The Navy has fired a total of 13 commanding officers so far this year but won’t explain why

The Navy has fired a dozen leaders but won't explain why
The Navy has fired a dozen leaders but won’t explain why. Picture: Chip Somodevilla

The Navy has fired nearly a dozen officers in leadership positions in less than three months, including five in one week, due to a “loss of confidence” in their ability to command — an unusual string of terminations across land, air and sea teams, experts said.

At least nine commanding officers and two senior advisers have been relieved of their duties since April, when a cluster of suicides on the USS George Washington warship sparked widespread concerns of a mental health crisis.

A total of 13 commanding officers have been fired so far this year, including 12 in the Navy and one in the Marine Corps, the Navy said. Most recently, four Naval commanding officers and a top leader were ousted from June 8 to June 14.

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It’s unclear what prompted the personnel changes, which the Navy said were unrelated to each other. The Navy did not elaborate further on specific conditions that led to the firings, but stressed the importance of “trust and confidence” across all levels of the chain of command.

The U.S. Navy has long maintained high standards for all its personnel. Those who fall short of these standards are held accountable,” said Lt. Cmdr. Devin Arneson, a Navy spokesperson, who added that such an action is “neither punitive nor disciplinary.

None of the leaders served the George Washington, where at least five crew members died by suicide in the last year, angering some sailors and advocates who work to reduce military suicides.

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How many service members have to die before this commanding officer is held accountable?” said Patrick Caserta, who along with his wife has been advocating for better mental health treatment in the military, after their son died by suicide while serving the Navy in 2018.

You cannot hand-pick some commanders as fall guys and leave others untouched,” Caserta said.

At least one George Washington sailor, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, said he partially blames his commanding officer, Capt. Brent Gaut, for the rash of suicides, which include three within a span of a week in April.

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The sailor and the Casertas believe Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Russell Smith should also be fired, following controversial remarks he made during an address to a fragile crew in April. Smith, the service’s senior enlisted leader, is responsible for matters dealing with enlisted personnel and their families.

The sailor said his shipmates still talk about Smith’s comments that sailors should have “reasonable expectations,” and that they were not “sleeping in a foxhole like a Marine might be doing.

In separate news releases, the Navy gave vague explanations in at least four of the cases and blanket “loss of confidence” statements for the others.

It said an “assessment” of the current climate at the Naval Justice School led officials to fire both the commanding officer and her second-in-command on May 31. However, the Navy said neither officer was involved in misconduct.

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That commanding officer, Capt. Amy Larson, had held the role for about eight months. She has been temporarily reassigned, officials said.

Earlier, a “command investigation” resulted in the April 28 termination of the commanding officer in charge of the Submarine Training Facility in San Diego, the Navy said.

In Hawaii, a “series of leadership and oversight failures” at the government-run Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility led to the April 4 dismissal of the commanding officer of its Fleet Logistics Center.

Most recently, the Navy said the commanding officer of the USS Bulkeley destroyer and his third-in-command were relieved on June 10 due to a loss of confidence in their “ability to effectively function as a command leadership team.”

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Are these Navy officers all anti-vaxx? Are they cleaning out the white hats? Are they getting rid of those leaders who would have resisted the coming tyranny and who would have not layed down for the planned invasion of Taiwan by China? Because when (it’s not if!) China will invade Taiwan, these guys probably would have wanted to respond… Instead, the US will do nothing.

As you know, Obama fired a multitude of Army generals and replaced them with hand picked “leaders” who would further the ideal of “progress”. The current admin follows suit with the Navy. No surprise.

The military ceases to focus on being a fighting force and now turns to social programs. One thing you have to give the NWO folks, they are comprehensive in their efforts. [NBCNews] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Many will fall soon for sake of New World Order and Global mass ID and Passport… New USA Passport based on Global ID format?

  2. The Military has been filled with Pussies.Too bad the little boys don’t want to be told what to do.I suspect these “Sailors” that complain (cry) about their leaders are products of 60s parents who babied them all their life.I saw several of them while in combat in Nam and heard most of them were from the Northeastern states,Woodstock hippie future parents,I suppose.They should of had a boot in their ass when this crap first started, now we will all find out how a boot stomping on our neck feels. Thank you very much.

