Drying Lake Mead: Dramatic visual of how the water crisis out west has gone out of control in just under 40 years…


We all read the articles about the water issue out west, but this is a pretty dramatic visual of just how bad it gotten in just under 40 years.

There is no evidence to suggest that there is any way to reverse course as parts of the US remain in a decade long drought.

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Even as this obvious issue looms, Las Vegas and Phoenix continue to be among the fastest growing cities in the country.

It’s hard to see how this does not lead to a huge wave of drought refugees in the coming decades.

For anyone who wants to learn more read “Cadillac Desert.”

There’s a channel (or actually a couple at this point) that are doing these water level videos every couple of weeks. It’s pretty interesting to watch how fast the level is dropping:

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This graph is pretty telling too, the lake is apparently dropping about a foot a week:

Lake Mead water levels
Lake Mead water levels. https://mead.uslakes.info/Level/

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This is a great documentary about the unprecedented megadrought occurring in the West of the United States:

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  1. I know everyone thinks that star going SUPERNOVA is a joke,but all those rocks and debre coming toward us won’t be funny when its starts arriving,THERE ARE ROCKS the size of TEXAS,and thats the big ones,the small ones will pelt everything into ground,and you laughed when you heard about the government and military BUILDING UNDERGROUND BASES..you won’t be laughing soon..

  2. Kali is finished and sale those homes as soon as possible so it will not be yours and gangs of Latinos will eat you alive soon. Get out now before food crisis and quake of 8.9 hit your state and all be toasted? Kali will be doomed by 2024 sun eclipse that will bring more misery to Kali and destructions that did not happened yet? April 8, 2024 — Great North American Eclipse (Total Solar Eclipse) his is the third time in seven years that a total or annular eclipse crosses the United States mainland, following the total eclipse of August 2017 and the annular eclipse of October 2023.

    The narrow path of totality—where the Moon covers the Sun completely, causing a total eclipse—runs through Mexico (from Sinaloa to Coahuila), the US (from Texas to Maine), and Canada (from Ontario to Newfoundland). A partial eclipse will be visible across nearly all of North America, and a sliver of western Europe.

    Is this Total Solar Eclipse visible in Fremont?
    What the Eclipse Will Look Like Near the Maximum Point

    The animation shows what the eclipse approximately looks like near the maximum point. The curvature of the Moon’s path is due to the Earth’s rotation.


  3. That lake looked trashed by humans, the amount of boats per area is also just stupidly ridiculous. No wonder gods taking away that beautiful spot from them.

  4. Excuse me but no, the drought started in Kali in 2009, when dems (AKA elitist communists/nazis) took over the state. West Arizona is far more afflicted than here or the eastern parts but then, the I-Ten corridor is one giant development of mostly Californians. Go east of Arizona and New Mexico is liberal and in a drought situation. Go back to 1200 AD and ask the locals about evil and drought. Zuni and Hopi can tell you what caused their ancestors’ megadrought, a drought that last over a century. niio

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