power. Wherever, Christianity, is persecuted and defamed and vanishes. Soon it will get so bad that the sun will spit out huge solar flares and rain fire upon the earth. Nothing will grow. Nothing will live. There will be death everywhere and all electricity and technology will vanish from it. The earth’s magnetic field will die. It will become a dead planet and then the sun will go out. Unless you remove the elite satanic reptilian Illuminati running the NWO, the earth will become dead and a new Hell. Your spirits do not die, there is no death after the physical reality is gone and you return to the spirit world.
    Right now everyone is choosing where they will reside after the end of this world in 2023. Heaven or Hell. That is all that is happening here from now until the end. The soulless godless, elite and NWO self proclaimed Gods of the earth, who are really demons, have already chosen Hell for all eternity, don’t go with them. Pray and save your souls. Fight evil with good. Fight Hell with making the earth more like heaven, by refusing to worship the elite and be their slaves.

    • One of the problems in comparing historic Phoenix temperature readings is the expansion of Sky Harbor Airport. Airport Expansion has been going on for a long long, time. Additional runways, new terminal buildings with reflective glass windows, new parking structures, additional rental car storage and parking areas, an increase in air traffic and in ground traffic, etc.
      All of this increases the “heat” and reduces the rainfall recorded there, so much so that it has not reflected the average values for those things in the Phoenix area in a long time.
      So is “climate change”, “man made”? In this case it is; by the additional structures and other “heat sources” that artificially inflate the recorded temps and reduces the rainfall recorded there. In fact discussions are taking place about moving the recording location to down town because the readings are so deceptive.

      Maybe an investigation needs started into the changes made to the areas around where the temps are recorded, to see how much that is affecting the “change” in temps, in other locations also.

  3. Heat tips:

    • Solar ac works. Been running a solar ac two seasons.

    • If power goes out, you can fill bathtub with cold water, and lay in it.

    • Hydrate frequently. Work in 10-15 min increments, and go inside for an half an hour and hydrate.

    • You have to work around heat. Work early morning and late afternoon Wear a big hat too. Some people carry unbrella in summer. Soak t-shirt in cold water, it will dry on you outside quickly. Then repeat process.

    ☆ Heat stroke is no joke, folks.

  4. Well Endofamericandream duck duck go it . I was in Arizona for 3 days i escaped it. Terrific sucks rude drivers and no one rents you.
    A lot of discrimination’s followed by a lot of shootings…. crimes ,,
    No to Kali, Azi, Lasi or westzi ? High medical costs and no protections for any one.

  5. Why do the city officials keep touting growth here?It’s simply insane
    Since they have the sun why not use solar power to mitigate the stress to the grid?
    Water is the big issue.What do you plan on doing about it?Do you even have a plan?
    Residents probably
    can’t dig wells and it might not work anyway.Water table far to low ground water insufficient.

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