Warning! Centuries-old HUNGER STONES emerge from dry riverbeds in drought-stricken Europe – Sunken ships, lost villages too

hunger stones appear across Rivers in drought-stricken Europe
Terrifying hunger stones appear across Rivers in drought-stricken Europe. Picture: PETR DAVID JOSEK

Water levels have dropped in major rivers across Europe as the region suffers under a historic drought. In those dry riverbeds, centuries-old warning messages have emerged, locals report.

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The “horrifying” boulders are known as “Hungersteine,” or “Hunger Stones,” local German reporter Olaf Koens said in an Aug. 11 tweet.

One of these stones is embedded in the Elbe River, which runs from the mountains of Czechia through Germany to the North Sea.

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The stone, dating back to a drought in 1616, is once again visible in the dry riverbed, Hernández-Morales said. The warning reads, “Wenn du mich seehst, dann weine” – “If you see me, weep.

“Hunger stones” like this one were used as “hydrological landmarks” across central Europe, NPR reported when the stones last surfaced during a 2018 drought.

These stones are “chiselled with the years of hardship and the initials of authors lost to history,” a team of Czech researchers wrote in a 2013 study.

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The basic inscriptions warn of the consequences of drought. It expressed that drought had brought a bad harvest, lack of food, high prices and hunger for poor people.

The stones commemorate historic droughts

Europe’s current drought is certainly historic. Scientists at the European Drought Observatory said that the drought is on track to be the worst one in 500 years.

The XIV century Mesta Bridge in Villarta de los Montes (Extremadura, Spain), a nice example of Mudéjar-Gothic civil engineering. Since 1956 it’s been covered by the waters of the Cijara Reservoir, but the drought has brought it back to light.

According to the drought observatory, 47% of Europe is in drought warning conditions, meaning the soil has a moisture deficit. Another 17% is on alert, meaning the vegetation in the area is being affected by the dry conditions.

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Major rivers in Germany, Italy, and England – the Rhine, Po, and Thames, respectively – are drying out. Rivers are “too dry, too low, and too warm,” which has consequences on wildlife, the economy and people.

The remains of the Aquis Querquennis Roman castrum in Galicia, which is normally covered by the waters of the Lima River and the Concha reservoir. It dates back to the III century and was on the Via Nova.

Water levels in the Rhine River are about half of their usual depth for this time of the year, with some sections having even lower water levels. This has made shipping on the river five times more expensive because cargo ships must carry less weight to make sure they do not run aground.

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In Italy, the prime minister said that the country is experiencing, “the most serious water crisis of the last 70 years.” This 450 kilo, World War II-era bomb was discovered in Italy’s dried up Po River.

According to the General Directorate of Water Management (OVF), the water level in Lake Velence, a popular touristic lake near Budapest, is at its lowest level ever recorded.

The drought comes after months of high temperatures and little rainfall. Human-induced climate change has also contributed to the “intensity, frequency and duration of heat events” and amplified droughts.

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According to the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, “Droughts have become our summer reality,” he tweeted.

Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, and France are all struggling under the drought. Conditions aren’t expected to improve any time soon, with the European Drought Observatory explaining that, they have estimated a worsening of the situation in most of Europe. [Copernicus, SacBee]

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  1. Hey make use of the low to no water and dredge the soil.Clean it from contaminates.Do some
    Channel dredging to boot.Natures break use it to your advantage.
    Learn where your dry land wells should be and drill.If the drought breaks they are still a good back up.Just make sure to maintain them.

  2. As soon as I read anything of the sort: “‘Human-induced climate change has also contributed to the “intensity, frequency and duration of heat events” and amplified droughts”‘; I’m done right there. When will the blame of such weather be put on the true source of extreme meteorological events? The sun.

  3. A lot of this is bs. Those countries having this water issue can build wells, and pull up water from the ground.

  4. What no one seems to realize is that with discoveries like this, today’s “unprecedented global warming conditions” are certainly precedented and pretty predictable. That’s why it’s called a “weather CYCLE”.

  5. This indicates even more that climate change HOAX and the lie that heavy industrialisation producing CO2 is destroying the planet is a LIE. Back 500 years ago there was hardly any CO2 producing industry

    • Plants and many things, love to consume CO2 and the growth of many areas in which plantations have been placed. They have been increasing in growth, over the past decade.

  6. It’s raining here in my mountains. Thunder, lightning and rain— sixteen days of monsoons and severe weather alerts. Temperatures are cooler this season by a few degrees too.
    Those hunger stones were a very interesting discovery. Foreshadowing the drought. You would think they would use some cloud seeding. I guess they are happy to die off? Take action before it is too late. No time for procrastination.

    • It’s 78°F here in SC KY today. We have had enuf rain in the past weeks to drown a car. About 12″ in 2 weeks. We went from dying vegetation to Brazil rainforest!

      • Yep, we get tumbleweeds. They grow faster than I can pull them out by their roots. I’m leaving the ones at the base of my fence inside the razor wire. They have thorns, and let me tell you, if you get tumbleweed thorns they burrow in. I hate them, but they offer good defense inside razor wire at bottom of fence. Harder to cut razorwire if you have to reach in there blind.

      • Are those ginormous spiders crawling around more? You guys have some serious spiders out there in Australia. We have tarantula, but I like them here. They kill grasshopper and crickets for food. Sometimes when it rains, they come out of their flooded burrows.

      • It rained crazily along eastern Australia recently…TV coverage of The Rain broke through the daily reporting of every famine, drought, and heatwave…The worst of The Rain has passed so it’s back to a daily diet of famine, drought, and heatwave which creates the perception – because of context – of Man Made Climate Change…(Coverage of heavier than usual snowfalls, even colder than usual weather, is off topic)…

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