It hailed so much in Bavaria that some roads were entirely blocked with ice – Heavy flooding in Belgium (videos and pictures)


Geoengineering is really destroying everything…

Intense storms in southern and western Germany saw hailstones pile up to half a meter high.

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So much hail fell in the village of Weiler, in Bavaria, over such a short period of time, that some roads were entirely blocked with ice.

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Many streets, squares and even gardens were briefly transformed into winter landscapes by the heavy hailstorms.

Trees were uprooted and the fire brigade had to go out to pump out flooded cellars during the storms.

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Almost a year ago, Germany faced one of its greatest natural disasters when scores died after torrential rain hit western parts of the country.

Belgium hit hard by heavy rain on Sunday

Belgium was hit by thunderstorms and banks of heavy rain on Sunday, causing flash flooding that disrupted rail traffic, closed motorway exits, and led to the evacuation of a nursing home and affected festivals.

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While the Brussels-Capital Region was spared from any damage, the flooding mainly occurred in the city of Landen in the Flemish Brabant province, where the rain caused the heaviest floods in 20 years… [EuroNews, BrusselsTimes]

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  1. Wanna Bet. This is WAR and you and the ability to grow food are the target. If you havent figured that out you will dissapear in the blink of

  2. Weather warfare / modifications are an interesting topic.

    It is hard to prove as the cause, but easy to speculate about its possibility. I believe it is real, but not every a abnormal storm is caused by it.

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