Now scientists claim that a ‘Double Jet Stream’ is responsible for the repeated heatwaves experienced in Europe

Double Jet Stream Climate Change Hypothesis
Double Jet Stream. A new study links Europe’s heatwaves to changes in the jet stream. Scientists say a form of double jet stream, when the band of wind splits into two, is responsible for almost all of the rise in Western Europe’s heatwaves, and about a third of the increased heatwaves over Europe as a whole.

French newspapers and twitter users discuss whether the increased heat wave in Europe is due to an increased “Double Jet Stream” configuration.

Indeed, a new study out of France says that the creation of a “double jet stream” due to global warming and the loss of jet stream stability is a major factor behind the heatwaves this year. The authors say Europe, in particular the UK and France, is over-exposed to this phenomenon.

But they always omit to discuss the underlying cause of all climate change events we are currently experiencing… And this is geoengineering!

What’s the science behind this?

The link of double jet streams and their effect on the heat waves in Europe has been researched and published in in Nature Communications (a very reputable newspaper) this year:

Accelerated western European heatwave trends linked to more-persistent double jets over Eurasia” (the paper is freely available here).

The authors are making the following case, based on their results:

  1. Here we identify Europe as a heatwave hotspot, exhibiting upward trends that are three-to-four times faster compared to the rest of the northern midlatitudes over the past 42 years.
  2. This accelerated trend is linked to atmospheric dynamical changes via an increase in the frequency and persistence of double jet stream states over Eurasia.
  3. The Arctic ocean has seen little or no warming in summer, as all additional energy from greenhouse gas forcing is used to melt sea ice and ocean surfaces generally show a slower warming trend. In contrast, the land area surrounding the Arctic ocean … has seen very rapid warming in summer…
  4. “… the persistence [of double jet streams] increases in a climate with much warmer land areas in the Arctic.
  5. Persistent double jets can explain up to ~1/3 of the accelerated European heatwave trend and almost all of the accelerated trend over western Europe.

TDLR: warmer air over artic land–> changes in equator-to-pole temperature gradient –> increase/favor the formation of double jet streams –> double jet streams lead to heat waves

So in conclusion, from what I understand, it is very likely that a warming arctic changes the jet stream into a configuration which causes heatwaves.

I’ve been telling you guys that the jet stream is breaking up and falling apart.

It’s not supposed to look like that and it’s not supposed to act the way it’s currently acting. This could lead to major famines around the world

The jet stream is also not supposed to cross the equatorial line but I have witnessed it doing it multiple times.

The jet stream is bending, kinking, breaking off into little eddies and swirls and generally is falling apart. The weather is just going to get weirder from here. There will be floods. There will be droughts. There will be massive storms. But we’re just getting started folks.

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  1. Why is everyone ignoring the one event most likely to split the jet stream?
    Tonga eruption.This has changed the ocean and jet stream dynamics considerably.
    Also folks let’s remember that just because it hasn’t happened in our life times or recent recorded history doesn’t mean it hadn’t happened before.

  2. All is it from all the hot headed billionaires in that region? all farted at the same time, so they can sniff their farts.

  3. This is not all down to geo-engineering. The weakening geomagnetic field and the intensifying solar activity are also playing a major part in all this.

  4. Because of the Earth Wobble. Just go out and check the Sunrise and Sunset times for your area. And the azimuth. And if you want to get a little more into it, observe how it tracks across the sky. A good Sundial helps there. Planet is moving around under the atmosphere and mixing it. Creates new extreme weather patterns. Also find a good sky map online. Check position of Venus. It’s not even close to where it should be. At least it wasn’t a couple years ago when it was the Evening Star. Regardless, it’s going to get worse. Much worse. That will finally end the Geoengineering hoax. Oh, and check how the Moon is tracking. Not where it should be either.

  5. It all began with the gulf oil tragedy. That was deliberate to make money off of Corexit, with no conscience about its effect on the earth, nature and ocean life.
    It was done by freemasonry.
    It changed the gulf stream, it made the weather change, effecting right away europe.
    Suddenly pipes burst in the very freezing winter in Ireland, which lost all its warmth from the gulf stream
    But it is now much worse than that.
    Everything the satanic freemasonic science is doing to the earth and to humans is one thing: destructive to the earth, nature and life on earth.
    When the sun begins to go into its death raining fire down on the earth, it was freemasonic science, which is satanism.
    It is the devil trying to play God.
    Everything you call “progress”, is the destruction of all life on earth.
    It is coming in 2023.
    The devil can only destroy, he has no creative power to make anything better.
    That power belongs to God, the creator of all life alone.
    When have humans ever been able to distinguish between who is God.
    You have always confused the two for one another.
    It comes down to you all being incapable of discerning good from evil, right from wrong, and always mistaking God for the devil and the devil for God.
    It is all your own fault and you will live or die from the consequences of those mistakes.

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