Attacks on food and ecosystems! Tens of thousands of SALMON are literally BOILING TO DEATH while waiting for the streams to fill in British Columbia, Canada…


While all eyes are turned towards Ukraine and Taiwan, elites are currently running massive attacks on the food and natural ecosystems, trying to destroy them to better control us. Salmon in Canadian creeks are literally cooking to death waiting for the streams to fill. People have to run AC because they have to close the windows due to wildfire smoke… What is happening to BC and all along the Pacific North West?

Drought kills tens of thousands of salmon in a single Canadian creek
Drought kills tens of thousands of salmon in a single Canadian creek

In the depths of this record-breaking B.C. drought, pretty much everyone I know is tormented by two opposing sentiments: 1) Overwhelming joy at the endless summer we’re having and 2) A growing sense of anxiety about how nearly three months with no rain in much of B.C. is impacting, well, all other living things.

While much of southern B.C. smashes temperature records and wildfires run rampant in mid-October, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that we’re a bit like a frog in a pot of boiling water: slowly dying.

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A video posted on Twitter by William Housty last week, which showed a dry creek in Heiltsuk territory full of dead salmon, racked up nearly 200,000 views and inspired dozens of news articles.

We knew that the water levels had been low because we had such a dry end of the summer,” Housty said, but still he was “shocked” to see how bad it was.

Scott Hinch, a professor of fisheries conservation in the University of British Columbia’s department of forest and conservation sciences says: “Salmon habitats have been changing over the last 20 to 25 years.

Those changes include both higher water temperatures and big variations to water levels.

Salmon are suffering death by a thousand cuts. If they’re not experiencing higher temperatures, they’re experiencing areas where there’s very little water, or they’re seeing water at levels either high or low that they’re historically not normally experiencing.

While some salmon are being stranded as streams dry up, as was the case in Heiltsuk territory, in other cases salmon are waiting in the ocean or in a lake for their spawning stream to appear in the first place. All that waiting around causes its own problems.

“These adult migrants are on a one-way ticket to death. Once they’ve initiated their migrations to leave the oceans, it’s a one-way ticket. They can’t turn around. They have to keep going,” Hinch says. “They can hold off for maybe a week or two, but their biological clocks are ticking … They are going to die, potentially unspawned, if they can’t get to their spawning streams.”

Low water levels and high temperatures have led to masses of rotting fish clogging the Neekas river, before the salmon could spawn the next generation.
Low water levels and high temperatures have led to masses of rotting fish clogging the Neekas river, before the salmon could spawn the next generation.

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B.C.’s drought isn’t just impacting salmon

Richard Hebda predicted 30 years ago that western red cedars would struggle in a warmer, drier climate.

Most trees have a way of dealing with drought in the late summer, but this is well beyond, I suspect, what many of them can handle,” he said. “I never thought it would take place this quickly … These barometers are telling us in no uncertain terms that transformation of our natural landscape is taking place — and it’s irreversible.

Several years of dry conditions are catching up not only with red cedars but also with Douglas fir trees — which are typically seen as more adapted to the drier climate of southern Vancouver Island — Hebda said.

They don’t like it when it’s dry in October,” he says, looking out his window at a Douglas fir to confirm that its needles are dying. “That’s unusual.

Over the last four to five years, Douglas firs on rocky knolls and shallow soils have been dying.

We have to save what we have now,” Hebda said. “This whole business of old-growth logging is just totally inappropriate in terms of climate change because it’ll never be replaced. There’ll never be old-growth of the kind we have now.

Hebda says on top of the more obvious die-off of salmon and trees, there’s the underlying biodiversity crisis that many people don’t see — the bears and the birds that rely on western red cedars, for instance.

Everything is connected. If you take away one of the major elements of that connection system, you utterly alter it,” he said.

Hebda predicts red cedars will essentially disappear from eastern Vancouver Island by 2050.

Our demands on nature all over the globe are way beyond what nature can handle in terms of biological diversity, which is the basis for the diversity of life,” the 72-year-old Hebda says, trailing off as he watches a hummingbird pollinate his fuchsia.