  3. Emergency News:
    Explosions massive heard of west of Tehran hours ago indeed.
    Military target was the target. Attack without contact is started..
    We are so happy and welcoming more attacks coming weeks?
    Iran has no right to Atom Bomb and must be no deal with nuclear deals terrorist mullahs will soon close straight of Hormuz ..Please gas up your cars nightly !!!

  4. They purge anyone that refuses the shot and are Christians. The ones that will be left will have no problem following orders when told to shoot Americans.

  5. obumba purged the Army of Christian WHITE officers that were a threat to obumba’s satanic works. They were replaced with bootlickers and “like-types” that set the stage for our “softer, warmer, more inclusive, dance clubbers” that the rest of the world laughs at. How many of these purged Navy “commanders” were white, christian, anti-gay officers opposed to lowered standards, acceptance of fudge-packing, and a satanic administration?

  6. “Are they cleaning out the white hats?”

    Thev’ve already tricked you with the “Left/Right paradigm” when they told you that Democrats and Republicans don’t serve the same spiritual masters….and work towards the same ultimate ends.

    What would make you think “White Hats/ Deep State” would be any different?

    They also told you that the Creator doesn’t exist. If you can overcome that particular deception then you might be protected from what is about to come to America….and to most of the world. Anyone who trusts in man…instead of the Maker Of All Things…is about to be heavily disappointed.

  7. A nation of people who allow women to vote, hold public office and be in the military has openly invited the enemy to take over our highest level offices. You can’t help people who are that evil.

  8. Good point! Just as important to why they are being fired is WHO they are replacing them with?

    We are being betrayed by everyone in Washington including their protectors. The FIB, CIA, Capital Police, US Sheriffs, Secret Service who should refuse their duties to protect communist or resign. Better yet ARREST them for HIGH treason.

  9. Because they want to have installed psychopaths from top to bottom in the military who will not question the commands of the psychopathic leader in the white house.

    Wake up America ! When will you make the decision to fight back? After our government has taken everything from you, including your children, it will be too late. That sick, “You won’t own anything and you’ll be happy” idiocy from Klaus Schwab’s sick Jew sidekick Yuval Noah Harari.

    Don’t you think it is more than a bit odd that a German NAZI Kraut is being advised by a sick Jew. What is happening to America is exactly where Germany was at the beginning of WW-II, with that sick POS Hitler who promised a cleansing of everything not of the Arian race.

    Arm yourselves my friends as our time is drawing to a close where we can reliably take out the criminals in the DC Swamp.

    Under the Biden administration, run by someone other than Joe, it will be too late if you wait around for someone else to take on the fight while you sit in your easy chair, hoping against hope that you will never have to pull a triger.

  10. Well some of them belong spies working for Russians or Chinese
    and like movie Tehran2 series! Hal turner is saying that stock market will be closing for long time?

  11. I”AM sad americans LOVE THE GOVERNMENT WHO WORKS TO PROTECT “VANGUARD AND BLACKROCK”..the two companies who own every company in america,and are willing to throw away their life to make sure these demonic companies keep getting richer and richer,They own the US MILITARY TOO,and their also the ones destroying the economy of the world,THEY SET THE PRICES OF EVERYTHING, BECAUSE THEY OWN IT ALL,and americans REFUSE TO BELIEVE THEIR THE SLAVES OF SATANS TWO COMPANIES…

  12. Many reasons commanders are relieved for ’cause.’ But sailors complaining about comments being insensitive, really is too much. Today’s military needs to grow up

  13. The “purge” of warriors in command positions (real leaders of men and women), had its beginning about the year 2000, and today continues at an accelerated pace with woke, culturally fluid replacements. The damage to national security has been cumulative and is irreversible. The nation, irrefutably on the leading edge of a financial and economic collapse in 2022, and on the cultural trajectory of a gliding anvil, now includes the complete collapse of the once proud and competent U.S. Armed Forces. If you need a real-life comparison, look no farther than the defund the police movement and the outcome in those communities like New York, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. Project the outcome in those cities to the national defense of the United States, the purging of the Armed Forces of leadership and the raging dumpster fire that has become borderless national security.

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