Seismic weapon in action? Deadly M6.9 earthquake hits Taiwan – 2nd major quake in less than a day – Link to weaponized weather?


A massive 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the southeastern coast of Taiwan on Sunday, bringing at least one building down in a small town and prompting Japan to issue a tsunami warning.

Shallow 6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan - 2nd major quake there within 19 hours
Shallow 6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan – 2nd major quake there within 19 hours

The quake hit at 2:44 pm (0644 GMT) about 50 kilometers north of the city of Taitung at a depth of 10 kilometers…

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This is the second strong quake on the island in less than 20 hours.

The quake was felt across all of the island.

Photos showed buildings collapsed, and about 20 people were evacuated from a train derailed in the area.

Three people were trapped under the rubble of one building, while a fourth person was saved.

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A former Taiwanese presidential spokesperson said there were also damages reported at a school.

Meanwhile, at least one dead has been reported.

Second strong earthquake shaking Taiwan in less than a day

A M6.4 earthquake struck Taiwan’s southeastern Taitung County at 9:41 p.m. Saturday, according to data from the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

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There were reports of objects falling from store shelves in Taitung, while Kaohsiung’s metro system was temporarily suspended and there were at least five aftershocks.

The epicenter of the temblor was located about 35.8 kilometers north of Taitung County Hall, at a depth of 7.3 km, the bureau’s Seismology Center said.

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In the past two weeks alone, plenty of large earthquakes have hit a few Asian countries:

Deadly M5.3 earthquake strikes Afghanistan – At least 8 dead and dozens injured

Deadly China M6.6 earthquake kills 21, injures hundreds and triggers large landslides

At least 4 dead, 60 injured and 3 feet high waves generated by powerful M7.0 earthquake in northern Philippines in pictures and videos

Can hurricanes trigger earthquakes?

A 2011 study by Wdowinski says tropical cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons) can create earthquakes.

Very wet rain events are the trigger. The heavy rain induces thousands of landslides and severe erosion, which removes ground material from the Earth’s surface, releasing the stress load and encouraging movement along faults.

During the last 60 years three very wet tropical cyclone events – Typhoons Morakot, Herb and Flossie – were followed within four years by major earthquakes in Taiwan’s mountainous regions. The 2009 Morakot typhoon was followed by a M6.2 in 2009 and M6.4 in 2010. The 1996 Typhoon Herb was followed by M6.2 in 1998 and M7.6 in 1999 and the 1969 Typhoon Flossie was followed by a M6.2 in 1972.

The 2010 M7 earthquake in Haiti occurred in the mountainous region one-and-a-half years after two hurricanes and two tropical storms drenched the island nation within 25 days.

The researchers suggest that rain-induced landslides and excess rain carries eroded material downstream. As a result the surface load above the fault is lessened. The reduced load unclamp the faults, which can promote an earthquake.

In other words, countries able to weaponize weather (a hurricane) would therefore be able to create strong earthquakes and thus large damage in a ‘unfriendly’ country, without dropping a bomb!

Two weeks ago, typhoon Hinnamnor hit Taiwan, the Korea and China. Before ravaging Japan yesterday, deadly supertyphoon Nanmadol, also brought brief localized rain to some regions in Taiwan.

You also know that Taiwan and China are currently heating each other up and China constantly uses geoengineering to weaponize its weather…

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  1. All it takes is the transmission of a high-power signal at 2.5 hertz for a given period of time aimed at a specified location to get the earth’s crust vibrating until a fault slips just like 311.

    • Microwave Radio transmission has been beaming that frequency all over the planet for decades. Used for long distance telephone. Linking Cell towers. Everywhere. I’ve been designing and Project Managing these systems my whole career. BS Steven.

      • Correction. 2.5 GHZ. You’re talking about ELF. 2.5 HZ. The Navy has been using it for decades to talk to all their submarines. Still BS.

  2. Coast of Mexico:

    7.6 mag, and tsunami warning near Guadalahara. Looks like San Fransicko is next. Let’s see if it can shake Piglosi off her porcelain crapper?

  3. They can trigger earthquakes with ELF waves. It’s not expensive or complicated.

    Years ago a man on youtube explained this. He was previously a surveyor for a petroleum company. He traveled around the U.S., and used a ground scanner combining ground-penetrating radar (I think) and ultrasonics to find subterranean pockets and oil fields.

    One day, with his rig tuned to specific frequencies, he turned it on and IMMEDIATELY an earthquake was triggered, which affected the local town he was in (I forget which State).

    He said he reported it to the company but the incident was immediately silenced from above.

    That was just the accidental CIVILIAN triggering of an earthquake. It would be logical to assume that the fully weaponized, military versions of this equipment can produce a quake anywhere on earth, at any specific magnitude, possibly even via satellite.

    • An EQ requires a lot of building plate stress. As in entire Continental Plates moving. Which requires off the charts amounts of energy way beyond what man can produce. And then figure out a way to push entire Continental Plates around. Essentially the entire Earth. Can’t just move plates around with Low Frequency Waves. Navy been using ELF for decades to talk to submarines. Worldwide in fact. But now they cause EQs. Right. You have to apply grey matter to things So and So wrote. There are a lot of agendas going on, and DECEPTION is leader of the pack.

  4. A 2011 study by Wdowinski says tropical cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons) can create earthquakes.

    Very wet rain events are the trigger. The heavy rain induces thousands of landslides and severe erosion, which removes ground material from the Earth’s surface, releasing the stress load and encouraging movement along faults.

    This theory seems very sound. I noticed this theory in action, after torrential rains, mudslides, and erosion way back in the day, California had earthquakes. Also, strange is many happen in the early morning hours.

  5. Natural event. The Tectonic Plates are all under extreme stress. Things are building to the New Madrid event. Interesting Kaiser Aluminum just shut down one of their refineries in New Madrid, Missouri. Water Main break in Jackson, Mississippi. Water main break in New Orleans. Spar broke on I41 bridge at Memphis. One quarter mile of farmers bean field in Minnesota sank 3 stories overnight last year. Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapsed a couple years ago for no apparent reason. They shut down the Colonial Pipeline and blamed it on Hackers as cover. Those underwater fires in the Gulf of Mexico were right on the New Madrid fault. Mississippi River stopped flowing for a bit 3 years ago. There are a lot of signs, just have to make the connection.

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