It’ll be a very, very different place by 2050.

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Meanwhile, a state of local emergency declared on the Sunshine Coast because of drought includes an order for breweries, water bottlers and non-medical cannabis growers to shut down water use.

Nature’s ability to adapt

While Hebda describes humans as “beyond greedy,” he emphasizes that there’s hope in that we know how to live in different climates and we now know more than ever about how to live sustainably.

We just have to change,” he says.

It turns out that salmon may be better at changing than humans.

The species are not going to just disappear,” Hinch says. “What we’re going to start to see over time is a shuffling of populations.

Some salmon populations in the U.S. are on the verge of extinction and numerous populations in the Fraser Basin are listed as endangered or threatened, Hinch notes. “As climate change wreaks havoc it is going to push some populations over the edge.

As evidence of how fast things are changing, we now have strong populations of salmon in the Arctic,” he says. “We didn’t have those a decade ago. The species are voting with their fins.

For humans, however, moving can be more complicated. Andrea Reid, a citizen of the Nisg̱a’a Nation who leads the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Indigenous Fisheries, said she’s really cognizant of how drought is transforming her nation’s whole watershed.

I’m told by some of my Elders that we used to have more than 500 spawning creeks and streams in the Nass River valley. Now we have just over 300, so we have lost considerable habitat for salmon. The impacts are really large for fish and also for people here and across B.C. that depend on these organisms not only for food, but for core elements of our cultures, languages and traditions.

Meanwhile, Halloween is just two weeks away, but those in Seattle were sweating as if it were time to light off Fourth of July fireworks over the weekend amid a historic heat event that left the temperature record books in tatters. A super-heated atmosphere from a strong ridge of high pressure combined Sunday with gusty offshore winds from the east that heated the air even further, baking the Puget Sound region like never before in mid-October.

Moreover, hundreds of wildfires still burning in B.C..

While many people are paying attention to the plight of salmon in this particularly dry moment, the issue is not a new one.

It is a tragedy and one that we’re already living,” Reid says. “We’re seeing communities effectively cut off from salmon access all over the province of British Columbia. We’re seeing that play out over the past many decades.

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Reid recently co-hosted an international Indigenous salmon peoples gathering and heard stories from around the globe about the loss of salmon.

I heard from our brothers and sisters from Kamchatka to the Yukon to Sámi in northern Finland and Norway all talk about the centrality of salmon and what the loss of salmon means for all of our peoples,” she said. “For everyone, it’s a very scary future to look to because there is this question of ‘who are we without salmon?’

The importance of salmon in Indigenous cultures also means people are willing to fight to protect them, Reid said.

We see lots of creative solutions emerging but whether or not that can keep pace with the level of change, that remains to be seen,” she said.

Housty hopes that the viral salmon video shows people “that this isn’t just a problem that the Heiltsuk are facing.”

The only way we’re going to turn things around is to do it together on a larger global scale,” he said.

For now, there’s still no rain in the forecast for most of British Columbia. And when the rains do come, the long drought will increase the chance of catastrophic flooding like we saw last year.

It’s a disorienting roller coaster ride: heat domes, wildfires, floods, droughts. What’s clear is the climate is changing at an alarming rate — and whether you’re a fish, a fir tree or a human, the consequences are becoming hard to ignore. [The Narval] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK…

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  1. COVID jabs and spike proteins being released into the air causing drought? Stay away from the vaccinated, ironically. They got it a ss backwards and wrong as usual.

  2. Okay People.
    We Scientists call this natural climate cycles.
    Live in a desert and complain that it is hot and no water…The Climate is CYCLICAL:!
    Years from now it will be massive floods and than ya’ll blame mankind.
    Just stop…the Sun, that big ass ball of plasma in the heavens controls Earths temps not the pipsqueak’s called MANKIND. Hell we detonated hundreds of nukes in the 50-60;’s and did Earth catch on fire….no. The atmosphere controls the outflow/inflow of heat. Now the Sun is taking a nap so get ready for cold times ahead not your AGW crap.
    AND it will get colder by 6-10% than the Maunder Minimum.

