Fires, heat and hurricane! California’s ‘most unusual’ week of extreme weather events


Any individual weather disaster poses considerable stress on the emergency response systems meant to combat it. But what can be done when multiple catastrophic events converge at one time? At a time when the majority of fire fighting resources available are deployed, what must happen when another mega fire ignites in the state over? It’s that time of year again in California thanks to the geoengineering guys…

Fires, heat and hurricane slam California in September 2022
Fires, heat and hurricane slam California in September 2022

A collision of extreme weather events is bearing down on California as wildfires threaten communities, a record-setting heatwave is adding stress to the electrical grid, and moisture from a hurricane is expected to bring thunderstorms and flash floods.

Hurricane Kay, swirling off the coast of Mexico, is on its way north, bringing with it the chance of strong winds, severe rainstorms, and possibly dry lightning that could increase risks for new fire starts. It also could bring some welcome relief to the week of brutally hot weather.

This is perhaps the singularly most unusual and extreme weather week in quite some time in California – and that is saying something,” wrote Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at the University of California, Los Angeles, in an analysis on Wednesday.

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Although it remains uncertain how, exactly, Kay will develop, models show the storm will slow before hitting southern California, Swain said. “But it is quite possible that portions of southern California will see heavy rainfall and strong winds” he said, adding that even an indirect impact from Kay could result in tropical storm force gusts. Those winds increase the risk of new wildfire initiations, especially in San Diego county, he said.

The outer bands of the big storm could also bring heavy rain and possibly flash floods to parts of scorched southern California and south-western Arizona on Friday night and Saturday, the US National Hurricane Center warned. Farther north, where rain is less likely, the chance of dry lighting influenced by the hurricane is also causing concern.

Despite the initial impacts of Kay, forecasters warned that the heat was not yet done.

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The seemingly endless heatwave that has been plaguing California will finally be coming to an end across at least southern California, but not before two more very hot days and very warm nights,” the Los Angeles-area weather office wrote.

Operators of California’s power grid issued another alert, calling for residents to restrict their electricity use as demand, which can spike during a heatwave, strains the state’s energy resources.

Meanwhile, firefighters are struggling to gain control of wildfires that have forced extensive evacuations. These include the Mosquito and Fairview fires, which grew explosively in recent days, exhibiting dangerous behavior, producing erratic fire swirls, ominous smoke formations, and flames that surged hundreds of feet high.

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The Fairview fire in southern California expanded in two directions, and covered more than 19,000 acres by Thursday, with just 5% containment. The blaze burning in Riverside county, which claimed the lives of two people and severely burned several others as they tried to flee, has chewed through parched vegetation and complex terrain, officials said. Seven structures have been confirmed destroyed but several communities remain under threat.

To the north, the Mosquito fire grew rapidly in the Sierra Nevada, forcing evacuations in Placer and El Dorado counties. The blaze exploded in size overnight, spreading across 6,807 acres by Thursday and was 0% contained.

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Several structures and at least 10 cars near the Gold Rush-era community of Michigan Bluff, about an hour north-west of Sacramento, have been destroyed. The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection warned the Reno area that air quality could be very unhealthy to hazardous due to smoke from the Mosquito fire.

The fire’s cause remained under investigation.

As you’ve seen with the smoke column coming up, this fire continues to give us a hard time,” said Cal Fire division chief Mike Rufenacht in a video briefing.

Another dangerous blaze burned in stands of timber near the Big Bear Lake resort region in the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles (Radford fire). It was just 2% contained after scorching nearly 1,200 acres.

The rapid escalation in fire activity across the country prompted officials to bump the national preparedness level to 4 (on a scale of 1-5), as more resources were being requested and deployed to battle the blazes. Eight new large fires were reported on Wednesday alone, as 71 continue to burn across the west. The number signifies that more than half of the country’s resources for fighting fire are committed.

As fall sets in, the risk of fire conditions, especially in northern California and parts of the Pacific north-west, is expected to rise. Landscapes across the drought-stricken region are primed to burn after being baked for months in the summer heat, with little chance of an early rainy reprieve.

