Putin: Process of DE-DOLLARIZATION is underway


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that the process of de-dollarization of the Russian economy is “inevitable.”

He made the remarks at a meeting in Moscow with the government.
Putin suggested discussing Russia’s budget for the next three years, which has to be focused on development, implementation of major infrastructure projects, and stimulating economic activities.

Putin stressed that Russia confidently copes with external pressure that he calls “financial and technological aggression by some countries.”

The Russian government is now forecasting a 2.9% contraction in Russia’s GDP for 2022, an improvement on its August prediction of a 4.2% annual decline.

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  1. Don’t disagree yet if you look you will see the termite brigade is leading both of them.
    That being said the digital dollar as a weapon won’t work in the long run.People won’t be controlled that way for long.What will happen is that other monetary systems will be created.One that bypasses illegitimate unconstitutional actions.I don’t think that governments remember or realize we don’t need them they need us.

  2. I’m with .50cal. Get some gold and silver. Most important the things you need if/when this thing breaks. It seems there is no fixing it without going to bottom first. Russia knows the West is broken and is trying to set up their own financial system before it does. The Devos crowd was planning on moving in on Russia to steal their oil and gas via the Ukraine, because they know they are finished without it. Europe has no resources. They set the stage to invade Russia in 2014 when they put that perverted sock-puppet in power, in the Ukraine. The Devos crowd started this war. Not Russia. The USA has a military presence in over 100 countries. Russia in like 3.

  3. Gold and silver, long is where my interests have been since 1977. Paper not so much. Putin is looking out for his country. We have a loser and puppet that hates his constituents and country. We have perverts corrupting our youth. Rampant crime and malfeasance. Rampant corporate marxist political satanism. Many are sex compromised, bribed, extorted, and corrupt. The middle-class and working class people are suffering and not represented. Our puppets take orders from un-elected klowns and amoral godless perverts too.

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