    • Exactly. If they have control over the weather, why are they not causing massive rain over Russia’s military in the Ukraine? Or maybe a tornado or two. Route them around their installations like the Tasmanian Devil?? Massive rain would really mess up their trenching operations. The Cabal hate Alex Jones. Why not whip up a few tornados to take out his operations in Austin. That would shut him down for months if not permanently. If he starts up again, they could send in a few more tornados. Or how come they didn’t steer Ian over Mar-Lago? Wipe out Trumps place. They obviously hate him. How come they keep trashing California with all that extreme weather, when that’s home to a major part of their supporters. Wyoming was 70% Trump in the elections. How come its weather pretty tame? A little dry, but not beyond normal. They should be whipping up some extreme rain and tornados there. BECAUSE THEY CAN’T

  3. Their day is coming!!

    Revelation 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

    They’re the fools which Solomon wrote of in Proverbs 18:2. They couldn’t POSSIBLY comprehend what they’re doing, as, if they DID, one would think they’d avoid the place ‘where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.’

    It won’t be long now. We’re in the midst of great tribulation, but the wrath of God for a long time slumbereth not.

    Luke 13:1-5.


  4. When shit hits the fan, it will be multi-faceted. Market crash, civil unrest, false flags used to instigate a hot WWIII, supply chain collapse. While the average world citizens struggle to heat their homes, feed their families, protect them from roaming gangs, the elite will slither into underground bunkers, watching chaos and hell break loose upon the earth, via satellite.

    • Those bunkers are their plan. But with all the Earth Changes I doubt most will be able to get out again. Bunkers will be their tombs. Also, Planet X has a lot of trash in its’ tail. Rocks and such. When it passes all the satellites will get destroyed. So, no entertainment for the Moloch worshippers.

  5. Don’t forget to scoop up all those dead salmon. They can be utilized as fertilizer.

    Remember, back when the Pilgrims were making friends with the Indians, the Indians showed the Pilgrims how to plant corn, and put a dead fish in the earth to be a catalyst and improve the crops.

    I use dead animals, coyotes, rabbits, birds, rats, chickens, ducks, geese, chicken bones, and egg shells in a tree hole. Then after six months plant a tree in the hole around Spring. It works good too.

  6. An engineered attack on the food supply to usher in the Net Zero Carbon agenda. Billions are dying from the snake kisses, dropping dead within 3 or 5 years at the very most. Overpopulation of “useless eaters” is blamed for climate engineering crises and loss of fish populations.

      • Just a thought. The Cabal/Satanists are at war with Russia over the Ukraine. Which was their Breadbasket for money laundering, sex slaves and apparently 37 Bioweapons Labs. They have basically lost the kinetic war so are throwing all the propaganda at them they can invent. If they have the power over the weather, why are they not making the weather extreme and miserable over the Ukraine?

      • Very correct. But nobody wants to admit it. It’s mass psychosis on a global scale and it is backed by the satanic powers and principalities controlling those in the Committee of 300. Just look up people, look at what they are doing. Look at Lake Mead and the entire eastern US. This is DELIBERATE drought (which means deluge in other parts of the globe —ALWAYS) and deluge by SRM and HAARP and satellite bombardment of the nano metals sprayed into the skies. What’s it going to take for we the people to wake the heck up? 7 and a half BILLION of us are allowing 300 people to destroy our planet!!!!!

      • More vaccines being pushed now covid #5 and more bio labs to produce diseases. Voting is a farce, nothing will get fixed politicial leaders are puppets of the globalists, incl congress taking orders without Q. America is without hope as weatherwars continue and talk about setting off nukes or wars over Taiwan, NATO, etc.

  7. Natural climate cycles are normal. Man-made climate change is an asinine theory. I found the leftist climate jargon in at least two places in this article. The only thing I can compare this with is when marxist-satanists try and twist Biblical Scripture to suit their argument. Anyway you look at it, it is a perversion of truth. A big lie and a deception.

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