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Fire is a natural part of the climate in the west and cycles of drought are normal. But the climate crisis has upped the stakes, and warming has set the stage for increasing intensity while also pushing higher threats deeper into shoulder seasons when they are more likely to align with other disasters. Compounding catastrophes that build on one another, testing capacity of response systems and straining resources, are on the rise.

Additional fires are possible over the next few days as extremely hot conditions continue and anomalous patterns/isolated lightning strikes occur ahead of a tropical weather system,” Swain said, adding that the heatwave had served to squeeze even more moisture out of the bone-dry vegetation, “setting the stage for extreme burning conditions given favorable weather conditions” in several areas across the state even without the added influence from Kay. “A converging record-breaking heatwave and northward-moving hurricane make for an extremely challenging forecast.” [Guardian] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Californian (and global) wildfire nobody sees nor talks about… the burning-down of education and pediatric health via the ASD explosion and Special Needs teacher shortages…

    “A study conducted from 2001-2004 found that half of U.S. youth (ages 13-18) had been diagnosed with at least one mental, emotional, and/or behavioral disorder.”

    “Top military leaders report seven in ten young Americans aged 17-24 are unfit to serve in the U.S. military because of obesity, asthma, hearing and eyesight problems and mental illness.”

  2. Hey Strange Sounds … The article on volcanos popping sucks.
    Translation is horrible like ‘exhaalations’. Write it yourself next time please.

  3. Checked weather for socal area. They are facing four days of inclement weather. Hopefully, that will drench forest fire embers from springing back to life, and reigniting. Those embers stay alive and usually cause problems.

  4. Manuel,

    I saw you put a picture up of the homopedo-satanist freak, The Warlock Buttmonkey-pox. Pentagram tattoos and S&M leather gear.

    *Health Ranger did a whole article on this topic of luciferian/ satanists in government. There’s a few other freaks. Rear Admiral Transvestite Levine, and Sam Britton, Transvestite buttclown.

    • Yep. These guys are part of the Biden Show. Why they were desperate to steal election from Trump. Aside from Gen Milley, the military doesn’t follow Biden. None of his staff has been allowed at the Pentagon. Many reports on this. Also, this is why Joey didn’t get a ride on Airforce One to the fake inauguration. It was even in the MSM. Joey’s fake inauguration happened at 11:45. By law it’s supposed to happen at 12:00.

      • It’s too weird from my perspective, Gary. I don’t associate with weirdos like that freakshow. Never have. My old friend from baseball days (same street and school) he ignores all politics now. I can’t do that. It’s like when there is a big wreck, people gawk.

  5. “Certainly, it’s not Geoengineering. What an obvious con”

    Not Geoengineering? Well, sorry to tell you but chemtrails are real. If you haven’t sent them in the last 15+ years…then your destiny is known to me. You had plenty of time to wake up. Yes, geoengineering is quite real and the governments have admitted to it. Only a fool would deny that it is a real thing.

    Have you seen the Paradise Fire or any fire in Cali since then? …Entire neighborhoods where all structures are burned, yet no vegetation or trees are even singed? Car rims melted, but wood unaffected.

    Haha. It’s SOOO obvious you’re coming to this website to intentionally lead people astray! Some of us know the truth!

    • Who’s leading who astray?? Who doesn’t want a conversation but just wants to ram a con that makes no logical sense, down peoples throat? Like the lefties/commies, when your logic fails you resort to insults. Screaming comes next. Of course, the idea that the earth is going through a 3600-year cyclical event is very intimidating. The only purpose in bringing the subject up ahead of time is so folks can prepare and perhaps get a handle on it. One of my neighbors is one of the Billionaire Preppers. Preparing a place in a safe area for his family. I know the guy who manages his place. You are either a fool or a Troll. Same thing. Can’t fix stupid or evil. And chemtrails have almost completely halted in the last couple of months. And they were the most intense 20 years ago. They were flying low like crop dusters then. But weather was pretty normal back then. And what do they have to do with fires in CA? Oh, that’s right, our military is zapping families, children, babies and businesses with DEW weapons! Their loved ones and such. Makes perfect sense. Next you reference the Bible as that means you are beyond reproach. Must learn that in Basic Troll School. Troll 101. Hate is all you guys know. I expect you’ll keep spewing it. What they pay you for.

