Extreme tornadic storm in Wisconsin forces closures of major interstates, damages a hospital and cuts power to more than 100,000 (videos and pictures)


Interstate closures and numerous damage reports were just some of the effects felt by Wisconsin residents Wednesday after a host of tornadoes touched down in the state.

Damaging Winconsin tornadoes on June 15 2022
Damaging Winconsin tornadoes on June 15 2022

After the epic derecho in Indiana, severe thunderstorms rumbled through Wisconsin, as well as parts of Iowa and Illinois, and conjured up the first tornado in the late afternoon on Wednesday in Oakdale, Wisconsin; this was one of several that touched down in the eastern portion of the state.

Multiple tornadoes were reported between Oakdale and neighboring Tomah, Wisconsin, with a large tornado causing a partial closure of I-90 and I-94.

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Motorists on Interstate 90 were stuck in a standstill in the early evening hours Wednesday, with officials rerouting traffic due to multiple tipped-over semi-trucks.

In Mauston, Wisconsin, law enforcement confirmed tornado damage to a local hospital, with the severity of the damage unknown as of 6 p.m. CDT Wednesday.

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Another tornado popped up around the same time in Bowler, Wisconsin, in the central region of the state.

On Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 Tornado passed through sections of Mauston in Juneau County, Wisconsin, on Wednesday.

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The tornado had estimated peak winds of 90 mph and a path length of 8.4 miles.

Wisconsin tornadic storm and winds June 15, 2022
Wisconsin tornadic storm and winds June 15, 2022. Map via Accuweather

Later in the evening, a tornado was reported to be at least half a mile wide in the Wyeville, Wisconsin, area, with numerous hardwood trees snapped along the tornado’s path.

What was called a “significant” tornado event also destroyed several homes in the area.

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Tornado warnings were prevalent throughout the entire state Wednesday, with sirens heard in the Green Bay suburb of De Pere, Wisconsin:

As of 8:13 p.m. CDT Wednesday, over 122,000 Wisconsin residents were without power due to the swath of storms, according to PowerOutageUS.

The highest concentration of outages was in the eastern part of the state, including a 70 percent outage (55,058 tracked customers) in Brown County. By 6 a.m. CDT Thursday, that number had dropped to just under 88,000.

Threat areas for severe weather will move farther to the east, with potentially isolated tornadoes heading for New York to southern West Virginia and western Virginia Thursday afternoon and evening. [Accuweather]

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  1. Been out near Oakdale before. They get weather, so does Minnesota. Sometimes straight line winds knock houses off their foundation too. You just have to be prepared, and have emergency kits in your vehicle. One thing about people out there, if you’re stranded, or broke down, people will stop and help. I made some good friends when I worked out there. Stay healthy, be prepared.

  2. They still believe that it is a coincidence or coincidence of life… others continue to laugh… maybe they even think we are crazy… I wouldn’t be surprised if they point us out… like in the days of Noah… they have food and they laugh now… we will see what will happen while the time is up.
    It is NOT a coincidence… that they don’t say afterwards…”you didn’t warn us… or alert us” trying to excuse themselves with that…and deny our warning…..
    What is happening in Wisconsin, is also happening in Indiana, Ohio, Kansas recently and the thousands of dead bulls….. The Grain Belt of the United States will be destroyed by the hand of God because they did not repent or mend their ways.

    • There’s enough man-made catastrophes and self-inflicted wounds destroying America. God may not be involved (yet), more like his antithesis, satan.

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