31 million metric tons of GOLD ore (about 320,000 tons of refined gold) found in the Republic of Uganda – How long before the UN invades and takes over the East African country?


Uganda has found 31,000,000 metric tons of Gold ore. This is, according to first calculations, enough to make 320,000 tons of refined gold (which is worth over 20 trillion dollars). My question is how long before the UN invades and takes over the country?

Uganda just found a huge deposit of gold ore for mining... Next war ahead?
Uganda just found a huge deposit of gold ore for mining… Next war ahead?

Uganda on Wednesday said recent exploration surveys have shown it has gold ore deposits of about 31 million tonnes and it wants to attract big investors to develop the sector hitherto dominated by small wildcat miners.

Over the last two years, aerial exploration was done across the country followed by geophysical and geochemical surveys and analyses, Solomon Muyita, spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, told Reuters.

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Muyita said an estimated 320,158 tonnes of refined gold could be extracted from the 31 million tonnes of ore.

Most of the deposits were discovered in Karamoja, a parched sprawling area in the country’s northeastern corner on the border with Kenya. Large reserves were also found in eastern, central, and western areas of the East African country.

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Muyita said Wagagai, a Chinese company, had set up a mine in Busia in eastern Uganda and was expected to start production this year. Wagagai had invested $200 million, he said, and its mine will have a refining unit.

President Yoweri Museveni’s government has been seeking to ramp up investment in mining to develop resources like copper, iron ore, gold, cobalt, and phosphates.

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Parliament early this year enacted a new mining law that, once signed by the president, will pave way for the creation of a state mining company.

The company will compulsorily acquire a 15% stake in every mining operation and investors will be required to sign a production-sharing agreement with the government. Previously investors were given mining production licenses on a first-come, first-served basis. [mining]

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  1. Since China is there already that gold will be taken by the CCP to China. The locals will get squat…good job MORONS!

  2. They already started it with use of bio-weapons, all around regions with abundance resources. Is where Gates and WHO were testing vaccines for decades.

  3. Only 15 percent?Not enough.Dont let them do this.The people will suffer and eventually so will the country.Payments get delayed not paid at all.Maybe I am pessissmistic.Yet my gut tells me this country is about to get screwed.

  4. The UN..? Really..? LOL
    I doubt the UN could blow their own nose.
    Won’t be the US, because it’s not petroleum; they only liberate oil producing countries..
    There’s always Russia.. but right now they are a bit busy with military adventurism and it’s not going well..

  5. Well Very Soon indeed.. The UK Queen loves Gold does not care for freedom or justice or economic of any nations. I say
    I amend my my friend .50CAL yes you are right too…..lol

  6. That’s why the globalist satanists want to kill off, and make a rapefugee shitbombs out of all the people. The worship of money is the root of all evil.

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