Allahu Akbar! At least 549 killed in floods across Pakistan since mid-June during wettest monsoon in decades

549 killed in floods across Pakistan since mid-June after wettest monsoon in decades
549 killed in floods across Pakistan since mid-June after wettest monsoon in decades. Reut_ers

Flash floods caused by abnormally heavy rains have killed at least 549 people and destroyed thousands of homes (46,200 as of now) across Pakistan since the monsoon downpours began in mid-June.

The worst affected is the southwestern province of Balochistan, where the death toll has reached 150, with 15 deaths reported in the last 24 hours, according to disaster management authority officials.

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Our losses are massive,” the province’s Chief Minister Abdul Qudoos Bezenjo said. There were food shortages in every district hit by the flooding, with some also disconnected from the rest of the province due to more than 700 kilometres of roads being washed away.

The heavy downpour continued to batter several districts of Balochistan, destroying houses, roads and bridges, destroying crops and sweeping away livestock. The recent deaths were reported in Zhob, Qilla Saifullah, Kohlu, Naushki and Lasbela areas of Balochistan that endured flash floods.

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On Tuesday, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) dispatched 1,000 ration bags from the Saudi relief agency King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KS Relief) for flood-hit people in Jafarabad, Naseerabad, Sahbatpur, Sibi and Kutch regions of Balochistan.

The devastating floods prompted the country’s military, navy, and air force to mobilise their personnel and assets to assist in civilian relief operations, evacuating thousands of stranded people and delivering food and relief items to families. On August 1, one Pakistani army helicopter crashed in the Lasbela region of Balochistan during the flood relief mission, killing six on board.

More rains predicted from August 5

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Tuesday predicted more rains in Sindh, including Karachi, from August 5 to 9. PMD advised all relevant authorities to take necessary precautions in an emergency.

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Climate Minister Sherry Rehman warned that more downpours were predicted in Karachi, where torrential rains caused widespread flooding and damage in July, killing at least 39 people.Met Office also cautioned that heavy falls may generate water-logging in low-lying areas of Karachi, Badin, Thatta, Sujawal, Tando Muhammad khan, Tando Allayar, Dadu, Jamshoro Kambar Shahdadkot“, she said.

Wettest in 3 decades

The past month was the wettest in three decades, with 133% more rain than the average for the past 30 years, the NDMA said. Balochistan, which borders Iran and Afghanistan, received 305% more rain than the annual average, the disaster agency said.

Pakistan has received 60% of total normal monsoon rainfall in just three weeks since the start of the monsoon season and it projected to increase with intense rainfall in coming days.

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The monsoon season will continue to affect Pakistan, causing floods, landslides, and severe weather-related incidents, resulting in an increasing scale of humanitarian impact. Allahu Akbar! [Gulf News, Reuters, Relief Web] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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    Salman Rushdie, 75, has been airlifted to hospital after being stabbed up to 15 times, including once in the neck
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    His agent has confirmed that he is currently in surgery for his injuries, though wasn’t able to give an update on his condition
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  3. A Persian American Talks Candidly About His Homeland

    Ross HawkinsAugust 13, 2010OP-ED

    [img]911|left|||no_popup[/img]Armen Saginian, the soft-spoken but controversial 77-year-old author of “Mission for Mohammed and Islam,” is the subject of a two- hour documentary currently being produced by The Scene Dock.

    Mr. Saginian claims that only a portion of the Koran came from Mohammed; that Mohammed was murdered in Mecca and that an imposter called himself Mohammed in Medina and then declared war on the non-Muslim world.

    “I separated the Arabian Koran into two books of Mecca and Medina,” said Mr. Saginian. He concluded that “the Koranic Verses of Medina are neither Mohammed’s words nor the words of Allah.”

    He claims “Sharia Law was concocted much later — by rulers and clerics to manipulate innocent believers.”

    Raised in poverty, Armen Saginian was born and raised in poverty in Tabriz, Iran, where his family had lived for centuries. His Christian parents were of Armenian, Georgian and Persian lineage.

    Stability was hard to come by. His parents separated shortly after he was born. His mother took baby Armen to live with her, but she died in 1935, shortly after his second birthday.

    His maternal grandmother took over, but she died when he was a lad of 13, leaving him to dangle and struggle. Armen decided early that the only way to gain independence and escape his miserable existence was to get an education.

    Armen was 22 when he migrated to the United States in1955. He put himself through college by working as a farmhand, janitor, barber and teacher’s helper.

    Eventually, he graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in mechanical engineering, and later graduate school at UCLA.

    A career engineer, Mr. Saginian has worked at Boeing, General Dynamics, Rocketdyne and Garrett-Air Research.

    In 1975, four years before the revolution, he went back to Iran to help bring scores of villages out of the Dark Ages.

    Not long afterward, the Shah’s regime began to lose control.

    During the revolution, Mr. Saginian said sadly, “the people of Iran, who have a rich and ancient culture, destroyed what they had labored so long to build. When this destructive revolutionary process was finished, most of the people were left tolive in its ruins.”

    Los Angeles is home to one of the largest Iranian communities in the world, nearly 1 million.

    Mr. Saginian’s later-in-life goal has been to promote democratic ideals and rational discussion among Iranian Americans.

    He says the turmoil in the Middle East is being fomented by religious fanatics in Saudi Arabia and in Ahmadinejad’s Iranian government.

    Of Islam, Mr. Saginian says:

    “It is not a religion like any other. It is a combination of monotheism, law and government. Islam is the essence, the foundation of an Arab nationalist movement as well as the structure of Arab imperialism.”

    Among topics that will be covered by Mr. Saginian in the documentary:

    • Hitler’s plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill in Tehran where they met during World War II, and how the KGB foiled the plot

  4. Japan floods kill at least 18 people after record-breaking rainfall
    Tokyo (CNN)Rescue workers in Japan are beginning a desperate search for survivors after dozens were left dead or missing following widespread flash flooding triggered by record rainfall on the southern island of Kyushu.
    Local authorities confirmed at least 18 people had died and 14 were missing in the prefectures of Kumamoto and Kagoshima, with images from the hardest-hit areas showing houses completely destroyed by the strength of the flood waters.
    Japan’s Meteorological Agency issued a warning Saturday for unprecedented rainfall, calling for residents in Kyushu to take “maximum caution.” At least
    Flash floods strand 1,000 people in California’s Death Valley National Park
    No injuries were reported. But about 500 visitors and 500 park staff were unable to leave the park because all roads into and out of Death Valley were closed, according to the statement.

    A water treatment system that serves the Cow Creek area for park residents and offices was knocked out of service.

    The flooding was unleashed by a torrential shower that dumped 1.46 inches (3.7 cm) of rain at Furnace Creek, nearly matching the previous daily record there of 1.47 inches measured from a downpour in 1988, park spokesperson Amy Wines said.
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  5. Dang, that’s some serious drought they got going on over there. Global warming too. Sandbags are probably in high demand. Probably alot of diseases in that murky water with all the dead bodies and livestock rotting away.

    At least their military are helping people. They aren’t wearing lipstick, leather bondage outfits, and fake boobs —worried about breaking a fingernail, or if their hairdo gets wet.

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