They are poisoning our sky! Mysterious rainbow rings are appearing in the sky around the world and nobody knows why


What an odd coincidence. Isn’t it? Look at the wird stuff going on in our sky when they spray chemicals in it…

rainbow rings in the sky around the world
rainbow rings in the sky around the world

A recent unusual cloud formation in Southern China is going viral on the internet, but they are only getting part of the story.

In Puning City, in China’s southern Guangdong Province, a beautiful, iridescent pileus cloud was seen.

A pileus cloud, sometimes called a cap or scarf cloud, is formed when an updraft with a puffy cumulus cloud meets cooler moisture above it, which causes condensation to form and create these misty rings above the clouds. When the sun is in the right place, refraction and iridescence can also occur in these clouds.

But wait, there’s more.

This was not the only iridescent pileus cloud to appear in China this week (other reports place one in Haikou City, farther south in Hainan, which might be either a mistake or an entirely separate incident). It was also not the only incident of this incredibly rare formation in the world, all in the same week!

In this second video, another iridescent pileus cloud makes itself known in the skies over Florida. In fact, given the time difference, it’s possible that this one appeared on the very same day as the one in Pining. What are the chances?

There are some who believe that the appearance of rainbows are a divine sign. In the Biblical story of Noah, the appearance of the rainbow if a covenant from God not to flood the Earth again. If such rare and dramatic rainbow formations are another sign, we’ve yet to discern what it is the heavens are trying to tell us. [Exemplore] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. All rainbows are round, but usually it’s so big that we can see only a part of it. I’ve seen round rainbow before, created in result of pouring water upwards from a large water hose. If the sun is around noon and the water spray is not very high above the ground level, then the rainbow is round and even though it’s rare, it’s a natural phenomenon

  2. There’s a report out now that mrna suicide shot people are shedding graphene oxide to unvaxxed. Spike proteins too. Health Ranger first reported on this months ago, but now there are microscopic slide pictures of tainted blood with shards in it— vaxxed and unvaxxed. So, the unvaxxed will be dying off prematurely from blood clots, myocarditis, strokes, and cancers soon enough. Nobody is being held accountable yet. Five billion people are vaxxed last I heard. Glad I stayed home for two years. Shedding can occur in sneeze, cough, spech, in aerosol droplets, skin to skin, feces, and bodily fluids.

      • Kate,
        Don’t know where you live, but I live way offgrid, and have my own well. Yes, aerosol particles are airborne on a water molecule. That’s also why masks dont work.

    • Supplemental:


      Read for yourself. Make your own conclusions.

      • Supplemental II.


        From July, 2021
        The last three paragraphs are particularly interesting.

    • Well, don’t think that you are gonna just walk away unscathed & all fancied up just because you were a recluse for two years. You’re out & about now right? Your post comes across as haughty & a bit bothered at actually having to be around these “commoners”.
      We all in the same boat! Now is not the time to be nitpicking about who made the holes in the boat, we need to get rid of the pirates and fix the holes.

      Why the “mystery”? Going back DECADEs, these HAARP clouds appeared over an area and /or along with concentric rings of cloud bands that mirrored the sound waves making them. RIGHT BEFORE AN EARTHQUAKE.
      2009 in China:
      As NWO tech advanced? the vibrations and colors have become much more sharp and pronounced. There were many examples- now 98% of the youtube vids of this have been censored and disappeared. They were sighted off E Coast before the 2011 quake in DC for example.
      Obviously NATO-UN-NWO is planning to stage the “global quake” of Book of Revelation, so it occurs around the earth, as phony “prophecy fulfilled”.
      Of course Sept 24 is Eve of ROSH HASHANAH, and the Bnai Brith NWO stages all its big events on Jewish High Holidays. Do some basic research.
      TISHA BAV 2022? Fascism became legal, as former POTUS home was raided, and AIPAC Congress passed Great Reset legislation of “Green Deal” congressional bill- legalising 90000 new IRS hit squads coming to your door.
      1929 Stock crash? Yom Kippur
      2008 Stock crash? sukkot
      911? the same. Nuke explosion in the Port of Beirut? jews version of ‘Valentines Day’
      It goes back a 100 yrs, beginning with how they “penetrated the Cabinets” (as Kosher Swab puts it) and had the power to use American resources to do so.
      Both Arab Springs -2005 2011 and both Iraq Wars were staged around PURIM etc etc.

    • Oh, Alex. You drank the wrong kool-aid
      A compass doesn’t work on a globe if you can get ahold of a camera P1900 you will see, quite literally that there is no curvature of the earth

  3. CERN admitted somewhere to creating “rainbow dimensions” with its megalithic machines. These are artificially created “Metaverse digital world” domes to – perhaps – serve as some kind of heavenly amusement park for Luciferase-swabbed/nabbed human guinea pigs with the Beast Mark of Revelation. Yahweh/Yeshua saves souls from eternal damnation in the lake of fire. Republicans/democrats/governors/Desantis don’t save nobody at all via their Rome-funded, public-outrage-fueled, Masonic one-party puppet show.

    Tameri/Egypt, Sodom, and Rome is Modern Americanism. Peru/Jeru/Cuzco is True Jerusalem with its 3 walls and Biblical temples, not in the middle east’s Roman “Israel” theme park.

    • Back in 2005, these clouds were called ‘noctilescent’ clouds. They keep creating new names for their weather modification inventions, and acting as if these phenomenon always naturally existed. 2010 marked a big upswing of 7+ quakes, and these clouds were seen over Haiti shortly before their historic quake. Most wiped from the web now.

  4. Come on folks….thats chemical pollution……..nothing spooky or mystic about that…….the sky over china is toxic.

  5. China has been doing some real High Heat technology attempting to bring the temps of the sun down to earth. Could this and other radar, microwave technology in China have something to do with the manifestation of these rare cloud events?

  6. Thats iridescent pileus cloud phenomenon is very intriguing. Never seen one before in real life. I’ve seen a ring around the sun via the clouds, but not with those colors. I took a picture of a double rainbow a few days ago out here in the mountains. That’s fairly commonplace. We get sun dogs and double sun dogs during Winter too.

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