Just say no… Parents speak out about prosthetic breast wearing transgender teacher in Canada

Parents speak out about prosthetic breast wearing transgender teacher
Parents speak out about prosthetic breast wearing transgender teacher.

Parents, students and local residents converged outside Oakville Trafalgar High School on Friday to protest the high school and school board for defending the giant prosthetic breast-wearing transgender shop class teacher.

After footage emerged last week of the teacher in class (that’s alink to my  newsletter, btw…), the story went viral around the world and Canada became the punchline of the world’s jokes.

When parents wrote to the school to voice their frustration, the high school defended the biological male teacher instead of siding with the students.

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  1. What the hell do these freaks think they are defending?This is condoned perversion and grooming.
    All evil needs to flourish is for the good to sit on their hands and ignore it.
    I have dubbed it the Sargent Schultz Syndrome yes borrowed from the TV show Hogan’s Heros

    • Gary,
      Babylon had sodomite eunuch priests dressed as women, Rome had perverts/pedos. Greece had them. Nazi Germany had them too.

  2. The kids in this school should just start showing up wearing giant fake tits and skimpy clothing then sue when they get sent home/kicked out.

  3. Thats just sick and wrong, its not even atractive at all, if i had a kid in that school i wouldnt even allow them to attend the class. Its inappropriate behavior, and whats worse is the schools allowing this pervert to teach!

    • Yeah Susan, it’s inclusive to allow pedoverts to brainwash the children. School teacher’s unions are all marxist-satanist perverts now.

  4. Harrison’s video and the parents of those children:

    That’s the way. Have to protest loudly. It is inappropriate behavior. Nobody wishes to allow perverts/transvestites to have an influence on the children. Oftentimes the perverts take jobs where they can prey on kids too. I am glad the Canadians don’t want that crap. I think most people (maybe 85%) don’t want this influence. Even if the teacher had no ridiculous prosthetic breasts, would you want a pervert teaching children? Not me. We had 99% straight-laced teachers, but there was always one pervert teacher in every school. All the kids knew and would joke about it too. Usually, the pervert teachers were in the art, drama, or language departments. That is what a remember fifty years ago.

    • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dressed_to_Kill_(1980_film)

      There was a movie back in 1980. This freak here.

      Of course, 1962, Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock was on to these psycho perverts.

      I think this teacher is a transvestite-sodomite, and trying to prey on kids that may seem curious about his freakishness? I bet if his harddrive were scanned he would have some bad stuff on it.. They used to send weirdos like this creature to the funny farm too.

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