Is a space war about to start? The Kremlin is threatening to destroy Starlink satellites

Russia threatens to destroy Starlink
Russia threatens to destroy Starlink. via EPA/Shutter

Interesting statement from Russia on satellite use: “Quasi-civilian infrastructure may become a legitimate target for retaliation.

It’s clear that Starlink has become an important part of Ukraine’s command, control and communication system in parts of the country.

The Kremlin is threatening to destroy Starlink satellites
The Kremlin is threatening to destroy Starlink satellites. Via UNODA

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Funnily enough, Elon went Russia in an attempt to purchase ICBM rockets for the falcon 1 prototype. And allegedly they laughed at him and tried to charge him pretty high prices for old stock. So he set out to dismantle their entire space industry…

An attack from a country on a corporation. Wonder where this is going to lead… Well, the destruction or even only the attempt of an attack on Starling satellites would really be something. I am betting Starlink sats are cheaper than the missile Russia would use to destroy them.

Back in March 2022, Musk released an important warning on twitter: Starlink is the only non-Russian communications system still working in some parts of Ukraine, so probability of being targeted is high. Please use with caution.

Is Russia going to launch an electromagnetic attack against the private company to disrupt its signal?

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  1. I never asked for Starlink. I never gave my permission for it. I wasn’t told it was happening… and now I’m impacted by it… Should sue Elon for ‘exposing people to radiation’ without due recourse.

    Seriously, no matter what side you’re on in all of this, if a ‘commercial enterprise’ supports or allows its assets to be used for a military purpose then it ceases to be a commercial enterprise because it is profiting from and facilitating a conflict. The commercial enterprise has ‘taken sides’. So, it becomes a legitimate target. ‘The West’ targeted commercial operations in: Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya etc… I think that ship has sailed. Anyone who tries to pretend otherwise is a CIA Sock Puppet or Troll. … Anyway, the .mil complex is where Elon got most of the funding from. It’s all .mil money. Putin should target every bloody one those spy satellites… and get rid of the ones over Aust as well while he’s at it… too much 5G here as it is. (I’ll send him a cheque later for solving the problem).

  2. This reminds me of an episode of the original Star Trek series where two planets were at war and the Enterprise shows up. The Enterprise was warned off but a pushy diplomat insisted they stay.

    Because of this the Enterprise was declared a legitimate target and declared a casualty including all on board. Luckily for the Enterprise crew in the fictional show the war was fought with computers and people had to report to chambers to be killed so Kirk & Co. were able to save the day.

    One may consider themselves neutral but if you involve or insert yourself in a conflict you may become a legitimate target.

    • Yeah, that was a good episode. That’s the only star trek —the original series. I grew up on that. It was on Friday night at 2100hrs. back in the late 1960’s.

  3. Erm a bunch of starlink sattelites already did fall out of the sky in the past week or two. Also a US Galaxy communications satellite.

    The Starlink satellites blamed a mild solar storm hitting the earth (which effected no satellites but theirs?) While the Galaxy satellite never disclosed what caused it to break apart in orbit.

    I suspect the Russian space war has already begun and they’re just now starting to openly speak of it

  4. Whether Russia is good or bad, I can’t see that they are any worse than the army of IRS agents, bureaucrats and sex perverts about to be unleashed on America, nor the Chinese, most of Europe and a hundred other corrupt dictators around the world. When a snake and a skunk get in a fight, it’s just hard to know who to root for. Best strategy is to keep your distance on all of it.

  5. @ Benjamin Golan

    Just out today: Putin comments that “civilian” satellites being used on the battlefield could end up being legitimate targets. Then Elon warns that his Starlink might get shot down.

    • “Then Elon warns …” Wrong; he made that comment back in March (3/3/22), not after Putin’s recent comments.

  6. And Russia and China have said repeatedly that they would attack and destroy all communications satellites of the West. Why is this always ignored? Oh, could it be because of the push for everyone to buy satellite phones? Will this comment be posted? Will it remain up?

    • Maybe we’re not all hearing the voices in your head? Russia and China, have made no such threats. What absolute twaddle.

  7. Per Scott Ritter (ex-UN weapons inspector) Russia actually failed from an intellifence standpoint and did decisively lose the battle. Per him, this is no longer a Ukranian army using NATO weapons; it is a full-ledged NATO army using Ukranian combatants.

    Per Ritter and per the Chechnyan president, Russia does not currently have enough troops to win the objectives of their “special military operation,” and will have to increase troop numbers by at least 100K. That is why some believe that Putin might soon stop calling it a “special military operation” and declare it a war. This would allow them to enforce general mobilization and a draft.

    Everything is perfect according to the NWO plan, which was perfected before any of us was even born. Even in today’s news, the digital ruble is moving forward.

    Faith in GOD is the only relief…not these men…all of whom serve the prince of this world.

    • All Putin has to do, is declare it an anti-terror op to free up more troops and destructive forces. No doubt why they are eating so many terrorist attacks by Ukraine without responding as harshly as many think they should. I think they’re building the case to turn it into an anti-Terror op and Ukraine, with NATO driving are walking right into it.

  8. I believe that Putin is actually pulling his troops back so he can detonate small battle field nukes.
    Than it will get interesting.

    • Don’t think so. He pulled back to sucker the Ukrainians into a trap. And it worked. Took out about 4000 mercenaries and troops. Of course, no mention of this on the Satanist controlled MSM. MSM wants you to believe Russia is taking a beating. They also didn’t mention that Monday, Russia launched a massive number of cruise missiles from ships and subs that targeted virtually all of the Ukrainian power plants. The whole country went dark. This was reported on Hal Turner’s web site. The Satanic NWO/Davos crowd can’t believe they are losing. And will do everything to hide this from the people.

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