  6. One has to wonder why the military geoengineers (and it is the military) have such a hard on for California. Perhaps they want to devastate and depopulate California to sell it on-the-cheap to Red China. (Now there’s a conspiracy theory for you!)

    • California is on the frontline of the North American Plate and the Pacific Plates. The Pacific is subducting under the North American Plate. Lot of magma moving about. Ground gets warm in some places. When fires start, they are very aggressive. All natural events. Man has nothing to do with it. And certainly, the military doesn’t. The military is probably the only believers in their oath to the Constitution in government. And why would they kill and destroy their own families? We are just getting started on Earth Changes. As they ramp up, folks will be too busy to wonder why. And they have certainly stepped up in the last year.

  7. The more extreme Commiefornia gets with it’s commie morals the more extreme the weather gets or did you care to notice?

    • That’s where the satanic kabal tests out how far they can push the envelope of perversion. Spew York, Shitcago, DC (district of corruption), etc… incubators of evil.

      The funny part is about 80% of the counties are Red vs 20% Blue. The majority of people don’t want the crap the satanic kabal is peddling. They have all the politicians sex blackmailed, compromised, bribed, extorted.

      That’s why it is Isaiah 5:20 —24/7 from here on out. Going to get much worse too.

  8. My criticism against Fox 4Kids secular atheist propaganda “Mighty” Morphin’ “Power” Rangers was censored on several right wing “free speech” websites although I did not break any rules/do any threats nor bad things on any of them.

    The original Japanese Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger had strong Anti-Satanism and Pro-Christianity/Pro-God themes and their giant robot, DaiZyuJin, is literally empowered by Yahweh/God to defeat and fight against Bandora and her literal satanic beast army.

    Fox 4Kids said “Oh no! We can’t have American kids learn about God or prayer, or they’ll stop worshipping governors/presidents on our TV channels/realize God’s more powerful!” and they just took major secular, Darwinist, hyper-progressive/liberal dumps on the greatest Japanese Tokusatsu series of all time.

  9. Certainly, it’s not Geoengineering. What an obvious con. No wonder that Evil people run Planet Earth. People are easy to con. But I believe when presented with the truth, most will eventually choose it over the lie. Trouble is they repeat the lie over and over and over and over………….Good people get tired of repeating themselves, but Evil is relentless. It never gives up. They have a big hole in the area where the heart should go. The only thing that consumes them is power. More and more. By any means required. And they never have enough.

    • Really getting tired of being told the world is coming to an end about once a month. It’s getting almost as bad as apocolypto when the high priests rolled decapitated heads down the steps of the pyramids to appease the gods. It’s just the weather.

  10. Meh, climate alarmist jargon again. The weather seems pretty normal. Tis the season for people to lose their reason. There’s fuel in the form of dead growth on those forest floors, with no fire breaks, no brush clearance, and plenty of winds. What do people expect to happen?

    Back in the day, fire inspectors would check areas, and leave notices to homeowners to clear brush and debris around their property/homes. Most people know to do that. Same principle for forest floor areas applies. The storm on approach will hopefully dump moisture, and not dry lightning. The only thing that looked good here was the weather girl.

    • New Normal means nothing to see here in Cali? Just another dry season (wait, 1,200 year drought is typical) w/lacking common sense home owners & rangers missing the obvious. Plenty of melted engine blocks & alloy wheels means wood & grass temps need to be impossibly high.

      • Motorhead,

        You must be alluding to DEW weapons and Paradise fire. I saw some suspicious video activity after the event. People were melted into the seat spring of their vehicles, and some weird piercing burn marks on the hoods of vehicles.

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