Lafayette Park: 2 people killed and 2 critically injured by a lightning strike near the White House


Two people were killed and two others are in critical condition after lightning struck at the park next to the White House in Washington, D.C.

Emergency responders received a report about people found injured in Lafayette Park at 6:52 p.m. on Thursday evening. U.S. Park Police and members of the U.S. Secret Service who were in the area at the time also rushed to assist the four people hurt.

No property or vehicles were damaged by the strike, said D.C. Fire and EMS official Vito Maggiolo.

Protect your home, cars and generators against EMP, solar flare and lightnings

It is believed that the four might have been struck while they were near a tree during the heavy downpour, said Maggiolo.

On Friday morning, 76-year-old James Mueller and 75-year-old Donna Mueller, both from Janesville, Wis., were pronounced dead, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

We are saddened by the tragic loss of life after the lightning strike in Lafayette Park. Our hearts are with the families who lost loved ones, and we are praying for those still fighting for their lives,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement.

Protect your home, cars and generators against EMP, solar flare and lightnings

As more thunderstorms are expected in the U.S. capital Friday evening, Maggiolo advises people to stay indoors.

If you see lightning or hear thunder, you should seek shelter inside of a building or a vehicle. Do not attempt to seek shelter under a tree,” he said. has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  2. We get lightning like crazy during monsoon season. I used to go outside and snap pix, but lately too many people are getting struck. Last 11 days have been significantly rainy. We have five more days forecast.

    I always wonder what type of people get struck. Were they good righteous people, or were they bad and prolific sinners, deserving of an act of God? Impossible to know. That’s why it’s good to keep the sinning to a minimum. You never know if or when something like this will happen.

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