For anyone still in denial of Weather Modification… Here you go!


There are a lot of people out there that are still in denial of Weather Modification happening over our skies. You want some proofs? Here you go…

For anyone still in denial of Weather Modification
For anyone still in denial of Weather Modification

Here’s a huge list of weather modification patents from 1920 to 2018

The weather has been weaponized for awhile… Operation/Project Popeye 1964-1968; Vietnam War 1955-1975

Since the 1970s, there’s been a treaty against weather modification in war

But still in the US, they were spraying Americans with dangerous radioactive chemicals from the sky

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All weather modification projects have to be registered with the federal government. There’s a list of them here… And it’s been going on for very long… But of course not all of them will be registered there…

If they can modify the weather then they will definitely modify it to fit their climate change agenda… CIA, Gates, Musk, WEF, all the powerful elites around planet Earth are talking about weather modification as one if not the only solution to tackle their ‘Global Warming’ Agenda

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Here’s former CIA chief John Brennan admitting chemtrails are real at a CFR conference in 2016:

I think nobody denies cloud seeding and other rain encouraging technologies, which is what this is.

But those little white line behind planes, that form a full, sun blocking, hazy cloud deck 30 minutes later, are not part of that, or anything else. Those are chemtrails.

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Here’s a documentary about weather modification with a lot of evidence:

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And one of the most terrifying effects of such weather manipulation are the devastating megadroughts increasing around the world. Here another great documentary:

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  1. Well I agree with Jim. It’s all happening as God knew it would. We needn’t change anything, mainly because we can’t. But there is truly nothing to worry about for anyone who believes in the God of scripture. Although it is slightly interesting to hear all these explanations for Satans old plan. I guess that’s why anyone who truly believes in God is never really angry or hateful when it comes to all these people trying to kill us. They’re just doing what comes naturally. Satan has always been able to find an unlimited number of takers for his lies. Really you just have to feel sorry for them all.??

  2. Yes, I know people who are chemtrails deniers. They’re usually the ones lining up for their 3rd and 4th booster yet there are exceptions. I give up trying to convince them. They are truly part of the brain-washed.

  3. Every comment above is true but the most sinister part is that the whole world doesn’t believe it is happening. They either reject it out of fear or ignorance but the world has been lulled to sleep and is ready to witness the greatest event to happen on this world since the great flood of Noah. Jesus Christ will come in the clouds of Heaven (a completely different dimension) and call those who love Him and have been washed by His Blood (have accepted Him as God The Son; the Way, the Truth and the Life) and who seek truth in ALL matters, up to be with Him at which time they will be transformed into bodies that are immortal and indestructible (as we understand destruction in this dimension) and will rise up to meet Jesus in the air to be with Him forever. This is called the Rapture of the church and is frowned upon even by those church goers in this age who are false converts. The world will say that the ETs came to get us and abducted us because of our old fashioned and archaic beliefs of a book which Darwinism has “proven” to be nothing but fairy tales and we will be trained in “spiritual evolution” and even perhaps returned to our loved ones afterwards. IF you scoff at this, you are part of those who have been swallowing all the lies and deception of this age and you will fall for every lie forthcoming after millions of people disappear. It is still not too late. You can go with us if you simply FORGET everything you have been taught and begin to read the King James Bible. Get one at the Dollar Tree for a buck. Begin reading in the NT toward the end of the book (it is actually 66 books which all agree with one another) and start in Romans. Ask God to show you the Truth of what you read. If you mean it in your heart, you will be shown the magnitude of your sins and you will be intensely sorry for them, repenting (turning away) of them, having a NEW Spirit born within you. Saved and “born again” is what you need to be to see God, all others will suffer in the lake of fire prepared for Satan so start NOW. Do it today because tomorrow may certainly be too late!

  4. Spin. They are blocking your view of the sky, because the planetary body, that comes around every 3600 years, is coming at us from the direction of the sun. Most of the time it is lost in the glare of the sun, but it is visible and has been photographed by many people. It was very visible at sunrise and sunset several years ago, and I know a father and son who worked in the oil field that saw it many times at sunset. He said it made the hair on back of his neck standup. It’s gravity and magnetic field is why the earth wobble is getting extreme. Earth’s magnetic field is severely distorted. The Schuman Resonance of the earth has risen to levels greater than the instruments measure. Over 35 hertz. Normal, and so stable the Navy used to use it to calibrate their instruments is around 6.8 hertz. Also the source of all the bolides coming from direction of the sun. As it draws closer, the earth wobble increases, and eventually results in a pole shift. As described in the Bible it’s called Wormwood. We are right about there. Next 3 or 4 years. But, big events from EQ’s have already begun.. Sumerian Tablets called it Nibiru. Hopi Indians call it the Red Kachina.

  5. Ive been watching them destroy California through satellite imagry on EOSDIS. Its pretty obvious they spray ahead of moisture. They do not want big clouds to form as it impeads coms (ehh call it wifi). So the goal is to spray ahead of storms to keep them from developing. You can watch them spray over the pacific almost daily to keep the coms open with china. And dont fall for the bs, Putin alliws the chemtrails o er russia also, russians posting on youtube daily. The drought is caused by the barium grabbing the moisture, barium is used as an industrial dessicant (moisture grabber). It reacts w moisture n forms barium oxide, a white powdery substsnce you think are clouds. Since storm clouds cant form around this, these molecules are carried thousands of miles till they fall. Thats why Cali is dry but the midwest is greener than ever. The tradewinds carry those molecules over the rockies n down into the plains. Heres some random view of Cali over 10yrs ago. Remember, thetes no strait lines in nature.

    June 6, 2010

    • Good info and satellite pics. It’s all coming down now. Lake Meade is a puddle of its previous glory, so is lake Powell and every other freshwater lake in the western USSA. You seem well informed, Nick. Please read my comment above.

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